Universally, drinking hot water is the best way to ensure that germs and microbes do not enter your body through the water you consume.

But, there are people who love to have cold water.

There is a need for a water purifier that can satisfy both these sections of society.

The hot and cold water dispenser with RO system available in some of the modern machines today serves the purpose beautifully.

Let us look at some of the best hot and cold water purifiers available in the market.

Best Hot n Cold Water Purifiers

AO Smith Z8 10-Litre Green RO Series Water Purifier

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As far as style is concerned, very few water purifiers can match up to AO Smith products. This excellent water purifier is perfectly suited for people who drink hot water.

This water purifier is unique in the sense that it can dispense hot water at two different temperatures, 45 degrees and 80 degrees Centigrade.

Normally, RO water purifiers waste a lot of water during the purifying process. This water purifier works on a patented technology by the name of Advance Recovery Technology whereby the system saves twice the water in comparison to the normal RO water purifier.AO Smith Hot & Cold water purifier RO

This water purifier with hot water dispenser has the distinction of being the system with the highest recovery 100% RO water purifier in India.

The RO + SCMT technology ensures the elimination of all types of harmful elements. The system has MIN-TECH feature to ensure the replenishment of essential minerals in the output water.

You get hot water at the press of a single button. Perfectly designed to suit the lifestyle of the modern-day family, this AO Smith product certainly adds style to your kitchen.

LG WHD71RB4RP 7.3-Litres Water Purifier

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The special quality of this LG product is that it is perfectly suited for the Indian market. This hot-n-cold water purifier gives you the best of both worlds as you get hot and cold water at the touch of a button.

The temperature of the water ranges from 5 degrees to 90 degrees Centigrade. This is a great combination to have any day.

The True RO Filtration technology ensures the elimination of disease-causing bacteria, heavy metals like arsenic and lead, and TDS. The 4-step purification is a first in the industry.

LG Hot n Cold RO water purifier

You have True RO filtration followed by True Preservation in the high-quality Dual protection Stainless Steel tank. Step 3 is the True Maintenance with digital sterilizing care.

There is no mixing of impure water as you see in many TDS controller machines. This is the power of True RO Filtration. Life does seem good when you have this LG hot and cold water purifier in your home.

Blue Star Stella ST4BSHC01 8.2-Lire RO + UV Water Purifier

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Blue Star is a reputed name in India as far as manufacturing air conditioning equipment is concerned.

This company has the distinction of manufacturing the first hot-n-cold RO UV water purifier in India. The Precision 5-stage purification process ensures supply of the purest water possible.

In addition to the pre and post carbon filters, this machine comes with a Sediment filter to take care of the bigger visible impurities. This protects the RO semipermeable membrane from damage thereby extending its lifespan.

The UV purification system ensures elimination of harmful bacteria and microbes. This is just half the work done.

Now, the process continues with the supply of hot and cold water at the touch of a button. Therefore, preparing soups, tea, or lemonades becomes easy.

Livpure Knight RO Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

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Trust Livpure to come up with the latest in water purifying technology. This hot and cold water purifier combines innovation and class with automation of the highest quality.

The built-in sensor controls the water level in the hot water tank. The cleaning of the filters is an automatic process too. The special filter design ensures that there is no deposit of scales on the membrane layers.

This system uses 7-stage purification technique with RO, UV, and UF. The Taste Enhancer ensures that the water tastes great even after the various stages of filtration. The automated system is well served by the various indicators on the front panel.

The international standard sealing system ensures there are no leakages. The thermostat protects the heater from dry runs.

In short, this hot-n-cold water purifier has the best features in the business.

Aquaguard Hot & Cold RO + UV

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Aquaguard Hot n Cold water purifierThis water purifier is perfectly suited for places having a high content of TDS.

This is where the RO technology is most effective. Best for use in commercial organizations, this water purifier has different outlets for hot and cold water.

The three core technologies in use ensure that you get the best output. RO purification is useful in the elimination of TDS, heavy metals, and other chemicals like fluorides.

The next stage of UV purification destroys bacteria like E.Coli, Salmonella, and hepatitis thereby ensuring safe water to drink.

This water purifier has an extra layer of protection with Biocote providing the perfect anti-microbial cover. This inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes on the product.

The gravity-fed storage tank is the perfect solution for storing water in areas having power disruptions. Thus, it is a hot and cold water purifier for all seasons.

Buying Guide – Hot and Cold Water Purifiers

Buying a water purifier is not that easy in today’s environment.

This is because you have to look at things from the health perspective. There are different types of water purifiers available in the market with various technologies like RO, UV, UF, and so on.

The latest water purifiers in the market have facilities for dispensing hot as well as cold water. This obviates the need for boiling the water.

The hot water also enables you to use purified water directly from the machine for preparing soups, tea, and so on. Naturally, these advanced options make it difficult for the buyer.

This buying guide will be helpful to consumers interested in buying these hot and cold water purifiers.

Filtering Technology

Why do you need different technologies for purifying water?

This is because water contains different types of contaminants. The contaminants can range from mineral salts to harsh chemical effluents released by industries.

You have to contend with human and animal waste in the natural sources of water. The local municipal authorities use purification methods like chlorination or adding fluorides to the water source.

You feel the need to remove these impurities before consuming the water supplied through these municipal taps.

Bore water contains a high content of heavy metals. Hence, you require different technologies to take care of these impurities.

Let us look at the different types of filtering technology in use today.

Pre-Sediment Filter

This is the first line of defense in any water purifier. You need this filter to remove the larger impurities. The principal reason for the use of this pre-sediment filter is to protect the RO semipermeable membrane from damage. This filter reduces the load on the RO membrane thereby increasing the lifespan of the RO membrane.

Pre-Activated Carbon filter

The input water sources contain a lot of dissolved mineral salts. In addition, you have decaying material that finds its way into the water source. These impurities can give an unpleasant odour to the water. Hence, a majority of the latest water purifiers have this additional filter to remove the unpleasant odours from the water source.

Ultrafiltration (UF)

This filter consists of a membrane that has smaller pores as compared to the pre-sediment filter. This is to trap the minute impurities before subjecting the water to RO purification. You are able to eliminate certain viruses and microbes as well.

RO semipermeable membrane

This is the heart of any hot and cold water dispenser with RO technology. This membrane takes care of virtually all the visible and invisible impurities and TDS.

The RO technology can ensure removal of 95% to 99% of TDS. Hence, you get purified water of the highest degree. In spite of catering to every type of impurity, the RO system has its drawbacks.

It is capable of removing impurities having a molecular weight greater than 200. This takes care of all the heavy metal impurities. However, there are impurities having a molecular weight less than 200 that can find its way through the membrane. You need something extra to take care of these impurities.

Ultraviolet (UV) protection

The RO semipermeable membrane is not able to remove all the bacteria, viruses, and microbes from water. The UV protection takes over to eliminate these disease-causing bacteria. The output water is now completely pure without any trace of bacteria or impurities.

Post-Activated Carbon filter

The output water that you get as a result of this purification process can contain some odours. Passing this water through the Post-activated carbon filters can remove these odours.


The water when passing through these various stages of filtration loses essential minerals. Our body needs these minerals for its overall growth. Hence, there is a need for replenishing these minerals. The mineralizers do this job of replenishing the essential minerals to the final output.

TDS Controllers

You have seen that RO water purifiers remove TDS up to 95% to 99%. Hence, the water does not have the taste that it should normally have. There is a need for controlling the TDS levels. The TDS controllers do the job of controlling the output TDS to acceptable levels.

Other Technologies in use

These are the normal technologies you see in all kinds of water purifiers.

The present-day water purifiers come with separate hot and cold water dispensing facilities. These special water purifiers have certain special technologies patented by certain water purifier manufacturers.

Advance Recovery Technology

Reverse Osmosis always results in wastage of water. Studies have shown that for every litre of water purifier, the RO technology wastes three litres of water. This wastage can be criminal in case of water shortages. Looking into these aspects, there have been various attempts to reduce the wastage.

AO Smith has patented the Advance Recovery Technology whereby it saves twice the amount of water as compared to other methods. This ensures 100% RO purification as well.

Mineralizer Technology (MIN-TECH)

You find this technology in the latest water purifiers, especially the ones manufactured by AO Smith. This technology ensures the replenishment of minerals lost during the RO process. This is essential for the overall health of the body.

Silver Charges Membrane Technology (SCMT)

Reverse Osmosis is an excellent technology for purifying water. However, it does have its drawbacks. Wasting water is one of them. We have seen the development of Advance Recovery Technology to take care of wastage of water.

You have SCMT to take care of the remaining impurities after the RO process is over. This ensures double purification of the water making it absolutely safe for consumption.

Biocote Technology

The water purifiers take care of elimination of bacteria and other impurities from water and make it fit for consumption. However, water dispensing machines can always come into contact with bacteria and other microbes from outside during its regular use.

This can negate the efforts of the water purifiers. In order to overcome this problem, the present-day machines use Biocote technology to protect the exterior parts of the dispensing machines.

Advantages of having water purifier supplying hot and cold water

  • You get pure water of the highest quality.
  • There is no need to boil water in case you wish to prepare soups and tea. You can use water directly from the water purifier.
  • The advantage of not having to boil water obviates the chances of re-contaminating the water during its cooling process.


You have just seen five different water purifiers that dispense hot and cold water simultaneously. You have separate dispensing locations for hot and cold water whereby you can choose your option with ease. We have also seen the various technologies in use that go into the manufacture of these water purifying machines. This should make your job easier of purchasing your water purifier now.

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