Kent Grand Plus vs Kent Supreme Alkaline

The primary difference between the Kent Grand models and the Kent Supreme Alkaline model is that the Supreme Alkaline model comes with an Alkaline booster.

Alkaline booster in kent supreme

All Kent RO Water Purifiers come with TDS Controllers to retain natural minerals and maintain TDS levels in the water. The mechanism is such that some raw water does not pass through the RO membrane and goes directly to UV and UF filters. This is done to maintain essential minerals like sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium in the water.

TDS Controller

On the other hand, Pureit, Livpure, and V-Guard water purifiers offer 100% RO purification. To maintain TDS levels and give the water a good taste, minerals are added to the RO-purified water.

Kent Supreme Alkaline also has an Alkaline/Mineral Booster that adds minerals such as calcium and magnesium to purified water. This raises the mineral level in the water, making it alkaline.

Kent Supreme Alkaline RO

Please note that all Kent RO water purifiers, including the Kent Supreme Alkaline, come with a TDS Controller mechanism only. Such models are not recommended if the groundwater contains harmful and toxic metals like arsenic, cadmium, and lead.

Kent Supreme comes in 5 variants, but RO is the main purification process in all the models.

Kent supreme water purifier review
Kent Supreme is one of the best-selling RO water purifiers in India

The latest Kent Grand Plus and Supreme models come with a UV LED bulb in the storage tank as well. This keeps the purified water fresh and safe for longer periods. However, we recommend you discard water that has been stored for more than 2 days.

Kent Supreme also comes in a Copper model. Instead of an Alkaline booster, this model adds copper to the RO-purified water.

Among all the Kent Water purifiers we have reviewed, the Kent Supreme Alkaline and Kent Grand Plus are the top-performing models. While the build quality of these machines is great, they waste a lot of water. The “Zero Water wastage” advertisement from Kent is misleading.

To recirculate the rejected water to the overhead tank, you need additional pipes and plumbing work. This is not possible if you live in an apartment or a rented house. Additionally, you have to bear the expenses. Instead, you can simply place a 20L water can next to the water purifier and collect the rejected water in it.

Kent Supreme Alkaline 8L RO

If you have any questions regarding Kent water purifiers, please post them in the comments section below, and we will answer them.

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  1. I wanted to buy Kent RO which model I must buy ? Kent supreme(alkaline), kent supreme or kent grand plus
    I want for my household (TDS is 215-230)

    • TDS 230 range is excellent. You don’t need an RO Water Purifier. UV UF water purifier is enough but the water taste will be same. If you want Water taste similar to mineral water, you can go with Kent Supreme Alkaline


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