Kent Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier Review | is it Good?

Good Water Purifier with more minerals but Zero water wastage won't work...

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For all its purity, RO purified water has a low pH value, making it unhealthy to drink. Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier rectifies this deficiency by enhancing the RO-purified water’s pH value to make it alkaline. So, Kent Supreme is a good water purifier for your home.

Kent zero wastage ro review
Absurd claims of zero water wastage

Our Verdict

Kent is one of the leading producers of RO water purifiers in India. This water purifier enhances the pH value of water to give it an alkaline taste to make it healthy for consumption. We have been using this water purifier for two years.

Besides the high AMC costs and absurd claims of zero water wastage, the Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier is a good investment.


  • Water purification performance is good.It is suitable for water with moderate TDS levels.
  • The installation process is good, with Kent offering prompt after-sales services.
  • The machine has an attractive design.
  • The operation is silent.
  • The in-tank UV LED lamp maintains water purity inside the storage tank.
  • 8L storage is sufficient for small to medium-sized Indian families.
Kent Supreme Alkaline model


  • This machine is not recommended where the groundwater source has heavy metals like arsenic and lead.
  • The AMC costs are high at Rs 5,000 to Rs 5,500.
  • The filters require annual replacements.
  • You must purchase the sediment filter separately.
  • Zero water wastage is a marketing gimmick.
review of kent supreme ro water purifier

Kent Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier Review

Kent Supreme is available in five different models with minor variations in water purification technologies. They are as follows.

  1. Kent Supreme – RO + UF + UV_LED
  2. Kent Supreme Copper – RO + UF + UV + UV_LED + Copper
  3. Kent Supreme Lite – RO + UF
  4. Kent Supreme Plus – RO + UF + UV + UV_LED
  5. Kent Supreme Alkaline – RO + UF + UV + UV_LED + Alkaline
Kent Supreme Transparent design

The basic purification technology, RO, is common in all five models. This Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier differs from other models because it increases the pH level of water after purification to make it alkaline.

This water purifier has an additional component, the Alkaline Booster comprising minerals like silica balls, magnesium balls, copper balls, and activated carbon granules. The RO-purified water passes through the booster, where these minerals leech onto the water to increase the pH value from below 7 to nearly 8, making it alkaline.

Alkaline and Post Carbon Filter
Alkaline and Post Carbon Filter

The HUL Pureit alkaline water purifier uses a similar principle of adding alkaline mineral content to RO-purified water to make the water taste alkaline. Alkaline water is beneficial because it neutralizes excess acids in our body and reduces the problems caused by acidity.

Though Kent advertises this water purifier as an alkaline water purifier, this model uses an alkaline media to add essential alkaline minerals to RO-purified water to increase the pH level to 8.0.

Besides the alkaline media, this water purifier has components similar to other RO + UV + UF water purifiers. The water purification process is the same. Kent uses a TDS controller mechanism to replenish lost minerals in RO-purified water. Though it replenishes lost minerals, it is not foolproof because it involves introducing untreated source water back into the RO purified water, bypassing the RO purification process.

Kent Supreme Alkaline RO

While the TDS controller system is exemplary for source water with moderate TDS levels, we do not recommend this machine if the source water has toxic minerals like arsenic, lead, sulfur, etc. The addition of these toxic ingredients can prove counterproductive. TDS controllers are ineffective if you reside in industrial areas near chemical factories and polluted water sources.

The plus point of the Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier is that you can change the alkaline media with a post-RO carbon filter with activated carbon granules to improve the water taste. The post-RO carbon filter costs around Rs 400 in the market. Your water purifier technician can change the media comfortably.

Kent Supreme Alkaline review

Another positive aspect of the Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier is that the filters and membranes are visible through the transparent upper portion of the machine design. This model is different from other Kent products because it offers a decent view of the water level in the storage tank.

Besides, the in-tank UV_LED attachment purifies the water stored in the tank and prevents bacterial recontamination.

Kent’s claims of zero water wastage – is it valid?

The common drawback of all RO water purifiers is water wastage. It is natural because the RO purification process removes TDS from the source water and supplies pure water with low TDS levels. The heavy salts are passed out through the machine through a separate outlet known as reject water. This water contains high levels of TDS. Usually, it runs down the drain.

Kent Supreme RO review
The quantity of rejected water depends on the TDS levels in the input water source. Usually, it is one to two glasses of water for every glass of water purified. That amounts to criminal wastage of water, especially in these days of water shortage.

Kent claims to have resolved this problem by introducing the zero-water wastage concept. This concept involves recycling the rejected water through a separate plumbing system into the overhead tank. Thus, it contaminates the source water with rejected water from the RO water purifier. Automatically, it enhances the TDS levels of source water.

This solution is not feasible in apartment complexes where other residents can object to rejected water being recycled into the common overhead tanks. Besides, making structural changes to the plumbing infrastructure is impossible if you live in rented accommodation.

This concept works only if you live in single-accommodation houses or bungalows where your family is the only water consumer.

Secondly, structural alterations to plumbing infrastructure cost money. A better solution would be to allow the rejected water to collect in 20L water cans we use for our drinking water supply. You can use this water for cleaning bathrooms, floors and watering plants. Replacing the water cans is possible if they become full.

This is better than Kent Zero Wastage
This is better than Kent Zero Wastage Mechanism

In simple words, Kent’s claims of zero-water wastage are absurd and can be treated as a marketing gimmick.

Kent Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier Performance

We have used this appliance for nearly two years and have no significant complaints. Our groundwater source has TDS levels up to 700 ppm. After RO purification and subsequent treatments, the output water has TDS levels of around 150 ppm.

Groundwater TDS India
Groundwater TDS
TDS of Kent Supreme Alkaline water
TDS of Purified Water

The excellent purification technology involves sediment filters, pre-RO carbon filters, RO membrane, UF, and UV, followed by a TDS controller and alkaline media. If uncomfortable with the alkaline water’s taste, you can replace the alkaline media with a post-RO activated carbon filter.

The water purifier technician can change the filters easily. The post-RO activated carbon filter costs around Rs 400.

This water purifier has an in-tank UV_LED attachment to maintain water purity after its storage in the tank. Thus, you get double UV purified water from the tap. The tap arrangement is excellent and sturdy in this water purifier model. The machine indicators are helpful to the consumer.

Maintenance Costs – Are they exorbitant?

One aspect where the Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier lags is its annual maintenance costs. Kent offers a 1-year warranty on the machine that includes filter replacement and service charges. Subsequently, you can opt for an additional three years by paying extra.

  • One-year OneAssist Extended Warranty Plan – Rs 349
  • One-year Extended Warranty – Rs 1,602
  • Two-year Extended Warranty – an additional Rs 489

The extended warranties cover service charges, not filter and membrane replacement costs. Therefore, going for an AMC is a better option despite costing more.

Generally, an AMC costs around Rs 5,000 to Rs 5,500, but it includes the cost of filter and membrane replacement.

The maintenance costs of the Kent Supreme Alkaline will be around the same amount, even if you do not take the AMC. However, I advise you to use original Kent replacement filters and membranes even though substandard local and RO membranes are available. They can damage your appliance and affect its overall longevity.

Kent Supreme Alkaline 8L RO

Pricing – Reasonable

After accounting for several discount offers, we got this machine for around Rs 16,000 on Amazon. The company is offering free installation the first time around. Any subsequent re-installation costs extra. However, you must purchase the sediment filter and other pipe fittings separately. They are not included in the package.

Our Opinion

We are comfortable using the Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier because our groundwater sources have moderate TDS levels. Though the maintenance costs are high, we found this machine perfect for our requirements.

Kent Supreme plus RO water purifier review

Yes. The zero-water wastage claims are marketing gimmicks, but that should not be an issue because all RO water purifiers waste much water. You must find different ways to use the rejected water and thus minimize its wastage.

Water Wastage
Water Taste
Value For Money
Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier is a good water purifier for your home despite the high maintenance costs because it delivers an excellent performance
Chaithanya Vanjari
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Kent Supreme Alkaline water purifier is a good water purifier for your home despite the high maintenance costs because it delivers an excellent performanceKent Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier Review | is it Good?