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While purchasing a 5-star AC is always beneficial, a 4-star AC is also not a wrong choice. The 4-star models cost less than the 5-star ACs, but they could consume slightly more power. Here is an excellent 4-star inverter AC that provides 5-star comfort to the user.

IFB CI1844X223G1 unboxing

Key Features of the IFB – CI1844X223G1

  • Split AC with inverter compressor – high efficiency and low power consumption
  • 1.5-ton capacity – ideal for the modern Indian bedrooms up to 150 square feet in area
  • 4-star BEE rating with an ISEER value of 4.08 and annual energy consumption of 5210kW
  • Copper condenser coil for better heat transfer and durability
  • Flexible 8-in-1 cooling, dual temperature display, 4-way air swing,
  • PM0.3 filter and activated carbon filter – for high-quality air purification
  • R32 refrigerant – environmentally friendly
  • One-year machine warranty, four years additional paid warranty, 5-year warranty on the PCB, and ten years on the compressor
IFB 1.4 Ton AC 2022 Outdoor unit

The Features I like the most

  • My bedroom is around 140 square feet in area. Hence. I have checked that a 1.5-ton AC should be perfect for it. At times, my relatives visit my house and sleep in the bedroom. This IFB AC, with its 8-in-1 cooling facility, is ideal for catering to heavy cooling loads. I can set it to work at a 1.7-ton capacity (Super Mode) whenever required. Otherwise, I can always reduce the tonnage according to my demands. My previous AC did not have this feature.
  • The anti-bacterial and PM0.3 filters are suitable attachments because they help purify the air circulating inside the room to comfortable levels.
  • The Gold Series IFB is a good AC because it features dual gold-fin heat exchangers for better cooling. Besides, the exposed portion of the evaporator tubes gets a special nano-coating to prevent damage due to corrosion. It also prevents leakages and enhances the cooling capacity.
  • Another feature I loved about the IFB AC model is its low noise level. IFB says that the AC does not make more than 35dB noise. So I found it absolutely noise-free.
  • Today, almost all ACs use copper condenser coils with grooves on their insides to help better heat exchange. Besides, copper is more durable than aluminum. Hence, it enhances the machine’s longevity.
  • The annual power consumption should be good because it is a 4-star AC. However, I can feel the difference between this model and the one I used earlier.
  • The dual temperature display is a good option because you get an idea of the temperature outside the room. Some ACs do not even have a temperature display on the indoor unit. In that way, this feature is useful.
  • This IFB AC is durable because the indoor unit features a fire-proof electronic control box to protect the PCB.
  • I loved the remote the most. The sleek remote is one of the best I have ever used for an AC. It is user-friendly and convenient to use at night.
  • Other features like a 4-way air swing and long air throw are decent.
  • The 5-year warranty on the PCB and ten years on the compressor are good features.
IFB 1.4 TOn AC Review

The Features that are not very convincing

  • IFB offers a one-year warranty on the product. Now, no one expects the product to become defective in one year. So, they provide an additional warranty for four years on paying Rs 899. But, it is not very useful because the warranty does not include AC servicing or gas refills. Anyway, they offer five years on the PCB and ten years on the compressor. Secondly, you necessarily have to go for AMC to avail of the 4-year additional warranty. Therefore, the costs go up by nearly 12 to 13K. Thirdly, the 5-year warranty on the PCB is only for the outdoor unit.
  • IFB charges Rs 1200 plus GST for installation. However, installing the AC requires the personnel to drill holes in the wall. The company demands extra for doing so. It is unreasonable. However, one has to pay for extra copper wires, stand, fitting, and other accessories.
  • You cannot install using third-party services because the warranty becomes void.
  • IFB service personnel insist on connecting a voltage stabilizer as otherwise, they decline the warranty. While it is advisable to install a voltage stabilizer, it is not necessary for places that do not experience voltage fluctuations. However, IFB makes it compulsory. I did not find it a big issue because I had a stabilizer. But, it can be an additional expense for those who do not have voltage stabilizers.
  • IFB does offer a remote holder, whereas many other manufacturers do. A plastic holder does not cost more than Rs 50 to 100. IFB could have easily supplied one, especially as their remote is good.
  • The pricing is high because other models offer similar facilities at lower prices. Furthermore, you have to pay extra for an optional warranty.  
  • Though IFB advertises that the AC makes 35dB noise, some users complain that the noise levels are higher when you set the fan speed high.
IFB AC outdoor unit

Here are some questions that come to mind concerning this IFB AC.

How many units of power does this IFB AC consume annually?

IFB states that this AC consumes 5210kW power annually. However, a lot depends on how you use the appliance. Under normal conditions, this AC should consume around 900 to 950 units in a year. But, if you are a heavy user, it could consume more.

How does the 8-in-1 convertibility feature work?

The 8-in-1 convertibility feature is convenient because it allows you to set the appliance to work at varying capacities (tonnage), depending on your requirements. Besides the AI and Eco modes, this IFB AC allows you to set the usage at six levels, from 0.6-tons to 1.7-tons (40% capacity to 115% capacity).

How does the 8-in-1 cooling feature save energy?

You can set the AC to work at 40% of its capacity when the cooling requirement is less. Hence, it works as a 0.6-ton AC. Naturally, it consumes less power than a 1.5-ton AC. Therefore, you will not feel the need for the AC to run at 100% capacity all the time. Hence, this convertibility feature saves power.

What is the benefit of Dual Gold Fin technology?

Dual Gold Fin technology envisages a protective layer around the fins, evaporator, and condenser tubes to prevent corrosion. Hence, it provides better insulation and enhances heat transfer capability to improve the AC’s overall performance.

How much does IFB charge for installing the AC?

The standard installation charges are Rs 1200 plus GST. However, the user has to pay extra for additional copper wires, pipes, drilling, stand, etc. Therefore, the total expenditure could come to around Rs 3,000. 

What is the additional warranty feature on this IFB AC?

IFB offers an additional 4-year warranty on this AC on the payment of Rs 899. It is over and above the existing one-year warranty. However, users have to avail of the AMC for four years. Therefore, the total expenditure could run from Rs 10K to Rs 12K.

Why do you need the AMC besides the extended warranty?

The extended warranty does not cover regular servicing, gas recharges, and other significant repairs. Generally, IFB offers to undertake minor repairs in the warranty period. However, an annual maintenance contract provides better facilities. IFB insists on taking AMC for four years to avail the extended warranty.

Is the stabilizer compulsory for the IFB AC?

IFB does not provide a warranty if you do not install a voltage stabilizer. However, installing a voltage stabilizer is for your safety because it regulates the input voltage and ensures against damage to the appliance.

What is the 7-stage air treatment feature promised on this IFB AC?

The 7-stage air treatment is an air purification feature comprising PM0.3 and anti-bacterial filters. It purifies the air circulating in the room by getting rid of the contaminants. 

Does this IFB AC has a heat mode?

No, this AC is not a hot/cold AC. It does not have a heating mode.

Cooling Performance
Power Savings
Eco Friendly
Features & Modes
Service & Warranty
Ideal for the modern Indian bedrooms up to 150 square feet in area

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Ideal for the modern Indian bedrooms up to 150 square feet in areaIFB 1.5-Ton 4-Star Inverter Split AC Review | CI1844X223G1