Inverter Technology in RefrigeratorWhat do you do when you feel uncomfortable on a hot day?

Naturally, you take a cold water bath. How does this bring you relief?

The cold water on our body evaporates and takes away the heat from the body as well. Hence, you feel a sense of overall cooling.

This is precisely how Refrigerators work.

The Conventional Compressor

Instead of cold water, refrigerators have a coolant liquid called Refrigerant (HFC, HC) running in coils located at the rear part of the fridge.

This coolant absorbs the heat from the interiors of the fridge and evaporates thereby cooling the items placed inside the refrigerator.

The compressor converts this gas into a liquid again thereby ensuring the continuation of the cycle.

The refrigerators have a device known as ‘Thermocouple’ to ensure that the process does not go out of hand. It switches the compressor off when the appropriate cooling is achieved. Similarly, it switches it on when required. This device works on the basis of the temperature you set in the refrigerator.

This process entails that the compressors work at a single speed, either “on or off”.

The refrigerators are capable of handling peak loads, especially in the summer months. Hence, you find these refrigerators working at full capacity in the winters as well. This is not necessary. In addition, opening and shutting the refrigerator door frequently causes the heat from the outside to enter the fridge.

These compressors have to take care of these aspects as well. Hence, you see higher consumption of electricity.

The Inverter Compressor

Inverter RefrigeratorsDo you drive your car at same speeds on all roads?

In highways, you might cruise at speeds over 100 kmph. In city traffic, you move at a snail’s pace.

Similarly, you need refrigerator compressors working at different speeds in different seasons. The summer months require fridges to work at higher capacity whereas you do not need much cooling in winters.

The conventional compressors do not allow this variation in speeds. Hence, you need the Inverter technology that allows the compressor to run at varying speeds thereby saving power.

Secondly, every time your compressor switches on, they consume more electricity. Hence, you see higher consumption in the conventional compressors.

In the inverter technology, the compressor never switches off. Hence, you save a lot of power that compressor consumes while switching on frequently.

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Advantages of using Inverter Compressor

The most obvious advantage of using inverter compressor is the savings in power. There are other advantages as well. We shall look into these aspects now.

Refrigerators working on the inverter compressor technology do not make much noise in comparison to those working with conventional compressors.

The temperature inside refrigerators working on inverter compressors is stable.

These fridges are expensive initially, but they are beneficial because they save you a lot in overhead costs. You recover this money by way of saving in electricity bills.


Inverter compressors are more popular today because the awareness levels of the people have increased.

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