Best Inverter Refrigerator IndiaThe days are becoming longer. Yes, we are feeling the heat.

A glass of cold water will do wonders to quench our thirst and provide the necessary relief from the heat of the summer months.

These months see our electricity bills soaring towards the sky.

Hence, it is imperative that we adopt energy-saving measures to clip the wings of these power consumption bills.

The Inverter, 4 and 5-star Refrigerators can help up in this endeavour.

We shall look at some of the top Inverter 5 Star and 4 Star Refrigerator models before going on to discuss the technology involved in the functioning of these Fridges.

Best Inverter, 5 and 4 Star Refrigerators 2018

1. Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door 5 Star Refrigerator

Model Number: RR20M1Y2XUT-HL / RR20M2Y2XUT-NL

A reputed name in the electronics industry, Samsung refrigerators are energy saving devices. Available on Flipkart, this refrigerator has a host of salient features.

The island-type handle adds a lot of style to the kitchen décor. The toughened glass shelves are capable of handling weights up to 150 kg.

The highlight of this fridge is the use of digital inverter technology that makes this model an extremely energy efficient model. In addition to saving power, it keeps noise to the minimum.

The in-built stabilizer obviates the necessity of using an external one. The sophisticated design ensures that the fridge blends beautifully with the kitchen environment.

The special locking feature can help prevent your kids sneaking into the refrigerator and consuming excessive sweets and chocolates.

In short, this refrigerator is the perfect adornment for the modern Indian kitchen.

2. LG 190L 4-Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Model Number: GL-B201ASOX.ASOZEBN

Many Indian families prefer to have LG electronic products in their homes. The reasons are obvious.

This LG refrigerator has one of the most advanced and energy efficient inverter compressor in the industry.

Noiseless in its working, you can connect this refrigerator to your home inverter thereby ensuring that you are never in short supply of refreshing cold water to drink.

The toughened glass shelves can handle loads up to 175 kg.

LG 190L 4-Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

The special lattice-type box cover maintains moisture at an optimum level. The anti-bacterial gasket helps in keeping out dust, spores, and bacteria.

This is a solar-smart refrigerator that comes with an additional battery to ensure round-the-clock refrigeration.

The 10-year warranty on the compressor is ample proof why Indian families prefer LG for their refrigeration needs.

3. Whirlpool 200 L Direct Cool Single Door 5-Star Refrigerator

Model Number: 215 Vitamagic Roy 5S

This 200 L Whirlpool refrigerator is convenient in many ways because of the ample amount of interior space.

This fridge is perfectly suited for the normal vegetarian Indian family because they do not have much use of the freezer. This fridge compensates by providing more space otherwise.

The built-in stabilizer takes care of power fluctuations thereby protecting the fridge from electrical surges.

This is a 5-star refrigerator that saves up to 55% in your power consumption costs. Maybe, the only drawback of this refrigerator is the fact that it has manual defrosting.

In case you forget to do so, there can be accumulation of ice inside the freezer. Otherwise, this refrigerator is extremely efficient.

4. LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 4-Star Refrigerator

Model Number: GL-D201APOX

LG, the name means trust for many Indian families. This refrigerator lives up to the reputation beautifully.

The smart compressor technology ensures less consumption of power.

This fridge does not make much noise either. The Smart Connect technology allows you to hook up this fridge to the home inverter system.

Capable of balancing moisture content perfectly, the Moist Balance Crisper ensures the freshness of food kept inside.

The glass shelves can withstand loads up to 175 kg. The anti-bacterial gasket keeps bacteria and moulds at an arms distance.

The 4-star refrigerator has an inbuilt stabilizer to take care of sudden current surges.

5. Haier 15 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator

Model Number: HRD-1954BS-R/E

The innovative features of this Haier refrigerator not only makes ice cubes faster but also maintains the freshness of the vegetables and fruits for a longer period.

You get ice cubes in just 60 minutes because of the 1-hour icing technology.

The Vitamin-C Fresh filter ensures the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

The PUF insulation ensures energy efficiency. The presence of a cool pad prevents your ice creams from melting even up to 10 hours in case of power cuts.

The refrigerator uses R-600a coolant gas that ensures energy savings.

Prevent your children from consuming ice creams and chocolates indiscriminately by using the child-lock features.

6. Samsung 321 L Frost Free Double Door 4-Star Refrigerator

Model Number: RT34M3954R7/HL

Ideal for Indian family size of 3-5 members, this 4-star Samsung refrigerator is an energy saver all the way.

The unique feature of this fridge is the extra-long door handles that blend beautifully with the contours of the fridge.

The LED display located on the freezer door enable you to control the fridge without having to open it.

Dispensing ice cubes is easy because of the Twist Ice Maker. The cool pack ensures that your ice creams and ice cubes remain frozen for up to 12 hours during power cuts.

The Fresh Room feature is a designed cooler compartment that allows your food items like fruits, dairy, and salad greens to remain fresh longer even if you frequently open the fridge door.

The deodorizing filter uses activated carbon filters to eliminate odours inside the fridge. The Easy Slide shelf operation allows you to reach food stored at the back of the shelf easily.

The Power Freeze and Power Cool features ensure 31% faster cooling. In case you forget to shut the door properly, the fridge gives off an alarm to alert you.

The dual fan technology ensures effective circulation of cold air through the fridge. This fridge has the Moist Fresh Zone for ensuring optimum humidity levels. Space is never a problem with this fridge.

The in-built stabilizer takes care of power surges. The Digital Inverter Compressor is a great energy saving feature. You are able to connect this refrigerator to the home inverter.

The Smart Convertible feature is a novelty as it allows you to free up 88 litres of space by converting the top freezer into a fridge when necessary.

7. Samsung 415 L Frost Free Double Door 4-Star Refrigerator

Model Number: RT42M553ES8/TL

This is a huge fridge, perfectly suited for large Indian families.

One of the most notable features is the convertible freezer allowing you an additional 88 litres of free space.

Controlling the fridge is easy from the digital display on the freezer door. The twist ice maker allows for easy dispensing of ice. The cool pack maintains the frozen state of your ice creams for 12 hours during power cuts.

It has additional features like Fresh Room compartments for maintaining freshness of fruits and vegetables. The deodorizing filter eliminates bad odour.

You get 31% faster cooling with the Power freeze feature. The Twin Cooling Plus feature ensures separate cooling of the two chambers.

Save energy with the digital inverter technology. Connect your home inverter to this refrigerator to ensure uninterrupted functioning during power cuts.

The built-in stabilizer protects the fridge from sudden power surges.

8. LG 260 L 4-Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Model Number: GL-1292RPZL

LG and trust are synonymous with each other.

This product works on a smart inverter compressor that ensures considerable saving in power consumption.

The Multi-Air Flow cooling technology keeps the food fresh and healthy all day long. Repairing the fridge is easy because of the smart diagnosis feature of this fridge.

LG 260 L 4-Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

The ice-beam door cooling is an additional feature. The Moist balance crisper maintains the moisture balance thereby ensuring freshness of fruits, vegetables, and dairy items.

The humidity controller works in combination with the Moist Balance Crisper. The double-twist ice tray makes for easy dispensing of ice.

This is a solar-smart refrigerator because of the use solar power as an additional source.

The built-in stabilizer has become a common feature in all fridges today.

9. LG 308 L Frost-Free Double Door 4-Star Refrigerator

Model Number: GL-T322RPZN

The special feature of this spacious fridge is the linear cooling system. It enables uniform cooling throughout the fridge thereby keeping the food fresh for up to 14 days.

The inverter linear compressor saves considerable energy.

One touch can increase the storage capacity of the fridge up to 1.4 times. The door cooling feature helps cool the interiors faster.

LG 308 L Frost-Free Double Door 4-Star Refrigerator

Smart Diagnosis feature is useful in case there is a problem with the functioning. Connecting with the home inverter ensures uninterrupted functioning of the refrigerator.

This fridge can also work on solar power because of the smart solar technology.

This fridge has other notable features like extra storage space, double-twist ice tray, ever-fresh zone, and top LED. This makes this fridge one of the most popular ones today.

Buying Guide

A refrigerator has become one of the most common appliances in the home today. It is very difficult to find even one house without the refrigerator.

Buying one has become difficult because of the tremendous range available in the market. This buying guide proposes to make this task easy.

To put in in simple words, one should look for these 6 basic qualities in a refrigerator.

Capacity of the fridgeType of fridgeDefrosting typeFreezer compartmentsPower consumptionFeatures

This depends on the number of individuals in the house. A normal Indian family consists of 3 to 5 persons. Such families should have refrigerators in the capacity range of 230 to 700 litres capacity.

Smaller families can opt for refrigerators in the range of 150 to 300 litres. The extra-large families comprising of more than 6 persons should go for fridge in the range of 550 to 850 litres.

There are normally four types of fridges, the single door, double door, triple door, and the side-by-side door. Each of these refrigerators has its unique features. The single-door fridges are economical but do not have direct access to freezer compartment. Usually, such fridges have manual defrosting technology.

The double door type fridges have toughened glass shelves and are usually energy efficient. The triple door refrigerators have special facilities for storing vegetables and fruits. The freezer is usually at the top. The side-by-side door refrigerators are the largest in the size range of 550 to 850 litres.

Certain models have additional features like in-built water dispensers.

You have two types of refrigerators in this category, the manual defrosting and the automatic defrosting types. Let us see the difference between the two. The frost-free fridges are energy saving equipment. They can preserve food for a longer time.

They have electric fans for cooling whereas the manual defrosting refrigerators use natural convection methods.

Your food habits are the main criteria for deciding the type of freezer compartments you choose. People who have non-vegetarian food need larger freezers whereas vegetarians can choose refrigerators with lesser freezer space.

Today you have refrigerators with adjustable or convertible fridge and freezer.

The BEE Star ratings play a great role in determining the power consumption. Naturally, the 4 and 5-star refrigerators are better at saving power. You have inverter compressors today that reduce power consumption while extending the life of the compressors at the same time.

You should look at the additional features like storage space, toughened glass shelves, built-in voltage stabilizers, deodorizers, cool packs, and the convertible fridges.

Let us look at the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about refrigerators that can help you make you make the right decision.

How do inverter compressors save power?

The normal compressor switches on and off at regular intervals on reaching the desired cooling level. The motor runs at a constant speed. This causes a surge resulting in higher consumption of power. The inverter compressor does not switch off. It adjusts the speed of the motor accordingly depending on the requirement. Hence, you see that the inverter compressors save power.

Do you need to install voltage stabilizers for refrigerators?

It was necessary to do so in the past. The present-day refrigerators especially those with capacity of 185 litres and more have built-in stabilizers. They are more than enough to protect your fridge from power surges.

Which refrigerator is better, manual frost or frost free?

As the name suggests, you have to manually defrost the refrigerator in the former category. Failure to do so can cause accumulation of ice thereby affecting the efficiency of the refrigerator. The frost-free refrigerators save power and can preserve food for a longer time. The choice is yours, but frost-free refrigerators are better.

How are convertible models good?

This is a recent trend. You have the modern-day refrigerators having this facility. This convertibility allows you to convert the freezer into a fridge and vice-versa depending on your requirement. Naturally, this is beneficial to the customer.


We have seen the buying guide and answered some of the frequently asked questions about Inverter 4 and 5-star refrigerators. We have also reviewed such models available in the market. This should make your job of buying a refrigerator easy.

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Which is best 500 ltr appx.side by side Refrigerator brand


500 ltr side by side models are not available in major brands like LG and Samsung. You can have a look at the below models form Haier and BPL

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