IFB Washing Machine – Error Codes and Solutions

IFB washing machines come equipped with excellent features that guarantee a high-quality washing experience. One such feature is the Error-diagnosing functionality that detects errors and displays specific codes.

Here Is A List Of IFB Washing Machine Error Codes And Solutions Every IFB Washing Machine User Should Know.

1. rinS HOLd

Reason – This code will display at the Rinse–Hold step.

Solution – The solution is to select the Start/Pause button and select the drain program

2. dLAY

Reason – This code is displayed during the Delay Start Mode.

Solution – It is not an error code but an indication that you have selected the Delay Start Mode. As a result, the machine will start functioning at the scheduled time.

3. door

Reason – This error code flashes when you do not close the door properly. It also indicates that the door is not locked.

Solution – You should open the door again and close it properly. If you find some clothes blocking the door, you can remove or rearrange them and clear all the obstacles.

4. dLEr

Reason – Generally, the door should unlock after the wash and spin cycle. The IFB machine displays the dLEr error code if it does not unlock automatically.

Solution – You should never try to open the door forcibly. The following steps can help rectify this Error.

  • Switch off the washing appliance and wait for two minutes.
  • Switch on the machine. The door should open automatically.
  • If the machine keeps displaying the same code, you must summon the IFB service engineer.
  • Meanwhile, you switch off the machine and remove the plug from the socket.

5. tAP

Reason – The tAP error code can be due to several reasons. Primarily, it indicates that the machine does not get a water supply. Here are the reasons and their appropriate solutions.

  1. Water tap might be turned off – The solution is to check and turn on the tap for the water to start flowing.
  2. There could be low pressure, or water supply might not be available – Wait for the pressure to build up or the water supply to resume. Then, the machine will start automatically.
  3. The inlet filter could be blocked – The solution is disconnecting the inlet pipe and cleaning the sieve/filter.
  4. A bent or damaged inlet hose can block the water supply – The solution is to remove the bend. If the inlet hose is damaged, you should replace it with a new inlet hose.

6. tACO or trC

Reason – The tACO or trC Error is also a door error. It displays when a piece of cloth gets stuck between the drum and the door.

Solution – The following steps should resolve the issue.

  • Switch off the main supply and wait for two minutes.
  • Please switch it on again and run the Drain program.
  • The water should drain out, and the door should open automatically.
  • Rearrange the clothes and restart the required program.
  • If the machine displays the same Error, you must seek professional assistance. First, switch off the machine and contact IFB Care.

7. dPEr

Reason – The dPEr Error is a drain error. A clogged drain hose could be the reason. Alternatively, the filter could be blocked.

Solution – Here are the respective solutions.

  1. Water does not drain away – Select the Start/Pause option to restart the Drain program.
  2. A blocked filter – Switch the machine off. Use the drain pump to clear the water. Clean the filter thoroughly.
  3. A clogged/bent exhaust hose – Remove the kinks and clean the clogged pipe to eliminate this Error.

8. HEAt

Reason – This error code is displayed if the water temperature is above 60 degrees at the start of the program.

Solution – The following steps should resolve the issue.

  • Wait for the water temperature to reduce below 60 degrees Centigrade. Then, start the New/Drain program.
  • Switch the washing machine off and wait for a couple of seconds before restarting it.
  • If the message repeats, you should seek expert assistance. Call IFB Care and book your service request.

9. OFEr or Pr5

Reason – It is an unexplained error.

Solution – You should contact IFB Care and book a service request. However, you can try the following solution.

  • Switch the washing machine off and wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Restart the machine and check for the error.
  • If the error message persists, switch off the machine, turn the tap off, and contact IFB Care.

10. h260

Reason – A high input voltage can cause the h260 Error.

Solution – It could be a localized problem. The machine should restart after the voltage problems normalize. The machine will automatically restart if the voltage reduces to safe levels. However, if the error occurs frequently, there could be a fault in your local power transmission lines. You can summon a local electrician and check the voltage in the power supply.

11. L175

Reason – A low input voltage is a reason for this error code display.

Solution – It is again a localized problem. If the situation normalizes, the washing machine should start automatically. However, if the error repeats frequently, you should call the local electrician and rectify the matter.

12. UnbL

Reason – An unbalanced load can cause the UnbL Error.

Solution – The solution lies in balancing the load accordingly. If there are fewer clothes, you can add more clothes and balance the load. If there is a heavy load like a bedsheet, you can get a couple of lighter clothes to counterbalance the weight as the drum rotates.

Besides these error codes, some standard error codes are displayed on your IFB washing machine.

13. E01

Reason – An open or improperly closed door can display this Error.

Solution – You should open the door and close it properly for the machine to restart.

14. E02

Reason – The E02 Error indicates a lack of water supply.

Solution – You should check the water supply and open the tap. The water inflow should resolve the E02 Error.

15. E03

Reason – A loose electrical fitting could cause this error code.

Solution – You should fit the plug properly. If the socket needs replacement, you should get it replaced.

16. E04

Reason – The reason could be the choice of a delayed start.

Solution – The washing machine will restart after 30 minutes.

17. E05

Reason – A low inlet water temperature or low input voltage can cause the extension of your program time and display this Error.

Solution – You have to wait for the program to get over.

18. E06

Reason – A blocked coin in the drum can cause the E06 Error.

Solution – Try to remove the coin from the drum. If it is not possible, you need professional help. Call the IFB Care.

Other Than The Error Codes Listed Above, Here Are Some Troubleshooting Tips For Properly Using The IFB Washing Machine. Not All Problems Require Technical Assistance. You Can Look For The Following Symptoms And Take Appropriate Action.

1. LED display does not glow

  1. The power supply is not turned ON – Switch on the power supply.
  2. The electrical power cord might not be plugged – Check the appliance and securely plug it in the socket.
  3. Non-selection of a program – Select the appropriate program and watch the LED display glow.

2. The washing machine door does not open.

  1. The machine might be in operation – If the program is active, the door will not open. You can pause the program and check the door symbol indication. If the water level is high or the temperature and speed are high, you cannot open the door.
  2. You cannot open the door – Check if the LED displays the dLEr message and act accordingly.
  3. The Child Lock is active – You can disable the Child Lock feature and wait for a couple of minutes. After that, the Door symbol will glow on the LED display.

3. The program does not start.

  1. Not pressed the Start/Pause button – Pressing the Start/Pause button should resolve the problem.
  2. No water supply or low pressure – Open the tap fully to ensure that it flows with normal pressure.
  3. The IFB washing machine door is not closed properly – Open it and close firmly.
  4. The program is either in the Pause/Soak or the Rinse/Hold mode – Refer to the user manual and act accordingly.

4. The water does not enter the washing machine, or the detergent does not flush down the drain.

  1. The tap might not be open, or there could be low water pressure – Open the tap and ensure water supply with normal water pressure.
  2. The door might not be closed properly – Open and close the door firmly.
  3. The inlet pipe could be bent, or the filter could be blocked – Check the inlet hose and remove the kinks. Clean the filters.

5. Suds could escape from the detergent dispenser tray. There could be excessive foam in the wash drum. The clothes might have soap residue.

  1. You might not have used the right detergent – Use the detergent as recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. Excessive use of detergent – Reduce the dosage accordingly.
  3. Clothes overload – Reduce the load and ensure against overloading.
  4. You might be using the cold wash program – Change to a hot wash program.
  5. The water pressure might be low – Wait for the water pressure to normalize.

6. Water might be leaking from the machine.

  1. There could be a loose inlet hose connection – Check the inlet hose and tighten the connection.
  2. The filter could be loosely fit – Tighten the filter.
  3. The inlet hose could leak – Call the IFB care and report the problem. It requires an inlet hose replacement.

7. The washing machine might not drain.

  1. The filter could be clogged – Clean the filter and unclog it.
  2. The drain hose could be above 1m from the floor level – Place the drain hose at a level, not above 1m from the floor.
  3. A kinked or clogged drain hose – Straighten the bends and unclog the drain hose.

8. The washing machine does not spin, or the clothes remain wet.

  1. The machine could have an unbalanced load – Check and balance the load accordingly.
  2. There could be overloading of clothes – Remove some clothes and avoid overloading.
  3. You might have selected a lower spin speed – Check and select a higher spin speed.
  4. You could have selected the Rinse Hold option – Select the Start/Pause button to start the machine.
  5. The filters could be clogged – Check and unclog them.
  6. You might have used excessive or high-foaming detergent – Use the recommended detergent for the specific machine.

9. The washing machine vibrates when spinning.

  1. The machine might not be installed at the right level – Check the levels and act accordingly.
  2. The filters could be partially clogged – Clean the filters thoroughly.
  3. There might be an unbalanced load – Add a couple of clothes to balance the load and allow proper spinning.

10. The motor makes a lot of noise.

Generally, IFB motors make noise when functioning. However, if the noise is excessive or disturbing, you can get it checked by a qualified IFB service person.

11. The pump makes noise.

Similar to the motor, the pump can also make noise. If it disturbs you, you can get it serviced frequently by qualified IFB service personnel.

12. The program cycle time could get delayed, or the balance time displayed on the LED display remains unchanged.

  1. The program timing depends on the load, type of laundry, inlet water pressure, water temperature, power supply variations, the quantity of detergent used, etc. Accordingly, the timing could change midway through the cycle and get extended.
  2. In the event of an unbalanced load, the IFB washing machine attempts to rebalance the load itself by adding water. As a result, it increases the washing times.

13. Poor soil removal

  1. Incorrect detergent dosage can cause poor soil removal – Use the right amount of detergent depending on the load and water hardness.
  2. Usage of cold wash program – Switch to a hit wash program for better results.
  3. Incorrect load size – Check and ensure correct load size.
  4. Stains on your clothes – You can soften the stains before washing them in the machine to get better results.
  5. An incorrect mix of heavily and lightly soiled clothes – Separate the light soiled clothes from the heavily soiled garments and wash separately.

14. Clothes come out with blue stains.

  1. Excessive use of additives or cheap quality fabric softeners – You should use good-quality bleach and fabric softeners and avoid pouring them directly on the fabric.

15. Black marks on the clothes

  1. Hard water or less quantity of detergent used – Use the right quantity of detergent depending on your load. Check for water hardness.
  2. Existing stains can be challenging to clean – It is better to avoid mixing stained clothes with good ones during a wash.

16. Yellow stains on clothes

  1. Incoming water could be dirty or soiled – Clean the pipelines and inlet hoses and ensure that the water is clean before starting the program. You can also use the right quantity of bleach or whites to improve the whiteness.

17. Detergent residue on clothes

  1. Overloading of clothes – Avoid overloading the washing machine to get reliable results.
  2. Excessive detergent – Check the quantity of detergent used in the machine for the specific load.
  3. Use of cold wash program – It is better to use the hot wash cycle to get better results.

18. Washing machine buttons not working

  1. Incorrect pressing of buttons – The washing machine buttons are sensitive to touch. A mere tap should suffice to start the programs. If the problem persists, you need to call IFB Care and book a service.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed various error codes on IFBwashing machines and their respective solutions. Simultaneously, we have also discussed other problems that do not generally generate error codes. You should know how to handle these errors and symptoms properly.

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