How much electricity does a 5 Star geyser use in 2023?

The electricity usage of any geyser depends on various factors.

  1. The geyser’s storage capacity
  2. The number of people using the water heater
  3. The rated power of the appliance
  4. The standing loss depends on the geyser’s star rating and the capacity

This example should explain things better.

A 5-star 15L water heater with a 3Kw rated power can heat the entire tank in 15 minutes. So, if you use the geyser for one hour daily, it should consume three power units. A 15L 5-star geyser has a standing loss factor of around 0.4.

Since you use the appliance for one hour, the appliance consumes around 3.4 units of power (after accounting for the standing loss factor). We presume you do not keep the appliance running for more than an hour daily because every hour it remains idle while remaining connected to the power source, the standing loss is 0.4 units.  

Accordingly, you can calculate the monthly and annual power consumption.

Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari, an Analytics Engineer at Straive, has a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and she's been awarded a gold medal for her achievements. She's skilled in technical know-how and writing and loves sharing her expertise on topics like ceiling fans, BLDC technology, and electronic appliances.


  1. what is the actual size of the 15liter geyser? Can I build a cupboard around the geyser? Must the Geyser be high up or can I install the geyser under counter?

    • A 15 Litre Geyser is not big. We Installed our Geyser on the Bathroom Ceiling and it is not visible. You can also install it under the counter.


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