Hometronics Cold Press Juicer Review


  • This cold press juicer has one of the slowest RPMs to ensure excellent juicing performance.
  • The pulp emerges bone dry.
  • This juicer is a multipurpose juicer because it can prepare sorbets and smoothies.
  • Hometronics is one of the few manufacturers to offer a 5-year warranty on plastic parts.
  • This juicer delivers a silent performance.


  • This juicer is in high demand. Therefore, it is frequently out of stock in Amazon and other e-commerce stores.
  • Cleaning this juicer requires a lot of patience.


Cold press juicers are excellent kitchen aids because they extract the maximum juice from fruits and vegetables without the oxidation effect.

Hometronics Cold Press juicer ranks among the best in the market and competes beautifully with top-rated performers like Kuvings, Agaro, and Hestia.

One of the commendable features of this juicer is its excellent performance because the pulp comes out dry without any trace of juice. As a result, this juicer is equally at home when extracting juices from fruits and vegetables. Though it has cons, like cleaning challenges, this appliance is worth the price you pay for it.

Hometronics Cold Press Juicer dry pulp
Very Dry Pulp


  • Product Dimensions – 28.5 x 20 x 15 cm (D-W-H)
  • Motor – Asynchronous 250W motor
  • Weight – 8 Kg
  • Material – Co-polyester BPA-free Thermoplastic
  • Auger – ABS Abrasion-proof medical implantable grade
  • Power cord – Total length 1.6m, with the exposed length 1.4m
  • Juicer container – 1000ml

What’s in the box?

Hometronics Cold Press Juicer strainers
  • Juicing bowl
  • Hooper
  • Chamber
  • Auger
  • Juicer strainer, smoothie, strainer, and sorbet strainer
  • Juice and pulp container
  • Pusher
  • Cleaning brush
  • Recipe book and user manual


Hometronics Juicer Review

External design-wise, the Hometronics cold press juicer looks similar to the Kuvings, Hestia, or Agaro juicers. The Agaro juicer is comparatively heavier than the Hometronics model. But the 8 kg weight makes this juicer a bit uncomfortable to carry around in the kitchen. Fortunately, it features four powerful suction feet that keep the appliance grounded.

The 1000ml juicer container is large enough for sufficient fruit juice for a medium-sized Indian family. In addition, the compact design fits well into any kitchen environment and makes an excellent addition to your kitchen aid repertoire.

This juicer has a sufficiently large mouth to allow you to insert whole fruits. However, I advise cutting hard fruits like apples into smaller pieces for better juicing performance. The softer fruits can go in entirely without any problem.

The patented auger is made from high-grade plastic and does not break or crack even if you push through heavy fruits and hard vegetables.

Hometronics Cold Press Juicer Review Auger

User control options are easy as the switch ON toggle option enables the juicer to start functioning at a single speed. In addition, you can use the REV option to release the jam.


pulp inHometronics Cold Press Juicer

Performance-wise, this Hometronics cold press juicer is at par with more reputed models like Hestia, Kuvings, and Agaro. However, the best feature of this cold press juicer is its extremely slow masticating speed of 32 rpm.

The slow speed ensures 100% crushing of fruits to leave the bone-dry pulp. The competitor products like Kuvings and Hestia do not ensure 100% dry pulp as this appliance does.

The advantage of cold press juicing is that there is no oxidation of fruit juices. Hence, you find pure juice flowing down into the juicer container. There are no oxygen bubbles that can affect the juice’s taste.

The 32rpm speed ensures perfect crushing of fruits to deliver 100% nutritional value. The process might be slow, but the final product is worth every rupee you spend purchasing this machine.

abc juice
Abc juice made in Hometronics Cold Press Juicer

Since it is a cold press juicer, I advise removing seeds from fruits like chikoo, apples, and citric fruits. Otherwise, the seeds can get crushed between the auger wheels, interfering with the juice’s taste.

Hometronics offers three strainers, a juicer, sorbet, and a smoothie with this machine. So, you can use it as a multipurpose juicer cum smoothie and sorbet maker. Surprisingly, this juicer is excellent at making smoothie ice cream using soft fruits like bananas.

vegetables and fruits

Besides fruit juices, the Hometronics cold press juicer is excellent at extracting vegetable juices from carrots, beetroot, pumpkins, coriander, and leafy green vegetables. In addition, onion juice comes out well in this appliance without anyone having to shed tears in the kitchen.

Pulp extraction is not an issue because it comes out bone dry. I have tried reinserting the dry pulp to extract the last drop of juice from it but have failed because there is no juice left to extract. However, the Kuvings and Hestia models leave some juice in the pulp to squeeze it later. Hometronics is better than these reputed models in this regard.

Green veggies

I have also tried extracting juice from vegetables, especially green leafy veggies like spinach, palak, and coriander. This juicer delivers an impeccable performance.

It is also an ideal appliance for extracting juice from hard fruits like carrots, beetroot, bitter gourd, etc. Juice extraction from soft vegetables like cucumber, pumpkin, and others is convenient. However, I advise removing the seeds as otherwise, the juice will taste bitter.

Green juicer in hometronics juicer
Green Juice

Besides, I advise you to use different strainers provided for vegetables and fruits. Similarly, the smoothie strainer is ideal for preparing smoothies and ice cream.

The sorbet strainer extracts sherbet from watermelon and other tangy citrus fruits. Again, I advise users to remove the seeds before pushing the fruits into the appliance.

pulp in hometronics coldpress


Hometronics prescribes dry cleaning of these juicer strainers. You can use a soft brush to remove fruit and vegetable fiber remnants. However, brushing the strainers too hard can destroy the brush fibers or expand their holes, making them less effective for use the next time around.

Hometronics Cold Press Juicer Review strainer

Hometronics does not recommend cleaning this juicer with water. However, I advise you to disassemble the machine and wash the strainers separately. Then, you can remove the auger and the juicer jar.

cleaning aguer

Cleaning it with soap and water makes the appliance hygienic to use the next time around. However, cleaning the machine requires time.

cleaning hometronics juicer


Hometronics has surprised the juicer market by offering a 5-year warranty on plastic parts. This is the only fruit juicer that offers these facilities. In addition, the electronics parts get five years and the powerful motor a full ten years.


Hometronics is an excellent cold press juicer model that faces stiff competition from reputable brands like Hestia, Kuvings, and Agaro. Performance-wise, there is little to separate these cold press juicers. But the 32rpm slow masticating speed is much better than other competitor models. In addition, the Hometronics juicer has a 16-rpm rotation speed for the brush.

Hometronics Juicer parts

Compared to Kuvings, the Hometronics cold press juicer is comparatively inexpensive. At the same time, the Agaro and Hestia models cost less than the Hometronics. Therefore, this cold press juicer offers complete value for money.

Final verdict

If you plan to purchase a cold press juicer for extracting fruit and vegetable juices, the Hometronics cold press juicer is ideal. Unfortunately, this juicer is frequently shown out of stock on Amazon. But the product is readily available as soon as the stocks are replenished. From the money value viewpoint, this Hometronics cold press juicer is a ‘Paisa Vasool appliance.’

Juicing Performance
Value For Money
32 rpm rotational speed, 5 Year Warranty on Plastic Parts and Dry Pulp-More Juice make Hometronics qualify as one of India's most desirable cold press juicers.
Sai Sahithya
Sai Sahithya
Sai Sahithya Ponguru is an Associate Engineer at Cognizant, holding a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering. Her creative pursuits include writing and producing videos about small home and kitchen appliances. She's passionate about maintaining a clean and organized home and kitchen, and sharing practical tips and insights.


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32 rpm rotational speed, 5 Year Warranty on Plastic Parts and Dry Pulp-More Juice make Hometronics qualify as one of India's most desirable cold press juicers.Hometronics Cold Press Juicer Review