HUL Pureit Revito Review | Good but Nothing New

Key Takeaway

The Pureit Revito is a good water purifier, but it doesn’t introduce any groundbreaking features, and its pricing is relatively high when compared to the Pureit Eco Water Saver.

The Duraviva technology is merely a marketing gimmick and not a new technological advancement. The Pureit Revito utilizes traditional RO purification methods, incorporating a combination of RO, microfiltration, and UV.

The storage capacity of the Pureit Revito Prime model is 8 liters. HUL Pureit claims that the Revito model can purify 28 liters of water in less than an hour. However, the filter’s lifespan, water savings, and purification speed depend on the TDS levels in the water source. If the TDS levels in your water source are as high as 1500 ppm, then the filter’s lifespan will be shorter. On the other hand, if the TDS levels are around 600 to 800 ppm, both the filter’s lifespan and water savings will be greater.

Pureit Vital Max RO Water Purifier
Pureit Vital Max is similar to Pureit Revito

The HUL Pureit Revito Prime is the latest model from Pureit, but the Duraviva technology is not truly innovative, as this water purification process involves standard filters such as RO, MF, pre-carbon, post-carbon, sediment filter, mesh filter, and a UV bulb. This is very similar to all other Pureit models.

The Revito Prime is marketed as an RO water purifier with an in-tank UV LED. It’s important to note that the UV bulb is the final stage in this model, and there’s only a single UV bulb, not two.

This is a 100% RO water purifier, and there is no bypass or mixing of raw water with RO-purified water. Like other Pureit models, the Revito also comes with a mineralizer that adds minerals to the RO-purified water at the end of the purification process.

HUL Pureit eco water saver ro
Pureit Eco Water is priced lower than Pureit Revito and it comes with a 10L Storage

Most of the Pureit Revito reviews that you find on YouTube are paid reviews. Previously, Pureit approached us to review their model, Pureit Vital Max. Even though HUL didn’t provide us with any compensation, they did request that we write a positive review in exchange for a free model.

Although we liked the model, we noted that the FiltraPower technology in Pureit Vital Max is a marketing gimmick. As a result, the HUL team did not approach us this time for a review of the Pureit Revito.

While we have a favorable opinion of the Pureit Revito model, its pricing is on the higher side when compared to the Pureit Eco Water Saver, which offers similar performance. The Revito model has a compact design and is available in multiple colors.

Vital HUL Max Potrait

In conclusion, the Pureit Revito is a good water purifier offering 100% RO purification and excellent water taste. If aesthetics are important to you, you’ll appreciate this compact water purifier. However, if you’re looking to save money, the Pureit Eco Water Saver is available at a lower price and provides similar performance.”

Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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