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When you think of IFB, the first home appliance that features in your imagination is the front-loading washing machine. Yes, IFB is one of the leading manufacturers of front-loaders in India.

But, do you know that the company manufactures other electronic products like dishwashers, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

We shall discuss air conditioners and the technologies used by IFB in this article. We shall also see how these technologies benefit consumers.

IFB offers two series of ACs, the Silver Series and the Hot & Cold Series. Each AC in these series works on a high-speed twin inverter compressor and comes with exciting features. Here is a list of the ACs manufactured by IFB and their primary characteristics.

Pros and Cons of IFB Air Conditioners


  • IFB ACs have a robust inverter compressor that saves power and makes less noise while delivering optimal cooling.
  • The protection features are available on all IFB ACs.
  • Almost all IFB ACs offer high-level air purification.
  • IFB offers a couple of Hot & Cold series air conditioners that double up as heaters during winter.


  • Compared to other AC brands, IFB ACs are expensive. Therefore, we exclude LG and Samsung from this list.
  • IFB ACs are not among the popular ACs, like LG, Voltas, Blue Star, Lloyd, Carrier, etc.
      Silver SeriesIACI12SA3G3C – 3-star 1-ton7-stage Air treatment, Twin Inverter HD compressor, Dual Gold Fin Heat Exchangers, Nano-Tek evaporator tubes, Fireproof ECB in IDU, 100% copper piping with inner grooves, 4-way auto cooling, Air-cooled PCB in ODU, Aluminum grade weather-proof coating
IACI18SA3G3C1 – 3-star 1.5-ton
IACI24SA3G3C – 3-star 2-ton
IACI18SA5G3C – 5-star 1.5-ton
Hot & Cold SeriesIAHI18X93GC – 3-star 1.5-tonR32 refrigerant, Copper condenser tubes, Rapid cooling, Twin rotary compressor, Heat Mode, Aerodynamic blower, 4-way Auto cooling, innovative airflow, Anti-mildew, Reverse cycle cleaning
IAHI24X93G3C – 3-star 2-ton

In total, IFB offers 26 AC models, as detailed below.

Combo Offer – CI1832A223G4 plus CI2432A323G11.5-ton 3-star plus 2-ton 3-star
Combo Offer - CI1832A223G4 plus CI1232A113G11.5-ton 3-star plus 1-ton 3-star
CI2433F323G12-ton 3-star 3F Series
CI2433E323G12-ton 3-star 3E Series
CI2432C323G12-ton 3-star 2C Series
CI2434Z323G12-ton 3-star Floral Series
CI2432D323G12-ton 3-star 2D Series
CI1853E323G21.5-ton 5-star 3E Series
CI1853F323G21.5-ton 5-star 3F Series
CI1852D323G21.5-ton 5-star 2D Series
CI1854X323G1.5-ton 5-star Floral Series
CI1852C323G21.5-ton 5-star 2C Series
CI2432A323G12-ton 3-star 2A Series
CI1832C223G41.5-ton 3-star 2C Series
CI1833F223G1.5-ton 3-star 3F Series
CI1833E223G31.5-ton 3-star 3E Series
CI1831B223G31.5-ton 3-star Floral Series
CI1832D223G31.5-ton 3-star 2D Series
CI1832C223G31.5-ton 3-star 2C Series
CI1832A223G41.5-ton 3-star 2A Series
CI1233F113G11-ton 3-star 3F Series
CI1233E113G11-ton 3-star 3E Series
CI1232D113G11-ton 3-star 2D Series
CI1232A113G11-ton 3-star 2A Series
CI1234Z113G11-ton 3-star Floral Series
CI1232C113G11-ton 3-star 2C Series

Twin Inverter Compressor

IFB Inverter AC ODU

All IFB inverter split ACs come equipped with double-rotary hi-speed heavy-duty compressors capable of working at peak efficiency levels even if the temperatures exceed 58 degrees Celsius.

Hence, these compressors can handle extreme heatwave conditions to provide the highest cooling comfort levels. In addition, the twin rotary compressors ensure minimum noise without compromising on the cooling power. Finally, these high-quality compressors save energy, immediately noticeable in the reduced electricity bills from the following month.

Smart ACs

IFB’s premium ACs are compatible with Wi-Fi and can be operated/controlled using a smartphone app. In addition, these ACs are also compatible with voice assistants, like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. So, users can control the appliances using their voice commands.

Cooling Technology

IFB ACs enhance the overall ambiance in the rooms by delivering excellent cooling using various cooling modes and techniques.

4-way Auto Cooling

The louvers, vanes, and fans play a critical role in spreading cool air dissipated by the AC. IFB ACs have motorized vanes that automatically swing in four directions to ensure uniform air circulation throughout the room.

Long Air Throw

IFB ACs come equipped with an aerodynamic 360-degree blower and a powerful fan motor to enable the appliance to throw cool air to the farthest corners of the room. Hence, these IFB ACs can cool large rooms effortlessly.

Air-cooled PCB

The IFB AC ODU houses an air-cooled PCB that enables the appliance to provide consistent and efficient cooling performance and deliver an uninterrupted cooling experience.

Heat Mode

IFB offers two AC models in its Hot & Cold series of ACs. These ACs double up as heaters in the winter season as you can operate the appliance in the heat mode. This AC can work at temperatures ranging between -15 degrees and 58 degrees Celsius.

Air Purification – 7-Stage Air Treatment

IFB ACs offer a 7-stage air purification facility involving different filters to trap air pollutants and contaminants and purify the air circulating inside the room.

Dust Filter

The dust filter captures dust and other airborne pollutants to enable users to breathe clean air and thus, prevent allergies.

PM 0.3 Filter

This filter has minute pores that trap pollutants as tiny as 0.3 microns. Hence, it improves the air quality circulating inside the room.

Anti-bacterial Filter

The anti-bacterial filter is unique as it eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms, enabling healthy air to spread inside the room.

Activated Carbon Filter

This unique filter removes volatile organic compounds like cigarette smoke, gases, chemicals, and other minute dust particles to provide odor-free air.

Catechin Filter

The catechin filter removes the unpleasant smell from the circulating air to keep it odor-free.

Vitamin C Diffuser

Besides purifying the air circulating inside the room, the IFB AC adds natural antioxidants to improve air quality.

Aroma Diffusers

Users can choose between two fragrances (Floral Harmony and Ocean Fresh fragrance) to infuse a pleasant smell into the rooms.

Protection Technology

IFB ACs reduce maintenance costs by offering excellent protection to their components.

100% Copper Piping with grooved tubes

Copper is always considered the best material for manufacturing AC condenser and evaporator pipes. Copper has excellent heat exchange capacity compared to aluminum. The IFB ACs offer 100% copper pipes to enhance their performance levels. These copper pipes feature inner grooves that agitate refrigerant flow to improve cooling levels. Besides, copper tubes are durable and hence, the machine’s longevity.

Dual Gold Fin Coating for condenser tubes

IFB ACs provide a dual gold fin coating for the condenser tubes to protect them from corrosion, rust, dust, and moisture. The gold fin technology is similar to the Blue Fin technology in various competitor AC brands. However, Gold Fin technology is expensive.

Nano-Tek Coating for evaporator tubes

AC pipes and tubes are subject to moisture, dust, and pollution leading to corrosion and leakage. As a result, it affects the cooling performance of the appliance. Therefore, IFB ACs feature Nano-Tek coating for the evaporator tubes to protect them from corrosion, rust, and leakage.

Automotive Grade Weather-proof coating for ODU

The ODU bears the brunt of weather conditions like extreme heat and rain. Therefore, IFB equips the ODU with a unique high-temperature silver powder coating to protect it from weather and pollution stress such as UV rays from sunlight, dust, and rainwater.

Fireproof Electronic Control Box in IDU

The IDU is also subject to risks from high voltage fluctuation and fire. Therefore, IFB equips its IDUs with a fireproof electronic control box that protects the electrical and electronic components from fire, heat, and corrosion.

Anti-Mildew Function

The Anti-mildew function available in IFB Hot & Cold ACs is a self-cleaning function where the AC works for a few minutes at low fan speed. It allows to dry the condensed water inside the evaporator coils and prevents mildew breeding.

Ergonomic Remote

Generally, consumers complain of poor quality remote controllers, even with the top-performing AC brands. However, there can be no complaints about the IFB AC remote because the ergonomic black remote controller has a sleek matte finish with easy-to-operate buttons.

IFB AC Remote

Warranty Information

All IFB ACs feature the following warranties.

  • One-year standard warranty on the appliance
  • Four years super warranty
  • Ten years compressor warranty
  • Five years ODU PCB warranty


IFB Inverter air conditioner 2023

IFB offers free copper connecting kit and installation 365 days of the year. Besides, it provides three free services to ensure the appliance’s smooth functioning.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Generally, an AMC for a 1.5-ton AC costs around Rs 4000 per year and Rs 7600 for two years. The AMC labor rate is around Rs 2000.

Users can avail of the extended warranty costing around Rs 3600 for one year and Rs 6850 for two years.

The rates are generally the same for all AC models.

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Contact Information

  1. Phone – 080-45845678
  2. Email – customerservice@ifbglobal.com
IFB Inverter AC 2023

 Frequently Asked Questions – IFB AC

1. Do IFB ACs come with an inbuilt stabilizer?

They do not have an inbuilt stabilizer, but the IFB AC can work under wide voltage fluctuations. So, if your input voltage is between 140V and 285V, you need not install a voltage stabilizer.

2. Do all the warranties run concurrently?

Yes, all the IFB warranties run concurrently.

3. How is the AMC program? Is it worth taking one?

It depends on the individual, but an AMC is always helpful because it ensures proper AC maintenance, like cleaning filters, gas leakage checking, etc.

4. How is the IFB after-sales service?

The after-sales service is satisfactory because not many users have complained about them.

5. How does the IFB AC compare with the top Indian manufacturers like LG?

IFB ACs have comparatively simpler features than their illustrious counterparts. But, the performance of IFB ACs is satisfactory.

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