What is Hygiene Steam in Samsung Washing Machine?



Hot water wash has become common in washing machines today. Everyone knows the benefits of washing clothes in hot water.

The primary benefit is that hot water penetrates fibers easily than cold water to eliminate the toughest dirt.

Another advantage is that heat kills bacteria and other microorganisms and makes for a hygienic washing experience. Samsung has taken this technology further by introducing the Hygiene Steam Washing Program in their top-end washing machine models.

Hygiene Steam Wash

Hygiene Steam is a special wash program available in Samsung washing machines. You can select this program when finalizing your wash program selection. It gives your clothes a deep and powerful cleaning experience.

Hygiene Steam

How it works

The Hygiene Steam cycle starts by draining out the water, dirt, and detergent from the washtub.

Secondly, it introduces a small amount of water to help generate steam. Finally, the washing machine comes with an inbuilt heater that boils the water for about 20 minutes to release the steam.

Hygiene Steam cycle in washing machine

The Hygiene Steam cycle releases steam from the bottom of the wash drum to penetrate each fiber and saturate all the items in the washer thoroughly.

As steam enters the fibers, it opens up the pores and removes ingrained grime and stubborn dirt present in them. Besides, it eliminates bacterial growth and kills the microorganisms present in the fibers to ensure the most hygienic wash possible.

Studies show that the Hygiene Steam Cycle removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and enhances the overall hygiene quotient.

Hygiene Steam wash samsung

After completing the steam phase, it drains out the water and starts the rinsing process before proceeding to the subsequent washing cycles.

The Advantages of Hygiene Steam Wash

  • This wash cycle uses the inherent qualities of steam to remove the toughest dirt and kill bacteria and other microorganisms to ensure a hygienic washing experience.
  • Steam is better than using hot water as the penetration power of steam is higher. In addition, it can easily percolate to the inner layers and loosen the ingrained dirt and grime conveniently.
  • This technology saves time by eliminating the need to pre-treating your dirty laundry.

How is Hygiene Steam Wash different?

While other washing machines equipped with similar technology emit steam from the top, the Samsung Hygiene Steam program does so from the bottom of the drum. As a result, it enables easy penetration and thus enhances saturation as it rises towards the top. As a result, this washing program ensures deeper cleaning while taking care of the hygiene aspect simultaneously.  

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