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Can anything be more refreshing than having a hot water bath as you come home tired from the office?

Medical experts say that a nice hot water bath before sleeping is the best remedy for a peaceful night’s sleep. As a result, you wake up feeling invigorated in the morning.

Different types of water heaters are available on the market. Instant water heaters are popular because you get hot water within minutes of switching on the geyser.

At the same time, storage water heaters are also preferred because they store sufficient water for the entire family’s requirements.

This article reviews Havells Geyser technologies and looks at instant and storage water heaters while discussing the benefits and drawbacks of these essential home appliances.

Havells Geyser Review

Havells Geysers – Benefits

  • The instant heaters are excellent for supplying hot water quickly. For example, the Havells Instanio 3L model can provide hot water within two to three minutes.
  • The storage water heaters from Havells are beneficial because they can store hot water for more than five to six hours. These geysers come with different storage capacities. Depending on their capacities, they can hold water for an entire family’s requirements.
  • Havells geysers feature innovative technologies like color-changing LED indicators to indicate that the water has become hot. The color changes from blue to orange in the Havells Instanio and the New Adonia series geysers.
  • Wireless app control facilities are available in select Havells geyser brands like the New Adonia-I series. These geysers work on Wi-Fi Direct features even if you do not have an active Wi-Fi connection at home.
  • Digital temperature display features are available in the latest models, like Havells Adonia.
  • Havells geysers come equipped with Pentashield technology allowing the system to control the temperature and cut off the power supply using thermostats.
  • Havells geysers are safe because they feature earth leakage circuit breakers that switch off the power supply if it detects current leakage.
  • The latest generation Havells geysers like the Antonia and Pura models come fitted with corrosion-resistant materials to deliver better heating performance. Secondly, these brands can withstand high pressure up to 8 bars.
  • Havells geysers come with technology that does not allow the mixing cold and hot water inside the geyser. Thus, these appliances save energy.
  • Havells offers an exciting range of gas water heaters with adequate safety provisions.

Havells Geysers – Drawbacks

  • Havells geysers are considered expensive compared to other geysers in the market. However, these appliances are worth every rupee you spend on them.
  • The Havells instant geysers consume more power (nearly 3000W), whereas the storage geysers generally use 2000 to 2400W power. But, it balances out overall because users operate the instant geysers for shorter durations.
  • Usually, the power cord supplied with the Havells geysers is short in length. Therefore, you need a separate power point close to where you intend to position the appliance.
  • Havells does not supply the three-pin plug along with the appliance. Besides, users incur other additional expenses when installing the geyser.
  • The digital display panel looks attractive but is delicate. So, users should handle the equipment carefully.
  • The instant geysers cannot provide more than 3 to 5 liters of hot water. While it should be sufficient for a single person, the storage water heaters are better suited for families. However, the storage heaters take time for the water to become hot.

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Our Opinion

Having used Havells geysers for over two years, we recommend you choose these models and install them in your bathrooms.

Performance-wise, we have not faced any problems with these appliances. They are efficient and save power if we use them intelligently.

We suggest switching off the geysers when not in use to prevent the water from becoming too hot and damaging the coils and the bathroom’s plumbing arrangement.

Havells geysers are also suitable for usage in areas with water containing high salt content. Appearance-wise, these appliances are beautiful. Features-wise, they come equipped with excellent features to ensure high-quality performance. Costs-wise, Havells geysers are comparatively expensive, but they are worth the price.

Here are some popular Havells geyser models that people usually choose.

Havells Water Heaters – Technologies Review

Before we review Havells geysers technologies, here is a brief gist of the company.

Havells is a reputed brand in the FMEG (Fast-moving electrical goods) sector in the Indian market. Its popular products include water heaters, fans, electrical switches, CFL lamps, and other home appliances.

In addition, the company has acquired Lloyd, a reputed AC manufacturer. So, it has also ventured into the air conditioner, TV, and washing machine markets. In addition, brands like Crabtree, Promptech, and Standard Electric are sub-brands of Havells.

Havells Water Heaters – The Products

This article focuses on water heaters. Havells offers four types of water heaters in the Indian market.

  • Instant water heaters
  • Storage water heaters
  • LPG water heaters
  • Natural gas water heaters

The technologies involved in these water heaters are different. For example, the LPG and Natural gas water heaters do not need electricity for their operations. Instead, they use compressed gas to heat the water.

Instant water heaters have lesser capacities but provide hot water within no time. Storage water heaters store sufficient quantities of hot water to meet the entire family’s requirements. Similarly, the Havells gas heaters are instant geysers with lesser storage capacity and quicker heating.

Havells Water Heaters – The Technologies

Let us now discuss the Havells water heater technologies.

Operational Technologies

All water heaters come equipped with a heating coil that heats the water before supplying it to the household. In addition, the storage water heaters have large tanks with varying capacities to store hot water. On the other hand, instant water heaters have lesser capacities, between 1L and 5L.

Havells geysers differ from other brands because they offer unique color-changing LED temperature indicators. Usually, the blue light flashes when the water is cold. It changes to amber (orange) as the water heats to its set temperature levels.

Havells Instanio changing colors

The Havells instant geysers models like Instanio have ring-type indicators without the temperature display. The color changes from blue to amber to indicate that the water is hot and ready for use.

The Adonia series of storage heaters have a temperature display instead of rings. These water heaters have feather-touch temperature control options. The display shows temperature progression in real-time with a precision level of 1 degree Celsius.

The Adonia-i series goes one step further because they offer Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to control the geyser’s operation from outside the bathroom. The exciting feature is that you can use the Wi-Fi Direct feature and control the geyser even without an active Wi-Fi connection at home. Besides, the app allows you to schedule a warm bath by specifying the duration for the geyser to function and setting the desired temperature.

Havells Adonia water purifier

Protection Technologies – Electric Shocks

Electric water heaters are in constant touch with water. Hence, the threat of electric shocks is always present. Modern geysers like Havells offer Pentashield protection with IPX4 technology to safeguard electrical parts from water splashing inside the appliance.

Besides, Havells geysers feature a thermostat control system to cut off and maintain the temperature based on user requirements. The preset thermal cut-off feature disconnects the electric supply to the geyser coil and prevents it from burning or catching fire.

Havells Monza

Havells water heaters also come equipped with an ELCB (electric leakage circuit breaker)to protect the geyser and the users from current leakages and electrocution. The latest Senzo model has a shock-free plug to prevent electrocution risk in case of current leakages.  

Havells Senzo

Corrosion Resistant Technologies

The geyser coils and the inner surface are at constant risk from corrosion. Havells water heaters feature sufficient corrosion-resistant technologies, like Feroglass technology.

Geysers equipped with this technology are made with ultra-thick and super cold rolled steel plates. This technology resists corrosion and enhances the water heater’s lifespan. In addition, the inner surface of the geysers is coated with Incoloy glass that resists oxidation, corrosion, and carbonization to deliver better heating performances.

The recent Havells geysers versions, like Puro and Antonia, feature technologies that allow the appliances to withstand water pressure as high as 8 bars. Thus, these devices are ideal for high-rise apartments.

In addition, the multi-function valve installed in Havells geysers prevents the water pressure from exceeding 8 bars to ensure the appliance’s safety.

Protection Technologies – Gas heaters

Gas heaters have the risk of overheating and catching fire. Therefore, Havells gas heaters feature Flame Out protection technology to cut off the gas supply whenever the flame extinguishes during use.

In addition, these appliances also feature Overheat protection that cuts off the gas supply if the water temperature exceeds 95 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it protects against accidental burns due to overheated water. Besides, these appliances offer 20-minute timer protection that cuts off the gas supply after 20 minutes of continuous operations to prevent mishaps.

Energy Saving technologies – Whirlflow Technology

Havells water heaters use Whirlflow technology that saves energy by approximately 20%, preventing mixing hot and cold water. This technology enables the hot water to flow faster.


The top-end Havells water heaters offer seven years warranty on the inner container, four years on the heating element, and two years comprehensive warranty.

Wrap it up

A geyser is an indispensable appliance in every home. However, one should weigh the pros and cons of geysers properly before deciding to invest in one. Havells offers excellent water heater models users can purchase.

We have listed three popular Havells geysers in this review. While instant water heaters provide hot water within minutes, the storage geysers allow users to store hot water for the entire family’s requirements.

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