How do you Maintain, Clean an Inverter Battery?

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Before purchasing your inverter battery, it is advisable to check for inverter compatibility. The inverter VA depends on the total power required.

If you have an inverter with 150VA capacity and require a power backup for two hours, you need not invest in a 200AH battery. The minimum battery capacity should suffice.

It can be tricky comparing an inverter and battery combination. The ideal solution is to go for an inverter and battery combo, especially if you are purchasing an inverter for the first time.

Better to avoid local batteries

People tend to go for an excellent inverter but become stingy when purchasing a battery. They prefer a local battery because they cost less.

local brands do not follow the necessary safety standards, whereby they have a low lifespan. Besides, an inferior battery can pull down the inverter’s efficiency, as well.

The local inverter battery brands generally release toxic gases like carbon monoxide that can prove harmful to the household and the environment. The reputed brands ensure low emission levels, whereas the local brands do not guarantee it.

These brands also require a lot of maintenance and do not come with extended warranties. Many people opt for refurbished batteries. It is not advisable because they can be unsafe and do not have an extended lifespan.

An extended warranty is beneficial any day.

All home appliances come with warranties and guarantees. One should know the difference between these two terms. Guarantee entails that the manufacturer will replace the product for free if there is an irreparable fault within the specified guarantee period.

On the other hand, a warranty refers to the period where the user is eligible to avail of free repairs during the period.

Generally, inverter batteries come with two years guarantee and a three to four years warranty. It is advisable to choose a battery that comes with an extended warranty period.

Manufacturers like Luminous use the term ‘warranty replacement‘ instead of a guarantee. However, it is better to read the terms and conditions and understand them thoroughly.

Different warranty concepts

Manufacturers like Luminous offer different types of warranty like a Flat warranty and a Pro-rata warranty.

For example, if Luminous offers a Flat + Pro-rata warranty of 75 months (60 + 15 months), it entails that the company provides free services for the first 60 months from the date of purchase.

Subsequently, the user can replace the old inverter battery with a new Luminous model and get a discount of a specific pre-determined value on the battery’s prevailing retail price. It is also referred to by some companies as ‘Buy Back’ value.

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Tips for maintenance and handling of inverter batteries

Your inverter batteries can last long if you maintain them well. These tips could help you in this regard.

  • It is not advisable to expose the battery to direct sunlight. Usually, you have inverters with trolleys that provide the necessary protection for the battery.
  • The battery should be kept away from all heat sources, in a dry and fully ventilated place. The flat plate and tubular batteries require more ventilation because they emit toxic gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, especially the local brands.
  • Ensure that the battery terminals have proper insulation. Children might touch them and suffer from unnecessary mishaps. It is advisable to keep batteries out of reach of children.
  • It is better to place the battery at ground level. It becomes convenient to monitor the float indicators in them from time to time. If you have SMF batteries, you can keep them at elevated levels.
  • Though these batteries are known as lead-acid batteries, one should never add acid to the battery. The refilling should be through distilled water alone. Distilled water is available at battery shops and petrol bunks.
  • It is not advisable to keep the battery water indicator lids open.
  • Inverter batteries come with extended warranties. Hence, it is better to contact the authorized service representative for servicing.
  • You can exchange your old battery for a new one and get a decent discount. Therefore, you should not discard them into dustbins, etc. These batteries are recyclable.
  • One should use the inverter batteries regularly. If there is no power cut for an entire month, you can switch off the mains and let your inverter supply power for a cycle. It helps to discharge the battery and recharge it again.
  • The battery terminals should be corrosion-free. If you notice rust or salt accumulation on the terminals, it is better to clean them. A combination of hot water and baking soda can prove beneficial. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the terminals. Once clean, you should apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline to the terminals, nuts, and bolts to prevent further corrosion.
  • If the battery becomes bloated, it is a sign to replace it immediately.
cleaning a Inverter battery

Final Words

The inverter battery is an essential home appliance. It is your best friend in the case of a power cut. Hence, one should ensure its proper maintenance all the time. The tips discussed by us for maintaining and handling the inverter battery should prove useful. Maintain your inverter battery well and enjoy an uninterrupted power supply to your household.

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