Top 12 Features to consider before buying an Induction Cooktop!



With advancement in technology and increase of competition in the market, there are new features being added to Induction Cooktops that can up the cooking game.

Here are some features listed which you can opt to have if you think it would add value to the cooktop. However, not all the features can be found in the same induction cooktop.

Timer Settings

Most of the inductions have timer feature. It comes in handy especially when you are multitasking and have other chores to do.

It ensures that you don’t end up burning the food. Plus it can also be used when you want to heat or boil. You can set the amount of time one wants a particular food to be on the induction cooktop as you would for an oven.

Once the timer is over it will automatically shut down the supply of power. Generally, the cooktops come with a built-in cooktop digital timer with one-minute increments that can range up to 170 mins; but the same can vary from one brand to another. This also saves from fire accidents.

Preset Cooking Menus

Many inductions cooktop come with preset cooking menus which makes cooking that much more easier since you will just have to do the basic work and select the specific setting.

The cooking menu includes options like grill, stir, boil, fry, milk, breakfast etc.

Automatic Pan Detection feature

Induction cooktops also have an automatic pan detection feature which ensures heating is turned off as soon as the cookware is removed from the cooktop. This also ensures that there is minimal energy wastage.

In some of the models when the cookware is removed, the cooking is stopped and a symbol appears to notify the same. When the cookware is placed back on the heating zone cooking continues with the power levels set to as they were before.

Safety sensors

Some inductions have sensors installed for cautioning the user, which monitors the temperature of the bottom of the cookware and as a safety measure from causing heat related accidents.

This also helps in case empty cookware is left on the heating zone with power on.

The sensors understand that there is no food that is to be cooked and thereby adjusts the power output to avoid damage to the cooktop and cookware.

Temperature of some of the cooktops these days scan be controlled via WIFI or smart device.

Auto switch offs

Auto switch off is another measure taken to ensure user safety. As the title suggests this automatically turns the induction down or completely switches it off in case of overheating or when the user removes cookware from the cooktop.

If incompatible cookware is used, generally an indicator turns up to help the user notice and after a short period of time the cooking zone automatically switches itself off.

In some models, the user can also hear beeping sound while in the other models the display flashes on and off to grab attention.

Small item detection

If a small sized item is mistakenly placed on the heating area of the induction like fork, spoon, ladle, etc, it is detected as ‘not’ a cookware.

To make the user aware, the display flashes, while the internal part of the induction cuts off power supply.

Child lock

Almost all the induction cooktops have a child lock safety feature in it. By the use of child lock feature, the user can lock the induction cooktop even during use, due to this any operation that is present and underway will continue but no other action can be taken.

The cooktop can also be locked when cleaning. When child lock feature is on, the displayed settings remains active and locked and all the functions gets locked and only the power off button remains usable.

This feature can help in avoiding bigger mishappenings incase reopening of locking feature gets stuck or jammed.

Safety cut off feature

This feature comes in use when the induction is being used for longer duration of time without the temperature being altered, it will cut off or switch off automatically after a particular threshold.

The threshold depends on the heat settings of the cooktop at the given time. The lower the settings, the longer the cooking zone will remain on.

In case your cooking requirements are such that you need to cook for a long duration of time, ensure that the cooktop you are getting has longer safety cut out periods


Booster feature is similar to auto heat up where the cooking zone heats up the food quickly at the highest setting of temperature, and then automatically reduces the heat supply to a preselected lower heat setting.

Overflowing control

In case of spillage on the cooktop and especially the controls the induction will beep and shut down.

In order to begin cooking again, the spillage has to be cleaned.

Wok Cooking

Some of the high-end inductions have worked their way around one of the cons of induction cooktop- the usage of woks! They have a dedicated area for wok cooking, where even if the surface of the vessel is not in complete contact with the induction cooktop, the induction functions.

A less costly alternative is to buy an induction compatible wok and use it on any inductions.

LED Flames

For the feel of flame as we have in a traditional gas stove, new models of induction have introduced the feature of LED flames to give the users a visual idea about the intensity of heat.

Noise production

Sometimes the user may hear noises when using the induction cooktop on higher settings.

This happens since a fan is switched on inside or lids of the cookware start vibrating when it’s cooking.

A ticking sound can be heard when the induction tries to keep the power stable by the use of power controllers cycling the element on and off. Such sounds are normal and the user need not worry about it.

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