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With the cost of LPG going up every day, people are switching over to alternate cooking modes, like induction stoves. These appliances are useful, but they consume electricity.

If you want to know the induction stove power consumption in units, our calculator is the ideal tool available on the internet.

Induction Cooktop Power Consumption Calc

Mixer Grinder Power Consumption
1 Kilowatt = 1000 Watt
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Bill in Your Currency

Using our induction stove power consumption is easy. First, you have to enter the following fundamental information.

  • Rated Power of the induction stove in watts
  • Your usage in hours or minutes
  • The electricity tariff in your area

On entering the above information, you get the following information instantly.

  • Daily units consumption
  • Monthly units consumption
  • Annual units consumption
  • Monthly electricity bill

Information available easily

You need not search very far to get the rated power of the induction cooker. The information is available on the manufacturer sticker on the appliance and the packing box. It is also available on the specification chart.

The usage depends on the individual household. Some people use it rarely, whereas some do it frequently. However, studies show that the general usage by a standard Indian household is around one and a half hours daily.

The electricity tariff depends on your location. You get this info on your electricity bill.

Induction Stove Power Consumption Calculator

Let us now calculate the actual power consumption of some reputed induction cooktops using our calculator.

Parameter / Induction Cooker modelPhilips Viva Collection HD4928/01Prestige PIC 20Pigeon Stovekraft Cruise
Rated Power of the appliance2100W1600W1800W
Hours of operation daily1.51.51.5
Electricity tariff777
Daily units consumption3.152.42.7
Monthly units consumption94.507281
Annual units consumption1134864972
Monthly Electricity Bill661.50504.00567.00


From the above calculation, you can find that the higher the wattage, the more the power consumption is.

Explanation of terms used in our calculator

  • Watt – Watt is defined as the rate at which an electrical device consumes electricity. Hence, it is a unit of power. In our case, the Prestige model has a rating of 1600W. Therefore, the Prestige induction stove power consumption per hour is 1600W.
  • KiloWatt – Kilo Watt is also a unit of power generally used to denote the larger machines’ capacity. One Kilo Watt equals 1000 Watts.
  • Kilo Watt-hour – We should concentrate more on this aspect because kWh denotes the power consumed by an electrical device in an hour. It is also known as units in our electricity bills. 1 kWh equals one unit of electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I invest in an induction stove with a higher or lower power rating?
It depends on your preferences. For example, the induction stove with a higher power rating cooks faster and hence consumes less time. On the other hand, the lower-rated appliance takes more time for cooking. Accordingly, the electricity usage balances out.
What does the induction stove power consumption in watts indicate?
In our example, the Philips induction stove has a power rating of 2100W. It entails that the appliance consumes 2100W of power per hour. It translates to 2.10 Kilowatts an hour. Therefore, the Philips induction stove consumes 2.1 units of electricity in one hour of continuous operation.

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