Haier AC Review 2023 – Technologies, Pros & Cons

Though Haier originated in China 35 years ago, no one considers it a Chinese brand anymore because Haier has 108 manufacturing plants globally. So, a Haier TV in Japan is made in Japan, and a Haier AC in India is made in India.

Therefore, people identify with Haier as one of their own and never question ‘Which country does Haier come from?’ Very few Chinese brands have managed to develop this reputation.

Haier manufactures an exciting range of products, including TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, Refrigerators, kitchen appliances, water heaters, microwave ovens, etc.

This article focuses on Haier ACs, their technologies, and the benefits accruing to consumers. Haier does not manufacture window ACs anymore because the technology is gradually becoming obsolete. However, the existing models are available on retail e-commerce websites like Amazon. Instead, Haier offers one Tower AC, a new variant. Besides, Haier has 57 split AC models on the Indian market. That is an extensive choice for consumers.

Pros and Cons


  • All Haier inverter compressor ACs work on Triple Inverter Plus technology, saving up to 65% more energy than regular ACs working on conventional compressors.
  • An extensive range of smart ACs is available from Haier.
  • All Haier ACs offer 100% copper condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Haier has an extensive dealership network in India.
  • The Frost Self-clean feature is innovative and available on all inverter AC models.


  • Haier AC units are comparatively more expensive than other brands.
  • Haier does not manufacture any window AC model now.
  • Haier does not offer hot & cold AC like some competitors.

Let us discuss the technologies used in Haier ACs.

Here is a list of Haier ACs available on the Indian market classified BEE star rating-wise.

  • Haier Split ACs 5-star – 16 models
  • Haier Split ACs 4-star – 11 models
  • Haier Split ACs 3-star – 29 models
  • Haier Split ACs 1-star – 1 model
  • Haier Tower AC – 1 model


Inverter Compressor

AC compressor technologies have advanced considerably. Today, fewer ACs rely on conventional compressors as most of them come equipped with inverter compressor technology. This technology saves power, enhances efficiency, and makes less noise. Besides, it enhances the AC’s durability.

Introducing the dual-rotary or the twin-rotary inverter compressor improved the appliance’s efficiency considerably. Then, Samsung came up with its Triple Inverter, an eight-pole system that redefined power consumption while delivering high-quality performance.

Haier AC Reviews

Triple Inverter+

Haier has introduced its variant of the eight-pole inverter and calls it Triple Inverter Plus. This technology integrates the following three advanced technologies to enable intelligent controlling of the AC and helps maximize comfort, highly efficient performance, and reliability.

  • TLFM (Triple Link Frequency Modulation) technology – uses three different voltage controls to manage operational efficiency at each frequency stage optimally
  • PID Inverter Control – reduce the switching loss of 3-phase current to maximize energy savings
  • A-PAM inverter control (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) – controls the compressor’s rotation across a wide range of speeds

Thus, this technology delivers up to 65% energy savings.

5-in-1 Easy Convertible

Haier AC models in the UV-Clean Pro Series provide a 5-in-1 convertible option that allows operating the appliance in five different modes (speeds and tonnage), depending on the individual consumer needs. This technology enables higher power savings because it alters the compressor speed and capacity according to the demand. The five modes are

  • 40% – Winter Comfort
  • 55% – Child Comfort
  • 75% Monsoon Comfort
  • 100% – Summer Comfort
  • 110% Super Cool

Fixed Speed Compressors

Haier Turbo Cool Plus and Turbo Cool XL Series ACs work on conventional compressors that run at a fixed speed throughout the operation. As a result, these compressors switch on and off regularly. Under such circumstances, they consume more current and make more noise than inverter compressors. Otherwise, the performance and efficiency are good. Secondly, the fixed-speed compressor ACs cost less than the inverter air conditioners.

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Smart Technology


The premium Haier AC models have WiFi compatibility allowing users to operate and control their air conditioning appliances using a dedicated smartphone app. Thus, users do not need a remote controller to run the AC. The WiFi-enabled ACs can be controlled from remote locations but within the WiFi range. So, you can switch on the AC as you enter your driveway and find the room comfortably cooled by the time you freshen up and enter it. To access this technology, users need to download the Haier Smart app from Google PlayStore or App Store.

Voice Control

Haier ACs offer Voice Control features where you need not even use your fingers to operate the app. Instead, your voice can get the work done as these innovative ACs are compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. So, it would be possible to instruct Alexa to switch on the AC while you are in the kitchen, far away from your smartphone or the AC remote.

Cooling Technologies

60 Degrees Celsius Cooling

Haier air conditioners can keep the rooms cool even if the outside temperature reaches 60 degrees Celsius because of the optimized high-performance compressor and cooling system. The Turbo Cool XL models offer a similar technology with 54 degrees Celsius Cooling.

Verti Airflow

Haier offers one Tower AC model, HPU24V-GCW3B(INV), with a 953mm super-long air outlet to allow more air out and ensure a powerful cooling experience.

Air Purification

UVC Sterilization

The Haier ACs in the UV Clean Pro Series range offers a state-of-the-art LED system that disinfects the room air by eliminating germs and microbes like bacteria and viruses with a 99.9% efficiency rate. Thus, these ACs provide fresh and healthy air to breathe.

Built-in Air Purifier

Haier ACs come with an inbuilt air purifier that uses advanced IFD (Intense Field Di-electric), and HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate) filters to eliminate all kinds of airborne pollutants and allergens with 99.9% efficiency. Thus, it improves the air quality inside the room and provides comfortable and healthy air conditioning.

Micro Anti-Bacterial Dust Filter

Haier Elegante Cool Series AC models offer high-level air purification technology with the micro anti-bacterial dust filter. This filter has a length of 1.2mm on each side grid and is designed to be easy to clean and handle. This filter removes all viruses, bacteria, dust, and airborne disease-causing germs to purify the air and circulate healthy air in the room.

Protection Technology

100% Grooved Copper

All Haier AC models feature 100% grooved copper condenser tubes to enhance refrigerant flow and heat transfer efficiency by 30 to 50%, resulting in a more efficient performance. The grooved copper tubes also protect the compressor from unexpected damages, increasing its lifespan.

Super Anti Corrosion

Almost all Haier ACs offer additional protection to the condensers and evaporators by providing a super anti-corrosion coating to prevent rust and damage from industrial pollutants, salt, and moisture condensation.

Hyper PCB

Haier ACs offer hyper PCB, a durable printed circuit board to ensure stable operations. Users can enjoy consistent and powerful cooling and comfort with hyper PCB.

Other technology

20m Long Air Throw

Various Haier indoor units come equipped with a high-quality motor, an optimized fan, and air ducts to enable the appliance to blow cool air up to 20 meters. Thus, it helps chill the room faster and reaches out to all the room’s corners.

Here is a gist of all the features available in the different series of Haier ACs.

Verti-Cool Pro SeriesFrost Self-Clean – Complete Indoor Wet Wash Triple Inverter Plus WiFi-enabled and Voice Control Verti Airflow High Ambient Cooling at 60 degrees Celsius Model No – HPU24V-GCW3B(INV)
Puri-Cool Pro SeriesTriple Inverter Plus Frost Self-Clean In-built Air Purifier WiFi-enabled and Voice Control Models – HSU19U-PYFG5B(INV) and HSU19P-JW4B(INV)
UV Clean Pro SeriesUVC Sterilization Frost Self-Clean Triple Inverter Plus 5-in-1 Easy Convertible WiFi-enabled and Voice Control Models – HSU19U-PYFG5B(INV) and HSU12U-PYFG5B(INV)
UV Clean SeriesUVC Sterilization Frost Self-Clean Triple Inverter Plus 5-in-1 Easy Convertible 20m Long Air Throw Models – HSU18U-PYS3B(INV) and HSU12U-PYS3B(INV)
Kinouchi Cool SeriesFrost Self-Clean Triple Inverter Plus 5-in-1 Easy Convertible 20m Long Air Throw 60 degrees Celsius Cooling at extreme temperature Models – HSU22K-PYS3B(INV), HSU19K-PYG5B(INV), HSU19K-PYS5B(INV), HSU18K-PYG4B(INV), HSU18K-PYS4B(INV), HSU18K-PYG3B(INV), HSU18K-PYS3B(INV), HSU12K-PYG5B(INV), HSU12K-PYS5B(INV), HSU12K-PYG4B(INV), HSU12K-PYG3B(INV), and HSU12K-PYS3B(INV)
Elegante Cool SeriesFrost Self-Clean Triple Inverter Plus Micro Anti-Bacterial Dust Filter 60 degrees Cooling at extreme temperature 20m Long Air Throw Models – HSU19E-TXG6BE(INV), HSU19E-TXG5B(INV), HSU19E-TXB5B(INV), HSU19E-TXS5B(INV), HSU19E-TXW5B(INV), HSU19E-TXS3B(INV), HSU13E-TXG5B(INV), HSU13E-TXW5B(INV), HSU13E-TXS5B(INV), HSU13E-TXB3B(INV), HSU13E-TXS3B(INV), and HSU22E-TXS3B(INV)
Clean Cool SeriesFrost Self-Clean Triple Inverter Plus 5-in-1 Easy Convertible WiFi-enabled and Voice Control 20m Long Air Throw 60 degrees Celsius cooling at extreme temperature Models – HSU18C-NDFG4B(INV), HSU18C-NPF3B(INV)
Clean Cool+ SeriesFrost Self-Clean Triple Inverter Plus 5-in-1 Easy Convertible 20m Long Air Throw 60 degrees Celsius Cooling at extreme temperature Models – HSU18C-NDSS4B(INV), HSU18C-NTR4B(INV), HSU18C-NDC4B(INV), HSU18C-NTB4B(INV), HSU18C-NMS3B(INV), HSU18C-NBS3B(INV), HSU18C-NMB3B(INV), HSU18C-NBSG3B(INV), HSU18C-TQS3B(INV), HSU18C-TQG3B(INV), HSU18C-NCW3B(INV), HSU12C-TTR4B(INV), HSU12C-TTB4B(INV), HSU12C-TBS3B(INV), HSU12C-TMB3B(INV) and HSU12C-TCW3B(INV)
Turbo-Cool XL Turbo-Cool Plus54 degrees Celsius Cooling at extreme temperature 20m Long Air Throw 100% Grooved Copper Super Anti-corrosion Micro Anti-Bacterial Filter Models – Turbo-Cool XL models - HSU19T-TXS3B(FS), HSU18T-TQG3B(FS), HSU18T-NMB3B(FS), HSU22T-TXW1B(FS) Turbo-Cool Plus models – HSU18T-NCW3B(FS), HSU18T-TQS3B(FS), HSU12T-TQS3B(FS), HSU12T-TMB3B(FS), HSU12T-TQG3B(FS)

Warranty Information

  1. All Haier ACs have a 12M product warranty
  2. The Fixed-speed compressors get a 60M warranty.
  3. The inverter compressors get an extended warranty of 11 years.

Contact Information

Haier offers the following avenues for consumers to contact them.

  1. Phone – 1800-419-9999 and 1800-102-9999, 24×7
  2. WhatsApp – Chat between 9 am to 9 pm on +91-8553049999
  3. Live Chat – The Chat support team is available 24×7
  4. Email – Consumers can send an email to get a callback.
  5. Write – Consumers can submit a question to the support team for clarification.
  6. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp

Frequently Asked Questions – Haier AC

1. What refrigerant does Haier use in their air conditioners?

Haier uses the R32 refrigerant in their air conditioning appliances. This refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential.

2. How much does Haier charge for installing their AC?

The AC installation charges are Rs 1500 plus GST. Consumers need not pay this amount upfront.

3. Does the consumer have to pay anything extra?

Generally, the installation is done at Rs 1500. But, if the process requires the purchase of additional items like copper wires, pipes, other accessories, or drilling an additional hole, etc., the charges are extra.

4. Can the consumer get the AC installed by other service personnel?

It is not advisable because Haier does not honor the warranty if the consumer installs the AC using unauthorized third-party service providers.  

5. Is an AMC available from Haier?

The website does not mention any AMC. But, it is advisable to go for one if available. It can save various costs.

6. Does Haier offer an extended warranty on the appliance?

Haier does not offer an extended warranty, but individual dealers do.

7. Should I install a voltage stabilizer or booster for the Haier AC?

It depends on consumer preference. If you live in an area with voltage fluctuations, we advise installing a voltage stabilizer or booster. It can protect the AC components from damage.

8. How is the tower AC from Haier?

The tower AC from Haier is an innovative product. But, there can be water drainage issues.

9. Is Haier AC expensive?

Some models like the tower AC and the WiFi-enabled ACs are expensive compared to other brands.

10. How is the Haier after-sales service?

The Haier after-sales service is satisfactory because customers have not raised severe complaints anywhere.

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