Kent vs Pureit | Which Water Purifier Brand is better?

Performance-wise, both machines are at par.

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Since all RO water purifiers work similarly, there is little to distinguish between them. So manufacturers highlight some plus points to prove their products are superior.

For example, Pureit has introduced a new product, Eco Water Saver, whereas Kent prides itself on offering Zero Water Wastage in its Kent Supreme series of water purifiers. This article compares Kent Supreme Alkaline and HUL Pureit ECO Water saver models.

Kent vs HUL Pureit – A Tabular Comparison

BrandKentHindustan Lever Limited
ModelKent Supreme AlkalinePureit ECO Water Saver
Water Purification TechnologyRO + UF + UV + UV_LED + AlkalineRO + UV + MF
Ideal forAll types of waterAll types of water
Can handle TDS levelsUp to 2000 ppm, but ideal for water with moderate TDS levelsUp to 2000 ppm
Purification StagesMultiple purification7-stage purification
Storage Tank CapacityEight litersTen liters
Special featuresKent claims Zero Water Wastage and provides Alkaline waterPatented Eco Recovery technology with a 60% recovery rate
Mineral EnrichmentTDS ControllerMineral Enhancer cartridge
LED IndicatorsIn-tank UV LED for enhanced water purificationTank full, service due, GKC replacement
InstallationWall mount and tabletopWall mount. Countertop
WarrantyOne-year standard warranty plus Optional One-year Extended warrantyOne-year standard warranty
AMC CostsAround Rs 5000 to Rs 5500Around Rs 6000 plus GKC Rs 3000
Pricing Amazon PriceAmazon Price

Our Verdict

Kent Supreme Alkaline is a good water purifier capable of delivering excellent performance. However, we doubt the company’s claims of zero water wastage because the concept involves recycling the rejected water into the overhead water tank. That does not amount to zero water wastage. Besides this drawback and high maintenance costs, the Kent Supreme Alkaline is a good investment.

Kent Supreme Transparent design
Most of the Kent Water Purifiers comes with a Transparent Design

In contrast, the Pureit Eco Water Saver machine claims to use innovative patented technology to save more water. However, much depends on the TDS levels in the source water. We have tested this machine and discovered that it saves water compared to other water purifier models.

The maintenance costs are high because the Germ Kill cartridge requires replacement. Still, the Pureit Eco Water Saver is a decent water purifier.    

Pros and Cons of Kent Water purifier


  • The water purification performance is excellent.
  • Installation services are good, and so is the after-sales service.
  • The in-tank UV LED ensures water purity inside the storage tank.
  • The water purification process improves the pH level of water to 8.


  • It is not a good machine if you live in industrial areas with groundwater containing toxic metals.
  • High AMC and maintenance costs can discourage users.
  • Sediment filters must be purchased separately.

Pros and Cons of Pureit Water purifier


  • The Pureit Eco Water Saver has a better water recovery rate than other water purifiers.
  • The 10L storage tank is ideal for medium to large-sized Indian families.
  • The Germ Kill Change Indicator alerts users a fortnight in advance.
  • Free installation services are available.   


  • The Germ Kill cartridge is expensive and requires replacement annually.
  • The 10L storage tank makes the machine bulky.
  • It can handle water pressure between 10 and 30 psi.


Pureit Customer care
Pureit Technician – Installation of Pureit Vital Max

Installing the Pureit Eco Water Saver machine does not require any structural modifications, whereas you need additional plumbing work for installing the Kent Supreme Alkaline. It is because the rejected water is diverted to the overhead water tank. However, you can collect the rejected water in a 20L water can and recycle it for cleaning bathrooms, watering plants, etc.

This is better than Kent Zero Wastage
This is better than Kent Zero Wastage Mechanism

Both the machines can be wall mounted and kept on the kitchen countertop. However, wall mounting is ideal because obtaining drinking water is convenient. Otherwise, you can place the machines on a stand mounted on the wall instead of the kitchen countertop.

We recommend installing the machines as close as possible to the water inlet and the kitchen sink because the inlet and outlet pipes can get in the way and affect your kitchen’s ambiance.

Since the tap is located at the bottom of the Kent Supreme Alkaline, you need sufficient space beneath the machine to fill water bottles comfortably. On the other hand, the tap arrangement in the Pureit Eco Water Saver machine makes it challenging to fill water directly into utensils. The arrangement is better suited for filling glasses and bottles.    


The water purification performance of these water purifiers is good because the multi-stage water purification can handle water with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm. The Kent Supreme Alkaline has a UV lamp and UF membrane beside the RO membrane. In contrast, the Eco Water Saver does not offer UV purification. On the other hand, the Kent Supreme Alkaline has an in-tank UV-LED arrangement to prevent water re-contamination and maintain its purity inside the storage tank.

Kent does not supply a sediment filter with the original packaging. You must purchase it separately. We recommend installing one because it can remove large impurities and reduce the load on the RO and UF membranes.

Another positive aspect of the Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier is that it improves the pH level of RO-purified water and enhances it to 8.

The machine has an alkaline media cartridge that contains silica, calcium, and magnesium balls to enhance alkaline content. However, if you are uncomfortable drinking alkaline water, you can ask your water purifier technician to replace the alkaline media with activated carbon crystals.

Kent Supreme Alkaline 8L RO

Water Wastage

RO water purifier appliances waste a lot of water because the process involves preventing TDS from passing through the RO membrane. This TDS is exited from the machine as rejected water. The percentage of rejected water depends on the TDS content in the source water.

Both these machines use the RO water purification method. So, water wastage is expected. Kent offers a solution by recycling rejected water to the overhead tank and mixing it with the source water. As a result, it can increase the TDS levels. Besides, this water recycling is not possible in apartments or rented houses. Therefore, Kent’s claim of zero water wastage is a sham.

Pureit eco water saver indicators
Pureit RO Water Purifier

The Pureit Eco Water Saver uses patented technology to reduce water wastage. Though HUL claims it reduces water wastage by 60%, We have doubts. Nevertheless, this machine is better than other water purifiers because the water recovery percentage is higher. The TDS levels in my area are around 800 ppm. Under such circumstances, the Pureit Eco Water Saver wastes around one glass of water for every glass purified.  

Groundwater TDS India
Groundwater TDS

Water Taste Change

The RO-purification process is excellent for removing TDS from the source water. Unfortunately, it removes essential minerals also with TDS. Hence, the water taste is not good. Therefore, water purifier manufacturers use different mechanisms to replenish the lost minerals and improve the water’s taste.

Kent Supreme Alkaline uses a TDS controller mechanism that introduces raw water directly, bypassing the RO water purification process. The source water passes through the UF membrane and UV chamber to purify the water but does not reduce TDS. This water is mixed with RO-purified water to replenish the lost minerals and enhance the water’s taste. However, We do not recommend this mechanism if groundwater contains heavy metal impurities like arsenic, lead, and sulfur.

Kent Supreme Zero wastage RO review

Pureit Eco Water Saver uses a Mineral Enhancer technique where the RO-purified water passes through a cartridge filled with minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. These minerals leech onto the RO-purified water to improve its taste. The advantage is that the water does not get re-contaminated. On the other hand, the drawback is that the mineral enhancer cartridge requires regular replacement. It costs money.

Storage Tank Capacity

Pureit Eco Saver has a larger water storage tank with a capacity of ten liters to cater to medium and large-sized Indian families. The Kent Supreme Alkaline machine has an 8L water storage tank. That should be good enough to cater to the average Indian family. The storage tank ensures you get RO-purified water even during a power cut.


Kent Supreme Alkaline RO for home

The Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier has an alarm system that indicates it is time to replace the RO membrane and other filters. It has an LED indicator to display the water level in the storage tank.

The Pureit Eco Water saver has alarms to indicate the tank is full, filter, and germ kill kit replacement and service due intimation. The germ kill kit replacement alarm is an excellent safety feature because it alerts you a fortnight in advance. You get time to replace the kit. If you forget to do so, the machine stops working after the germ kill kit expires. Hence, it is a safety device to ensure you always get RO-purified water.

HUL Pureit ECO Water Saver Review | Best RO For Large Family?

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs are higher in the Pureit Eco Water Saver machine because it involves replacing the Germ Kill Kit cartridge at regular intervals. This cartridge costs around Rs 3000 on the market. Besides, the filters and membranes require annual replacement. On average, the overall maintenance charges are around Rs 6000 annually.

Similarly, the Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier requires filter and membrane replacement after 6000 liters of water purification. Therefore, the annual maintenance costs are between Rs 5000 and Rs 5500.

Therefore, an AMC is a viable alternative because it includes free replacement of filters and membranes. The AMC costs around Rs 4000 in each case.

Kent and HUL offer excellent after-sales services to their clients. But much depends on the local service providers in your area. Generally, there are few complaints about service-related issues.


Kent zero wastage ro review
Absurd claims of zero water wastage

Pricing-wise, the Pureit Eco Water Saver is a budget-friendly option, but it does not offer UV protection. Hence, it costs less. However, the storage tank capacity is higher to suit the requirements of larger families. The Kent Supreme Alkaline claims to provide alkaline water, with the RO-purified water having a pH of 8. It has alkaline properties but is strictly not alkaline water.

The Pureit Eco Water Saver is available for around Rs 14,000, whereas the Kent Supreme Alkaline costs around Rs 16,000.

Final Thoughts

Kent Supreme Alkaline and Pureit Eco Water Saver water purifiers are excellent appliances because they deliver noteworthy performances. They have their drawbacks, like water wastage and high maintenance costs. But their performances outweigh their drawbacks.

We recommend you go for the Kent water purifier if the TDS levels in the water source are around 600 ppm to 1000 ppm. The Pureit Eco Water Saver incurs higher maintenance and does not offer UV protection. Performance-wise, both machines are at par.

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