Godrej AC Errors and Fixes

Godrej air conditioners are renowned for being robust and delivering optimal cooling while conserving power. However, the Godrej AC is also a machine that can develop faults with continuous usage.

We advise users not to repair any Godrej AC fault by themselves. The AC components can be complex. Godrej has trained its service engineers to handle Godrej AC faults. Besides, Godrej ACs display error codes on the IDU display or the remote controller. These error codes can differ from one model to the other. However, they help the users and service engineers diagnose the problem correctly and quickly. So, users should book service complaints online and note the error codes to share with the service technician.

Let us now discuss the error codes available on Godrej split ACs.

Godrej Split ACs – Inverter Models

Error Code EE – Indoor machine EE Fault

The EE code signifies an Energy Efficiency fault. The AC unit does not deliver the optimal output and conserve energy. We advise calling the AC service technician to investigate the matter. The reasons could be many. 

Error Code E1 – Indoor fan fault

The E1 error code indicates a defect in the indoor fan’s functioning. As a result, the AC throw gets affected. The solution is to check the fan windings and capacitor. Tightening the windings can resolve the problem. However, the capacitor needs replacement if damaged.

Error Code E2 – Indoor fan zero-crossing detection abnormal

The reason could be the main PCB error or an erratic power supply. Please switch off the AC unit and restart it after two minutes. If the error code persists, the indoor PCB could be defective. The solution is to replace the indoor main PCB.

Error Code E3 – Indoor coil fault, sensor fault

A fault with the indoor condenser coil sensor or coil displays the E3 error code and the intermittent flashing of ‘Set Temp.’ The solution is to reconnect the sensor if it is loose. Otherwise, replace the sensor if faulty.

Error Code E4 – Indoor ambient temperature sensor fault

A malfunction of the indoor ambient temperature sensor will display an E4 error code followed by intermittent ‘Set Temp’ flashing. It indicates that the sensor does not sense the indoor temperature properly. There could be a loose connection. Reconnect the sensor and start the AC. If the error persists, the sensor could be defective and needs replacement.

Error Code E0 – Outdoor EE fault

The Error Code E0 signifies an Energy Efficiency fault with the outdoor unit. The qualified Godrej AC technician is the ideal person to investigate the reasons and set things right.

Error Code E6 – Indoor and outdoor machine communication fault

The lack of communication between the indoor and outdoor units results in the error code E6. There can be an electrical miscommunication. Under such circumstances, check the wiring for loose connections or snapping. Reconnect the wires or replace them as necessary. Finally, there can be a plumbing issue. Check the pipe connections for leakage or clogging. Replace the pipes if required.

Error Code F1 – Compressor starting abnormal, phase failure, reverse phase

The error code F1 indicates a compressor failure. Check the room temperature sensor. Replace it if defective. There can be an electrical phase failure or a reverse phase. Check for these faults before checking the compressor. The authorized AC technician is the ideal person to attend to such defects.

Error Code F2 – Compressor out-of-step fault

The error code F2 is a compressor fault. The reasons can vary from refrigerant leakage to electrical failure. Users should not attempt to set things right themselves because the compressor is under a 10-year warranty. The Godrej AC technician is the right person to handle such problems.

Error Code F3 – IPM module fault

The error code F3 indicates an IPM module fault. One can attribute various reasons to the IPM module fault. It could be low refrigerant levels or incorrect installation of the IPM module. Low refrigerant can cause the compressor to get hot and cause compressor faults. Therefore, the AC technician is the ideal person to investigate these faults and repair the unit accordingly.

The error code F3 in the Green Inverter AC model is because of a WiFi module fault. Users can check the WiFi connection to rectify this error.

Error Code F4 – Compressor shell roof fault, protection error

The compressor has a protective shell to prevent damage. However, other issues like low refrigerant or external problems can damage the compressor shell roof. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to summon the AC technician to rectify the issue. In addition, the error code F4 also indicates a compressor protection fault, where the circuit breaker might trip. Therefore, users should not reset the circuit breaker without investigating other defects.

Error Code F5 – Discharge temperature sensor fault

Low refrigerant can cause the temperature levels to rise abnormally. It can lead to the snapping of the discharge temperature sensor. The correct solution is to replace the discharge temperature sensor. The AC technician is the right person to do so.

Error Code F6 – Suction temperature sensor fault

A snapped suction temperature sensor indicates the error code F6. There could be a refrigerant error. The AC technician should check the refrigerant levels and pressure before replacing the faulty sensor.

Error Code F7 – Outdoor coil temperature sensor fault

The refrigerant levels can reduce with continuous usage. There could be a leakage leading to low refrigerant levels. At times, the refrigerant levels can be high, especially after refilling. Under such circumstances, the outdoor coil temperature sensor can malfunction. The solution is to regulate the refrigerant levels and replace the outdoor coil temperature sensor. A sensor disconnection can also trigger the error code F7. So, the solution is to reconnect the sensor properly and restart the AC.

Error Code F8 – Outdoor ambient temperature sensor fault

An unbalanced refrigerant level can cause the snapping of the outdoor ambient temperature sensor. Users should book a service complaint and entrust the repair job to an authorized service technician. Checking the refrigerant levels and replacing the sensor are ideal solutions to the error code F8.

Error Code F9 – Outdoor DC fan fault

All air conditioners come equipped with an outdoor DC fan. The fan winding can become loose with continuous usage. The capacitor might malfunction, leading to the outdoor DC fan fault. The Godrej AC displays the error code F9. One can resolve the problem by rewinding the fan motor or replacing the capacitor.

Error Code E8 – Outdoor communication fault

A fault in the ODU PCB can result in an outdoor communication fault and the flashing of the error code F8. The remedy is to repair the PCB or replace it if faulty. Usually, the IDU and ODU PCBs are under warranty. So, it is better to summon a qualified Godrej AC technician to address such issues.

Error Codes Applicable to Fixed Speed Models

Here are some error codes connected to fixed speed models alone.

Error Code H6/E5 – IDU Fan Motor Protection

The error code H6 or E5 signifies an IDU fan motor protection error. The circuit breaker connected to the fan might snap for various reasons, like a loose motor winding, abnormal refrigerant pressure, or a defective capacitor. The AC technician should look at all the possible causes before replacing the fuse and resetting the circuit breaker.

Error Code dF – Frost protection

Users can switch off the AC for some time, allowing the frost to melt and drain. There might be a clogged drain pipe that does not allow water discharge leading to frost buildup. Otherwise, excessive refrigerant can also cause frost buildup on the coils. Switching off the AC is the ideal solution. They can summon the AC technician if the issue persists.

Error Code E1 – Room Sensor Error

A faulty or a disconnected room sensor can cause the error code E1. The solution is to replace the sensor.

Error Code E2 – Evaporator sensor error

Varying refrigerant levels can result in overheating or overcooling, leading to the malfunctioning of the evaporator sensor. The technician should address the primary issues and reconnect or replace the evaporator sensor to resolve the issue.

Error Code U8 – Zero Cross Detection

The zero cross detection error can occur because of a faulty PCB. Usually, the PCB is under warranty. So, the authorized service technician is the right person to handle this issue. The solution could be replacing the defective PCB.

Error Code E3 – ODU Coil Sensor Error (in heat mode)

The failure of the ODU coil sensor can result in the error code E3. The technician should investigate the reasons for the failure and set them right before replacing or reconnecting the sensor.

Error Code HF – ODU Frost Protection (in heat mode)

Frost accumulation on the evaporator coils can cause this error. Please switch off the AC and let it defrost naturally. Check for clogged drain pipes. Replacing the pipes and allowing natural defrosting can resolve this error.

Error Code HP – IDU coil overheat protection (in heat mode)

The overheating of the IDU coil can happen due to low refrigerant flow and pressure. The technician should check refrigerant levels and set them right before resetting the circuit breaker that could have snapped.

Wrap Up

Godrej offers an exciting range of ACs. Unfortunately, the error codes can vary from one model to the other. So, users should check the AC manual supplied with the appliance to know the error codes corresponding to their device. However, we have discussed the commonly observed codes and their solutions. It should prove helpful. But, we advise users not to repair the ACs by themselves. Instead, summoning the authorized Godrej AC technician is the right thing to do. It also ensures that the warranty remains in force.

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