Kent Supreme Plus 2020 Review – is this RO any Good?

Many places in India rely on groundwater or well water. These water sources have high TDS levels of more than 500. Hence, the use of an RO water purifier becomes inevitable.

The bigger cities have municipalities that supply water to the households through pipelines. Though water treatment plants are available to purify the water, it can get contaminated on its way to the homes. In addition, the water can pick up impurities from the overhead tanks to the individual kitchens. Hence, one should install a water purifier.

If the TDS in source water is less than 500, they can use a UV/UF water purifier because RO  purification is not required.

We live in an area where the TDS levels in the water source are consistently above 400ppm. Hence, we had to choose an RO water purifier. After much deliberation, we zeroed in on the Kent Supreme Plus 2020 with features like Zero Water Wastage, RO + UV + UF + TDS control.

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Why Kent Supreme Plus 2020

RO water purifiers have a significant drawback in that this technology wastes water. Depending on the TDS levels in the water source, the water wastage increases or decreases accordingly. At times, there can be three liters of wastage for purifying one liter of water. In these days of water shortage, such wastage is criminal.

The Kent Supreme Plus 2020 offers a unique technology, Zero Water Wastage, that reportedly reduces water wastage by recirculating the rejected water for alternative purposes like washing utensils, watering plants, etc.

We shall look at the merits and demerits of Zero Water Wastage technology in the coming paragraphs.

Since we live in an individual house, the Zero Water Wastage technology is useful. It was one of the factors that influenced us in selecting the Kent Supreme Plus. We have been using the Kent Supreme Plus water purifier for some time now. Let us review its performance in this article. However, before doing so.

Kent Suoreme Plus Review

Here are its primary features in brief

  • Reverse Osmosis – The RO membrane eliminates TDS in the source water and provides purified water.
  • Ultra Violet – The UV lamp in the water purifier kills bacteria and microorganisms in the purified RO water. Another UV lamp in the water tank maintains water purity in the storage tank and prevents recontamination.
  • Ultra-Filter – This mechanism removes microscopic impurities that bypass the RO membrane.
  • TDS Control – The TDS Control replenishes the TDS content in the purified water by adding essential minerals like magnesium and calcium.
  • Zero Water Wastage – This innovative technology recycles the rejected water into a distinctive overhead tank and supplies it through different taps to the household. It is useful for washing clothes, utensils, watering plants, and other non-consumption purposes.

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The Merits of Zero Water Wastage

  • Zero Water Wastage is a unique technology that reduces water wastage. In simple words, it makes optimum use of the rejected water and prevents it from going down the drain.
  • Zero Water Wastage technology reduces water usage because it uses the rejected water for performing chores like washing utensils, watering plants, cleaning floors, etc.
kent zero water wastage technology

The Drawbacks of Zero Water Wastage

Many people get confused with this terminology, Zero Water Wastage. They presume that the RO water purifier does not waste any water during the purification process. On the contrary, the RO purification procedure wastes water but recycles it for alternative uses rather than letting it go down the drain. Here are its drawbacks.

  • The process involves circulating the rejected water from the machine into overhead tanks and recycling it through a separate pipeline. Hence, this process requires installing new pipes to change the plumbing infrastructure and water lines. Secondly, the Zero Water Wastage process requires installing new and powerful pumps to allow the wasted water from the water purifier to reach the overhead tanks.
  • The Zero Water Wastage process is not suited for apartments and high-rise buildings because it would not be possible to change the existing pipeline structures. However, if you live in an independent house, it would be a feasible project.  

As we live in an independent house, we did not have much problem changing the existing plumbing infrastructure. The appliance included an in-built pump that proved sufficient to push the rejected water to a separate overhead tank. However, it is not feasible in all cases. People living in apartment complexes and high-rise buildings can find this technology of little use.

Kent Supreme plus filters

What made us choose the Kent Supreme Plus 2020 for our kitchen

Here are the positive aspects of the Kent Supreme Plus 2020 water purifier.

  • The water purifying capacity of the Kent Supreme Plus is good. As a result, the purified water tastes good and shows reduced TDS levels compared to the water source.
  • This appliance features two UV lamps for filtration. One is inside the appliance as part of the purification setup. The second UV lamp is located inside the water tank to purify the stored water. It is a good option because it allows you to store water for three to four days.
  • This appliance offers all water purification techniques and a TDS controller. Hence, it is ideal for use where TDS levels in the input source water are sufficiently high.
  • The Zero Water Wastage is suitable for consumers living in individual houses. There should be no problem for such users to install new storage tanks and alter plumbing infrastructure accordingly. Unfortunately, people living in apartment complexes do not have this luxury.
  • This water purifier features an 8L storage tank. Hence, it is suited for the average Indian family’s water purifying requirements.
  • This water purifier can purify 20 liters of water per hour. As the storage tank can accommodate eight liters, filling the tank does not take more than 25 minutes. Furthermore, the auto shut-off function ensures that the machine switches off water purification after a full tank. Hence, it saves time and power.
  • Kent Supreme Plus offers a 3-year extended free service apart from the one-year warranty.
  • Kent Supreme Plus is ROHS compliant and has received various certifications like NSF International, WQA (USA), CE, and TUV SUD America Inc.

Kent Supreme Plus 2020 ranks amongst the best RO water purifiers in India. However, it has its share of negative reviews. Here are the key aspects to consider before choosing this water purifier model for your home.

Points one should consider when selecting Kent Supreme Plus

  • The Zero Water Wastage concept is not ideal for those living in apartment complexes and high-rise buildings. Similarly, this filter is unusable for people living in rented houses.  
  • Primarily, every RO water purifier wastes water. There is no such thing as zero water wastage. All this Kent Supreme Plus does is recycle the rejected water into a separate tank for alternative usage purposes. It does not eliminate water wastage.
  • The Kent Supreme Plus 2020 package does not include the sediment filter, additional pipe, pump, PRV (pressure reduce valve), and other accessories. However, most accessories listed here are necessary for the installation process. Hence, the customer pays a considerably higher price than advertised online.
  • The Kent Supreme Plus has hidden charges. For example, the company offers a 4-year extended free service. However, one should note that this extended free service does not include filters or other critical parts. This warranty is available for the outer plastic body and the motor. The filters have a warranty for six months. The prefilter alone costs around Rs 2,000. Besides, the company waives the service charges alone for the extended three years. The customer has to pay for the parts that require replacement.
  • The RO membrane and other filters require annual replacement. One can go for an AMC, but it costs around Rs 7,000.  
  • This RO water purifier is not required when the TDS levels of the input water source are less than 400.
  • The user cannot view the water level in the storage tank easily because the unit does not have specific illuminating arrangements. Similarly, there is no indicator to show whether the water purifier is functioning or not.
  • Though we have not experienced any service issues with Kent, their customer service is much left to be desired. Many customers have raised complaints against improper service rendered during installation and attending to operational problems.
  • The Kent Supreme Plus does not have a TDS measurement indicator. The company could easily incorporate the device into their product and save our trouble checking the TDS levels of RO purified water. Similarly, they could have included a pH meter to enable users to know the pH level of water they are consuming. 

Kent has a good reputation for producing high-quality home appliances. They have introduced an extensive range of water purifiers, including those working on RO technology. The Kent Supreme Plus 2020 is a good home appliance, but Kent could offer their trusted consumers a better deal. The Zero Water Wastage concept is good but does not suit the requirements of all sections of society. In short, this water purifier model, Kent Supreme Plus 2020, is a good appliance but requires some improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that consumers would love to seek answers to.

What types of source water can the Kent Supreme Plus handle?

Kent Supreme Plu is a RO water purifier. Hence, it is ideal for purifying water with TDS levels higher than 500. Consumers can use this home appliance if they get salty water in their taps. It is also ideal for purifying groundwater and municipal corporation water, especially if it is not already RO-treated.

What is the purification production rate of the Kent Supreme Plus?

The Kent Supreme Plus can purify around 20 liters of water in an hour. This water purifier has an 8L tank capacity. The tank takes around 20 to 25 minutes to get filled.

Is it safe to drink water from the Kent Supreme Plus tank after three to four days?

Yes, it is safe to drink water stored inside the Kent Supreme Plus tank because it comes equipped with a separate UV lamp, apart from the UV lamp provided inside the product.

How much power does the Kent Supreme Plus consume?

The Kent Supreme Plus 2020 consumes around 60W on average. However, it features automatic on/off functionality. Thus, the unit ends up consuming around 25W an hour. Therefore, it is a power-saving appliance.

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How much does it cost to install the Kent Supreme Plus?

Generally, the installation procedure is free. However, the package does not contain the prefilter. If the water in your area is heavily contaminated, your water purifier will need a sediment filter. Under such circumstances, you have to pay for its cost.

What is the cost of Kent AMC for this water purifier?

Though Kent offers an extended 3-year warranty on the product, it does not cover the filters and other perishable items. Therefore, it is better to have an AMC with Kent. It costs around Rs 7,000 annually.

What expenses could the user incur when using the Kent Supreme Plus 2020?

The RO membrane and other filters require replacement after ten to 12 months. These filters can cost around Rs 5000. However, they are provided free of cost if you have an AMC with Kent. Consumers should note that it is a recurring expense because the filters do not have a life span of more than a year.

What role does the TDS controller play?

The TDS controller replenishes the essential minerals lost during the RO purification process. While the Kent water purifier does have a distinct mineralizer, it recycles a portion of the rejected water to enhance TDS levels after RO purification.

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Does Zero Water Wastage technology require additional installations?

Yes, Zero Water Wastage technology requires the installation of separate pipelines to transport the rejected water to overhead tanks. Depending on the water pressure, it requires a specialized water pump. The rejected water is then recycled through separate pipelines for alternative uses.

Does the Kent Supreme Plus offer alkaline water?

No, this water purifier does not offer alkaline water. Instead, you need to purchase a different model, Kent Supreme Extra (RO + UV + UF + UV_LED + Alkaline).

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Kent Supreme Plus 2020 is a good home appliance, but Kent could offer their trusted consumers a better deal. The Zero Water Wastage concept is good but does not suit the requirements of all sections of societ

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Kent Supreme Plus 2020 is a good home appliance, but Kent could offer their trusted consumers a better deal. The Zero Water Wastage concept is good but does not suit the requirements of all sections of societKent Supreme Plus 2020 Review - is this RO any Good?