Haier Washing Machines Review (India, 2023)

A washing machine is an indispensable home appliance found in almost every Indian home today. Various products are available in the semi-automatic and full-automatic washing machine categories. The top brands available in India include LG, Samsung, IFB, Whirlpool, Bosch, etc.

Many Chinese-made brands have also made their presence felt in this segment. Haier leads the pack with 72 washing machine models spread across fully automatic (top and front loaders) and semi-automatic washing appliances.

Today, washing machine technologies have developed tremendously. Finally, you get 2-in-1 washing machines incorporating top-load and front-load technology in a single device (For example, the LG Twin Wash and Samsung Flex Wash).

This article reviews Haier washing machine technologies and discusses how its unique features benefit users. Before starting the review, let us know that Haier offers 24 front-loading fully automatic, 23 top-loading fully automatic, and 25 semi-automatic washing machines.

Some technologies are exclusively for specific washing modes, whereas some are universal.

Motor – The heart of the washing machine

Haier offers different types of motors on its washing machines. They include inverter motors, direct motion motors, and conventional engines. All the semi-automatic machines work on conventional motors, whereas inverter motors are available on specific front-loading washing machine brands.

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The inverter motors work at varying speeds depending on the load and the selected wash cycles. Hence, they save power. However, they connect to the drum using a pulley and belt arrangement that can cause some vibrations. However, the motors are otherwise efficient.

Haier Direct Motion Motor

Haier also offers direct motion motors on the specific front and top-loading washing machines where the engine connects to the drum directly to reduce vibrations. Hence, these machines make the minimum noise while displaying maximum efficiency.  

How users benefit – The inverter and direct motion motors save power and make less noise. Hence, they benefit because of enhanced performance.

Models – Front-loading models like HWD120-B1558, HW100-DM14876T, and others use direct motion motors. Similarly, the top-loading models like HWM200-678NZP and HWM100-678NZP use direct motion motors. The front-loading appliances like HW80-IM12826TNZP, HW70-IM10829TNZP, and others use inverter motors.

Wash Drum – Protects clothes while delivering high-efficiency performance.

The washing drum is a critical ingredient of any washing machine. Haier offers different wash drums like laser seamless welded drums, super drums, Oceanus Wave drums, muscular drums, etc.

The Super drum has a larger inlet, nearly 80 cm more diameter than the regular washing drums. Thus, it enables users to add and remove clothes conveniently. Many front-loading washing machines offer these super drums.

Haier washing machine drum

The top-loading washing appliances offer Oceanus Wave drums that work on the latest pillow shape drum technology to ensure that the clothes get cleaned thoroughly without harming them. These drums come equipped with 560 protrusions that make washing more flexible. It also has 720 micropores (2.5mm in diameter) that spray water during the washing and rinsing cycles to reduce the wear and tear of the clothes while increasing the cleaning rate.

Some premium front-loading devices feature muscular drums consisting of 128 muscles on the drum with drain holes to ensure high-quality scrubbing with minimum abrasion. Thus, they offer an excellent washing experience while simultaneously taking care of your clothes.

The semi-automatic washing appliances usually feature plastic drums with a vortex pulsator functionality to create a strong water flow like a vortex and ensure proper cleaning of your clothes. Besides, they also discourage bacterial breeding, enhancing the hygiene factor.

Haier top load washing machine drum

The 12 Kg, 2-in-1 washing machine model uses advanced laser seamless welding drum technology to avoid abrasion. Thus, it enhances the washing machine’s lifespan while delivering the safest washing experience for your clothes.

How users benefit – The various drum technologies ensure excellent cleaning of their clothes with minimal damage to the fibers.

Models – The front-loading washing appliances like HW80-IM12929CS3, HW80-IM12929CS3U1, and others feature Super Drum. The top-loaders like HWM85-678GNZP, HWM75-678TNZP, and others offer Oceanus Wave Drum technology.

Separated Wash – Dual convenience

Haier offers a unique washing machine that provides the benefits of two washing machines in one. This model, HWD120-B1558, provides a separate washing experience using two different drums with individual capacities of 12Kg and 4Kg. This machine allows users to have two washing cycles simultaneously functioning. They can load their smaller clothes, like undergarments, handkerchiefs, etc., in the smaller drum while allowing the larger drum to cater to the regular clothes.

Haier Separated Wash HWD120-B1558

This machine uses a unique laser seamless welding drum to enhance the washing experience by protecting the clothes. Besides, this appliance offers other features like anti-bacterial technology, direct motion motor, near-zero pressure technology, etc.

How users benefit – Users can have two washing cycles functioning simultaneously to cater to their laundry requirements.

Model – Haier offers one model, HWD120-B1558, with this feature.

Smart Washing Machines – Innovation at its best

Haier offers innovative features like AI-DBT (AI-Dynamic Balance Technology) in its 929 series of front-loading washing machines that ensures the appliance remains stable and quiet. This feature provides facilities like real-time computing and monitoring for ultimate stability.

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In its premium front-loading models, Haier also offers WiFi connectivity, enabling users to connect with their appliances using an advanced Android-based smartphone app. This facility allows the users to operate and control the machine from remote locations. Besides, this technology helps diagnose problems with the device and ensure prompt redressal.

How users benefit – This convenience feature allows users to control their machines without coming anywhere near them.

Models – The front-loading models like HW80-IM14979CS8U1, HW80-IM12929CS8U1, etc., offer an intelligent WiFi facility.

Washing Technology – Designed to provide a complete washing experience

The top-loading washing machines feature an advanced 360-degree waterfall technology to offer a more profound cleaning experience while taking care of the clothes accordingly. Thus, it caters to the laundry needs of all households.

The semi-automatic washing machines come equipped with Spray technology that divides water into separate flows and intensities, allowing the appliance to provide the best cleaning while minimizing foam formation.

Haier semi-automatic washing machine

Haier washing machines also offer features like Dual Spray to enhance your washing experience to the next level.

The 929 series front-loading washing machines offer PuriSteam technology that uses continuous high-temperature steam penetration to make your fabrics feel fresher, pleasant, and wrinkle-free. It also enhances the hygiene factor by killing microbes and bacteria.

The 929 series machines also offer ABT (Anti-bacterial technology) to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria to ensure a hygienic wash.

Haier front load washing machine drum

The premium Haier front and top-loading models can work conveniently even if the inlet water pressure is 0.001 to 0.002 MPA. These machines come equipped with Near Zero Pressure technology that senses the load and washes your clothes effectively even at low pressure.

The Magic Filter feature provides in almost all Haier machines captures lint and other debris to enable your clothes to come out clean. Besides, it does not allow these fibers to wash down the drain and clog the pipes.

Haier Front load washing machine

Haier washing machines offer a range of exclusive washing programs to cater to all types of clothes. The top-end front-loading washing machines offer up to 14 wash programs. Similarly, the top-loading washing machines offer up to 8 wash programs.  

How users benefit – Users enjoy a high-quality washing experience that takes care of their clothes and health simultaneously.

Models – Almost all Haier machines offer ABT, whereas the premium front-loaders offer PuriSteam technology. The semi-automatic machines feature Spray wash technology, whereas the top-loaders come equipped with 360-degree waterfall technology. Models like HWD120-B1558 feature Near Zero Pressure technology.

Safety Technologies – To ensure user and machine safety

All Haier top-loading machines come with Softfall technology, where the device’s door works on hydraulics to drop down gradually, preventing unnecessary injuries to the user.

The premium Haier washing machines offer self-cleaning technology that cleans the wash drum of all dirt and detergent residue after every washing cycle. Thus, it helps keep the drum clean and enhances the device’s longevity by reducing maintenance costs.

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Almost all top-loading and semi-automatic washing machines feature a rat mesh to prevent rodents and insects from entering the engine and damaging the components.

Child Lock facility is available on all top-loading and front-loading washing machines. This feature allows users to lock their settings and prevent anyone from tampering with them.

Other features like auto restart, waterproof digital panel, etc., are available on Haier machines.

How users benefit – These features protect the user and the machine from damage.

Models – These facilities are available across a broad cross-section of Haier washing machines.

Convenience Features

Haier top load washing machine review

Haier washing machines offer a range of convenience options. Users can select them from the digital display provided on the device. The features can differ from one model to the other. However, the primary components of Haier front-loading washing machines include the following.

  1. The Delay Wash feature allows users to delay the start of any washing program according to their convenience. This feature is available in the 929 and 979 series.
  2. The Temp button enables users to change and set the washing temperature of the specific washing program. This feature is available in washing machines equipped with hot water wash functions.
  3. Users can select the Speed function to change or deselect the spin program for the particular wash cycle.
  4. The Extra Rinse Option enables users to rinse their laundry more intensely. It is helpful for people with sensitive skin.
  5. Users can select the Steam option for washing baby clothes and other soiled clothes.
  6. Other options include the Stain removal option, i-time function, and child lock.

How users benefit – The functions displayed above are convenience features that enable smooth operations of the device.

Models – Usually, these options are available on all washing machines, depending on the functionality. 

Pros and Cons of Haier Washing Machines

The Plus Points

  • Haier front-loading washing machines feature a comparatively larger drum than other similarly equipped washing machines. As a result, it enables users to add or remove clothes comfortably.
  • Haier offers an extensive range of washing machines in various capacities ranging from 6 Kg to 10 Kg.
  • Haier offers a unique 2-in-1 washing machine where you have two front-loaders functioning simultaneously to cater to varying user requirements.
  • Haier offers extended warranties on their motors. For example, the conventional engines get a 5-year warranty, whereas the inverter motors get warranties for ten years and 12 years, depending on the model. In addition, some models get a lifetime warranty on the engine.
  • Compared to other peer washing machine models, Haier models are priced lower.

The Minus Points

  • Haier is originally a Chinese brand. Though it should not affect the machine’s performance, people can be skeptical about its functioning. However, Haier has a couple of manufacturing plants for refrigerators and washing machines in India.
  • Haier washing machines do not offer the extended range of wash programs that IFB or Bosch provides on their front-loading devices.
  • Haier does not have a dedicated service center. It depends on third-party service providers. Hence, users have complained of customer service issues. But, Haier offers a dedicated online customer care helpline where users can lodge their grievances and problems and get them sorted.

Frequently Asked Questions – Haier Washing Machines

1. Do all Haier washing machines feature a heater facility?

No, the heater facility is available on select top-loading washing machine models. All the front-loading washing machines have a heater facility.

2. Do Haier washing machines feature an inverter motor?

Yes, select Haier washing machines offer an inverter and Direct Drive motors. However, the majority of Haier washing machines work on conventional engines.

3. How is Haier’s customer service?

Haier offers an online customer service portal on its official website. However, it does not have service centers in all Indian towns. So, it depends on third-party service providers. Hence, Haier’s customer service depends on how good its third-party service providers are.

4. Does Haier offer a hard water washing program?

Haier washing machines do not have a specific hard water washing program. However, users can install water softening attachments to their devices to resolve hard water issues.

5. How useful is the Haier 2-in-1 washing machine model?

The 2-in-1 washing machine model can run two washing cycles simultaneously. The larger 12 Kg water tub at the bottom can cater to your regular and heavy clothing, whereas the top-mounted 4 Kg small drum can accommodate lighter loads. However, you need adequate space for installing the machine. Besides, it requires customized plumbing arrangements. Finally, the model is comparatively expensive.

6. Can you operate Haier washing machines using your smartphone?

All Haier washing machines do not offer this facility. However, the devices equipped with Smart WiFi features provide this convenience feature enabling users to control their appliances using a smartphone app.

7. Can Haier washing machines work on the home inverter?

Haier washing machines cannot work on the home inverter.

8. How do you decipher the error codes displayed on Haier washing machines?

Users can refer to the instruction manual provided with the machine for deciphering error codes. Alternatively, they can browse the internet for solutions.

9. Is Haier a Chinese brand?

Originally, Haier was a Chinese company. However, it has some manufacturing plants in India today.

Wash Quality
Power Savings
Wash programs
Customer service
Haier washing machines are good because they offer an extensive range of user-friendly features. Besides, the washing appliances are affordable.

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Haier washing machines are good because they offer an extensive range of user-friendly features. Besides, the washing appliances are affordable.Haier Washing Machines Review (India, 2023)