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Update: After using this model for 6 months, we do not recommend this UV water purifier to our users. every time you have to wait 45 seconds to dispense the water or you have to store water in water bottles. Also, this machine does not work in the absence of electricity. Better Options are available.

Whenever there is any discussion on water purifiers or water purifying technology, the first word that usually comes to every mind subconsciously is RO.

But is RO required for purifying all types of water?

Are there alternate purifying technologies available? If so, are they beneficial?

I live in an area where the TDS levels in water are around 150ppm because I get a municipal water supply that has already been treated with RO. Under such circumstances, why should I invest in an RO water purifier when all I need is a water purifier to eliminate germs, bacteria, viruses, and other large impurities? Since an RO water purifier cannot do all these things, I preferred to go for the UV water purifier, the HUL Pureit Copper UV water purifier (‎WCUV700).

Let us review this water purifier from a user’s point of view.

The Benefits of the HUL Pureit UV Water Purifier

are copper water purifiers good safe
  • The HUL Pureit UV water purifier is an excellent appliance where RO water purification is not required.
  • Copper infusion is a significant benefit of the HUL Pureit UV water purifier. It enhances the water taste considerably.
  • The Smartsense indicators feature an advanced alert system that warns you 15 days before the filter expires. You get adequate time to replace the Germ Kill Kit (GKK). If you forget to replace it, there is no need to worry because the machine shuts off if the GKK expires. So, there is no danger of consuming contaminated water.
  • HUL offers a 5-year warranty on the UV lamp.
  • This HUL Pureit UV water purifier does not waste water like the RO water purifiers. Besides, it stops dispensing water after 15 minutes of continuous dispensing.
  • This water purifier does not require annual filter replacements like the RO water purifiers. Hence, you save Rs 3000 to Rs 4000 on maintenance expenses.
  • HUL offers a free pre-sediment filter, an optional arrangement, to cater to visible impurities and contaminants.
Drawbacks of the HUL Copper UV water purifier

The Drawbacks of the HUL UV Water Purifier

  • The most significant disadvantage of the HUL UV water purifier is the lack of water storage facilities. This machine cannot work without electricity. So, if you live in an area with frequent power cuts, this machine is of not much use. In addition, you have to store water bottles in advance. If you keep it outside the device, there is a risk of recontamination of UV-purified water.
  • While copper-enriched water is an excellent benefit, the primary drawback is that it takes 40 Seconds for the copper UV purified water to dispense for the first time because of the power-saving mode.

Before reviewing the water purifier, let us list out the features of this UV water purifier.

Pureit copper uv water purifier
  • The dual water dispensing feature enables me to choose between UV and copper-enriched UV water.
  • High-quality UV lamp with a 5-year warranty
  • Mineral Essence technology, with a 4-stage water purification process
  • Water-saving mode with smart sensors
  • One-year warranty on the product
  • A free pre-sediment filter

Why did I choose this UV water purifier?

The primary reason I chose this water purifier was that I did not require an RO water purifier. Like me, there are millions of households in India where RO water purification is unnecessary.

Please check the TDS levels in your water supply. First, if it is over 300 ppm, an RO purifier is recommended. Secondly, it is necessary if the TDS levels cross 500 ppm. There is no compromise on this fact.

Thus, TDS levels below 250 ppm do not need RO water purification. UV or UF can work well. So, my earnest advice is not to get tempted by the gimmicks of water purifier manufacturers or salespersons who recommend RO water purifiers at the drop of a hat.

Copper water

I am not against any specific water-purifying technology as such. The issue boils down to individual requirements. If the situation does not warrant an RO water purifier, you need not spend money purchasing one.

In my case, I was more worried about the impurities that the RO-purified municipal water supply would pick up on its way to my house. The water passes through miles of iron pipelines, underground water storage tanks, overhead water storage, and water supply pipes to my home. Therefore, there could be chances of sewage contamination on the way. In addition, rust formation on the pipelines can create problems. Under such circumstances, a UV water purifier is the best because it eliminates all bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms from the water.

Secondly, the HUL Pureit UV water purifier offers copper purification technology, a bonus feature.

Everyone knows about the benefits of copper water purification. It has age-old traditional value as a natural germicidal water purifier. Getting UV-purified water is not a problem, but the copper-infused/Normal UV water takes 40 Seconds to dispense. HUL Pureit could have decided to include a small storage tank, maybe a 2L or 3L capacity, to cater to such issues. I find the lack of a storage water tank a significant drawback.

Pureit copper uv  water purifier

Thirdly, my area does not experience many power cuts. They are rare. So, there are no problems in using the HUL Pureit Copper UV water purifier. Besides, there is no need for me to store pure water. I can have it directly from the dispenser. However, I will not recommend this water purifier if you reside in an area with frequent power cuts. This machine is of no practical use without electricity because it has no storage capacity.

Fourthly, this HUL UV water purifier has an elegant appearance that adds to my kitchen ambiance and stands out because of its unique design. Though I had the option of placing it on the kitchen countertop, I chose to hang it on the wall. It is a decorative feature, but looks do matter.

We have discussed why I chose the HUL UV water purifier. But, first, let us discuss the water purifying technology used in the appliance to understand its utility better.

Water Purifying Technology – Being aware is better than being caught unawares

This HUL UV water purifier works on a 4-stage water purification process.

The pre-sediment filter removes all visible impurities and ensures that the water is reasonably filtered before entering the machine. This feature is optional because you might not need it if there are no large-scale impurities or danger of external contamination. But, the pre-sediment filter is available free of cost. So, it should not matter much.

Pre Sediment Filter

UV water purification is the most crucial part of this machine’s water purification process. The water passes through a tube/compartment containing a UV lamp emitting UV radiation to eliminate pathogens from the input water supply. UV radiation can kill all the germs and bacteria.

This water purifier offers copper-infused UV-purified water through a separate dispensing option. This feature is good because it enables users to benefit from the anti-germicidal properties of copper. I generally use this dispensing option to the regular UV dispensation.

hul pureit Copper water purifier error codes

The fourth water purification stage is Mineral Essence Technology which claims to retain essential minerals. The manual says that this technology helps retain minerals like calcium and magnesium. Please note that it does not say that it adds these minerals to your water. In my opinion, this feature is a sales gimmick because UV water purification does not remove any minerals from the water like the RO process. So, where is the question of upgrading to an enhanced experience? If the input water source has these minerals, they are available for consumption at the end of the process. This machine does not have mineral enhancers or similar technology to replenish these minerals if lost during water purification.

pureit copper uv advantages

So, we have discussed the water purification technology involved in the HUV Pureit water purifier. We have also studied the pros and cons of the appliance. I think it is an excellent machine to use, especially if you live in places with RO-treated municipal water supply and the TDS levels in the water source are less than 250 ppm.

HUL Pureit Copper UV Water Purifier Review 2022
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Lack of Storage tank, unnecessary power saving mode are the reasons we don't recommend this water purifier.
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Lack of Storage tank, unnecessary power saving mode are the reasons we don't recommend this water purifier.HUL Pureit Copper UV Water Purifier Review | Not Recommended