Godrej AC Review (2023) Technologies, Pros & Cons

Godrej has built a massive reputation for delivering high-quality products for over 125 years. No house in India would be without a Godrej product.

In the olden days, Godrej had a monopoly in manufacturing steel cupboards, safe deposit lockers, etc. However, the most renowned Godrej product is its NAVTAL lock.

But, Godrej has diversified with the times. Today, Godrej manufactures air conditioners, refrigerators, air coolers, washing machines, dishwashers, and other home appliances.

Godrej Split AC R32

We shall be discussing Godrej AC technologies in this article. Godrej manufactures an exciting range of split air conditioners. Besides the traditional split ACs, Godrej offers innovative products like UV coolers and R290 eco-friendly air conditioners. Godrej might not have as many models on the market as its competitors like LG, Samsung, Voltas, etc. But, quality-wise, Godrej air conditioners rank amongst the best in the country.

Godrej does not offer any new window AC products. Besides, window air conditioners are gradually phasing out. So, we shall focus on the AC technologies available on split ACs alone.

  • Fixed-Speed 3-star Godrej Air conditioners – 5 models
  • Inverter 3-star Godrej Air conditioners – 6 models
  • Inverter 5-star Godrej Air conditioners – 1 model
  • UV Coolers – 1 model
  • R290 3-star Godrej air conditioners – 1 model
  • R290 5-star Godrej air conditioners – 4 models

However, Godrej has two windows AC 2019 models (GWC-24UTC3-WSA, GWC-18UTC3-WSA). These ACs also have the same features as described for the split ACs.

Let us discuss Godrej AC technologies in detail and the benefits that accrue to consumers.

Godrej AC Pros and Cons

Godrej Inverter AC ODU


  • Godrej ACs are simple yet effective. All the AC models come with similar features and technologies.
  • Godrej ACs do not offer any fanciful names for technologies.
  • The R290 refrigerant is a novel experiment.
  • There is no compromise on the quality and customer satisfaction front.


  • The number of models on offer from Godrej is fewer than other contemporary models.
  • Godrej has not introduced a window AC model since 2019. Therefore, it is phasing out this model also.

Compressor Technology

Godrej offers inverter and non-inverter technologies in its AC compressors.

Inverter Compressor

Godrej offers an exciting range of inverter compressors that work on rotary inverter technology to ensure quicker cooling and better energy efficiency. The inverter technology allows compressors to operate at variable speeds depending on the cooling load. Hence, they consume less energy than conventional fixed-speed compressors.

Besides, the inverter compressors do not make much noise to ensure silent operations. But, the inverter compressor ACs are comparatively more expensive than the fixed-speed ACs.

Godrej AC Compressor

Models – Models like GIC-12TTC3-WUA, GIC-18ITC3-WUA, GIC-18NTC3-WUA, GIC-24ITC3-WTA, GIC-18FTC-WTA, GIC18JTC3-WTA, GIC-24ETC5-WTA, and GIC-18DTC3-W-UVC work on inverter compressors.

Twin Rotary Compressor

The R290 Godrej AC models work on twin rotary compressors to deliver quicker cooling and higher efficiency than the standard inverter compressor ACs.

Models – The R290 models, GIC-18NGC5-WUA, GIC-18IGC6-WUA, GIC-12TGC5-WUA, and GSC-18-EE5-GWQG offer this facility.

Fixed-Speed Compressor

Besides the variable-speed ACs, Godrej offers a good range of fixed-speed compressors to deliver excellent performances. These compressors work at a constant speed and consume more power than the inverter compressors. They switch on and off regularly, making more noise than their inverter compressors counterparts. The ACs equipped with conventional compressors consume more power than ACs with inverter compressors.

Models – Godrej AC models like GSC-121TC3-WUA, GSC-18ITC3-WTA, GSC-18NTC3-WUA, GSC-24ITC3-WUA, and GSC-12NTC3-WUA work on fixed-speed compressors.

i-Sense Technology

The Godrej AC model, GIC-18DTC3-W-UVC, is an intelligent AC equipped with two sensors, one in the IDU and the other on the remote. The IDU sensor switches off on activating this feature, and the remote sensor takes over. It senses your presence and helps control the AC performance to set the temperature depending on your location to provide utmost comfort.

Models – The UVC AC model, GIC-18DTC3-W-UVC, offer this convenience feature.

Heavy-duty Cooling at 52 degrees Celsius

Godrej air conditioners are designed with the Indian summers in mind. Therefore, these appliances can function even if outside temperatures touch 52 degrees Celsius.

Air Purification Technologies

Active Carbon filter

Godrej ACs come equipped with an Active Carbon Filter containing extracts to deactivate captured bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odors. In addition, this filter can trap dust mites, cigarette smoke, and other pollutants to purify the air circulating in your rooms.

Nano-coated Anti-viral Filter

Godrej ACs offer excellent air purification using a nano-coated anti-viral filter that provides 99.9% viral sterilization to ensure consumer safety.

Anti-dust filter

Godrej ACs feature an anti-dust filter to remove air pollutants like pollen, pet dander, hair, and dust to enhance the air purity inside the room, making it comfortable for consumers.

Anti-bacterial filter

Specific Godrej AC models like GIC-18JTC3-WTA and GIC-24ETC5-WTA come equipped with an anti-bacterial filter to trap airborne contaminants, pollen, and bacteria and deliver high-quality air purification.

UVCool Technology

Godrej offers a unique AC model with UVCool technology that emits ultraviolet rays in the frequency range of 260 to 275nm to disinfect viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microbes inside the air conditioner. This feature is available in the model GIC-18DTC3-W-UVC.

Models – The UVC AC model GIC-18DTC3-W-UVC offer this UVCool technology.

Protection Technologies

Godrej ac review
100% copper condenser tubes

All Godrej air conditioners feature a 100% copper condenser and connecting pipes to provide better durability. Besides, copper has a better heat exchange performance than aluminum, making the Godrej ACs deliver excellent cooling performances.

Anti-corrosive Coating

Godrej ACs offer Blue Fin anti-corrosive coating on the condenser and the evaporator coils to protect them from rust and corrosion. The Blue Fin protective coating allows these air conditions to work under harsh climatic conditions without damaging the coils. Hence, Godrej ACs are ideal for coastal areas with high salt levels in the atmosphere.

Specific ACs feature anti-corrosive Gold Fin coating on the condenser and evaporator. The feature is similar to Blue Fin technology, but the performance is better. Models like GIC-18FTC3-WTA and GIC-18JTC3-WTA offer this technology.

Silent Operation

The premium Godrej AC are silent operators because the compressor gets protection from a multi-layered acoustic jacket that absorbs noise. Besides, it protects the primary components of the AC from physical damage.

Anti-microbial Self-cleaning

The anti-microbial self-cleaning mode eliminates moisture from the IDU, thus preventing the growth of harmful micro-organisms inside the AC unit.

Smart Diagnosis

Selective Godrej ACs offer an innovative diagnosis feature that helps diagnose errors with the AC’s functioning and alerts consumers by displaying the error code on the display and the remote. In addition, it helps coordinate with the service technicians to ensure prompt repairs.

Anti-freeze thermostat

Specific Godrej ACs come equipped with an anti-freeze thermostat that protects the compressor from damage by switching off the power supply when it senses ice crystal formation on the evaporator coils.

Other Technologies

R32 refrigerant

All Godrej ACs except for the R290 series work on the R32 refrigerant. This refrigerant is eco-friendly with zero ozone depletion and low global warming potential and plays a crucial role in conserving environmental pollution.

R290 refrigerant

The Godrej AC models, GIC-18NGC5-WUA, GIC-18IGC6-WUA, GIC-12TGC5-WUA, and GSC-18-EE5-GWQG, work on R290 refrigerant that is more efficient than the R32 refrigerant. As a result, it has the lowest global warming potential in the industry.

Long Piping Flexibility

Specific Godrej AC models like GIC-18FTC3-WTA provide extended piping flexibility that allows the installation of the ODU up to 25 meters away from the IDU.


Godrej ac remote

Warranty & AMC

All Godrej ACs come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The conventional compressors get a 5-year warranty, whereas the inverter compressors get ten years.

Godrej offers an AMC aptly named “Our Appliance Protection Plan” to all consumers costing less than Rs 90 per month.

  • The AMC is available for all Godrej ACs after the expiry of the one-year standard warranty. If the AC is less than five years old, the consumer can enter into an AMC that lasts until the end of the fifth year.
  • An AMC is available for one year if the AC is more than five years old.

Service Charges

Here are the service charges payable for Godrej AC.

ProductVariantCharges in RsGST in RsTotal in Rs
Visiting Charges for ACWindow AC
Split AC
Site inspection
AC Dry ServiceWindow AC
Split AC
AC Wet ServiceWindow AC
Split AC
Window ACInstallation
Split ACInstallation
Major RepairsAdditional29753350
Accessory Delivery-14827175

The materials costs for split and inverter ACs are payable extra. Here is the breakup.

ItemUnitCharges Rs
Copper piping with insulation, electrical wires, and tapingPer ft233
4-core Power cord – only for inverter ACsPer ft24
Drain pipePer meter65
Standard Outdoor Wall BracketPer unitActuals
Fixing of ODU bracketPer unit250
Labor charges if copper tube supplied by the consumerPer ft75
Stabilizer supplied by the consumer/dealer and required wall mounting and installationPer unit250

Refer – https://godrejsmartcare.com/air-conditioner.html

  • Phone – Toll-free number 1800-209-5511
  • Consumers can connect on WhatsApp web
  • SMS Godrej Care to 56677

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it compulsory to go for the AMC?

No, it is not compulsory to go for the AMC, but it is beneficial as it can save money and trouble.

2. Should I install the external voltage stabilizer for the Godrej AC?

Usually, Godrej ACs can handle voltage fluctuations from 140V to 290V. But, if your area has extreme voltage fluctuations, you can go for a double or a triple booster to ensure optimum performance.

3. Is the Air Purification facility available in all Godrej ACs?

Godrej ACs feature the minimum levels of air purification. It does not offer HEPA filters. However, premium ACs like the UVCool ACs or the top-end split inverter ACs feature better air purification facilities than the regular Godrej ACs.

4. How is the R290 refrigerant better than the R32 refrigerant?

Both R32 and R290 have zero Ozone Depletion Potential. However, R290 is slightly better because it has a Global Warming Potential of under 3, whereas R32 has a GWP of 675. In comparison, the R410A has a GWP of 2090. But, R290 is highly flammable compared to R32 and R410A.

5. How does Godrej ACs compare with other AC brands?

While Godrej offers fewer AC models than other reputed AC brands, the performance levels of Godrej ACs equal those of the best in the industry.

6. What does the standard installation in Godrej AC include?

Standard installation includes drilling one hole in the wall for the AC tubing and wiring. It also includes installing the ODU and the IDU with the copper tubes, electrical wires, and drainpipe provided with the AC.

7. What does the standard installation in Godrej AC exclude?

Any extra items, like additional pipes, wires, providing new power point, etc., are chargeable to the consumer’s account. Gas charging is also not included in the standard installation.

8. What is the benefit of the Anti-freeze feature in the Godrej AC?

The Anti-freeze feature shuts down the power supply to the AC if it detects ice crystal formation due to condensation inside the ODU or the IDU. It protects the AC from damage.

9. How is the after-sales service of Godrej ACs?

Godrej has an extensive network of after-sales service centers located all over India. In addition, Godrej Smart Care offers a range of AC and other product services by dialing a single number, 1800-209-5511.

10. Does Godrej offer a Hot and Cold AC?

Godrej does not have a Hot and Cold AC in its product range.

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