Faber vs Elica Chimney | Which is Better?

Talk of kitchen chimneys and the first names that come to mind are Faber and Elica.

Faber is a global leader having production plants in  North America, Europe, and India. Elica is a pure Indian brand that manufactures high-quality kitchen chimneys with machinery, automated assembly lines, and other equipment imported from Italy.

There are two common aspects between Faber and Elica. One is that both these companies manufacture excellent chimneys, and the other is the Italian connection.

Faber Chimneys

Faber offers ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted kitchen chimneys. It has nearly 50 models in the market to suit the requirements of Indian cuisine. The Faber range of chimneys includes 60cm and 90cm width to cater to varying gas cooking range sizes.

The 60cm models should be ideal for twin burner gas stoves and if your kitchen has a four-burner square hob. More extensive cooking ranges require 90cm hoods. You also get a 32cm wide chimney from Faber that should suffice for small kitchens.

Elica Chimneys

Elica chimneys are also available in varying sizes ranging from 65cm to more than 90cm in width. The company offers 15 models with more than 50 different chimney products to satisfy the demands of every Indian kitchen.

These models have exquisite external appearances and advanced internal features. They are ideally suited to complement the Indian modular kitchen with its latest range of gas cooking ranges.

Faber Vs. Elica Key Comparison Factors

Filtration TypesFilter-lessFilter-less, Baffle filter, and cassette filter
Touch Control and Gesture controlAvailable on filter-less chimneysAvailable on filter-less chimneys
Auto Clean FeatureYes, available Heat Auto Clean kitchen hoodsYes, available Heat Auto Clean kitchen hoods
Suction Power800 to 1500 cubic meters/hour880 to 1425 cubic meters/hour
Width60cm and 90 cm60 cm and 90 cm
Noise Levels60 to 70 decibels55 to 65 decibels
UtilitySuitable for the Indian cuisineSuitable for the Indian cuisine

Technology Used In Faber Chimneys

Filter-less technology

Faber is renowned for manufacturing filter-less chimneys. Filter-less chimneys are advantageous because they require less maintenance and cleaning.

The mechanism is such that the blower sucks out the smoke and soot from the kitchen place with incredible efficiency using a centrifugal method. As a result, the oil and greasy particles do not stick to the chimney’s walls but drip down into the oil collector.

Exquisite appearance

Generally, Faber kitchen chimneys are available with black glass or silver finishes. The elegant appearance enhances your kitchen ambiance. You can select the chimney color according to your preferences to suit your kitchen countertop and cabinet. The Faber chimneys come with touch-control options that are highly sensitive to touch and easy to operate.

High Suction Power

Faber wall-mounted chimneys come with high suction power in the range of 1200 to 1500 cubic meters per hour. The chimney’s suction capacity depends on the air volume it can suck from a specific location in an hour.

The smaller your kitchen, the lower can be the suction capacity of your kitchen chimney. The traditional Indian kitchens require chimneys with suction power in the range of 1000 to 1200 cubic meters per hour.

Auto-Cleaning Feature

Faber wall-mounted and hanging chimneys offer an auto-cleaning functionality that can eliminate oils and greasy particles with a single touch. The auto-cleaning mechanism prevents the oily particles from affecting the chimney’s suction power.

The oil collects inside the oil collector and does not stick to the inner walls. Therefore, the chimney lasts longer than other models in its niche.

oil collector

The high-end filter-less kitchen hoods come with a Heat Auto-Clean mechanism where the kitchen hood is fitted with a heating pad on its motor’s assembly. The oil collector cup is placed at the bottom. A single-touch control option activates the cleaning mode by collecting the oil inside the cup.

Gesture Control

Besides offering touch control operations, the top-end Faber auto-cleaning kitchen chimneys offer gesture control features. This system involves the use of motion sensors located inside the filter’s body.

A simple wave of your hand is enough to set the chimney into motion. Waving towards the right increases the suction speed, while waving in the opposite direction reduces the operating speed until it finally comes to a halt.

Different width

The hood with a 60cm width should be ideal for the standard Indian kitchen where you use double-burner gas stoves or cooking ranges. Some of the 4-burner hobs are square-shaped and hence come under the 60cm wide chimney hood range.

If you have a more extensive cooking range or a bigger kitchen cooking platform, you can go for Faber’s 90cm wide kitchen hoods.

Faber – Baffle Filter Chimney

Besides the filter-less chimney with an auto-cleaning mechanism, Faber offers an extensive range of baffle filter chimneys.

3 Layer baffle filter

Faber has patented the 3-layer baffle filter technology specially designed for Indian cuisine. This system allows the smoke and vapors to abruptly change direction as they pass through the curved stainless-steel filters.

The oils and greasy particles get stuck to the curves as they cannot pass through them. The baffle filters need removal and cleaning at regular intervals. The stainless-steel filters can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. As these are stainless-steel filters, they can last a lifetime.

Cooling Fan

Faber baffle filter kitchen hoods come with a unique spot cooling and air purification technology known as Aerostation technology. This feature includes a cooling fan designed to help you breathe clean and pure air.

HEPA Filter

When there is any discussion on air purification technology, one cannot ignore HEPA filters. The Faber baffle filter kitchen chimney features HEPA filters to remove harmful impurities such as smoke, dust, pollen, hair, etc., up to a size of I micron.

Bio Color LED

The Faber baffle filter chimneys generally work at three different suction speeds. This appliance has a Bio Color LED indicator to display the machine’s mode presently. The green indicator shows that the fan works at a low speed, while the orange and red colors signify medium and high speeds.

Touch Control

Both filter-less and baffle filter kitchen chimneys come with trendy touch controls that make these appliances effortless to use. Generally, the touch control options come with backlit features to make it easy to operate in dim lighting conditions.

Suction Capacity

Baffle filters do not come with suction capacities as high as the filter-less chimneys. Faber baffle filter kitchen hoods come with a good suction power of up to 1095 cubic meters per hour.

Faber – Cassette Filter Chimney

Cassette filter chimneys are different from baffle filter chimneys in the filtering technology for sucking out the kitchen smoke.

Mesh filters

Faber cassette filter chimneys feature an aluminum mesh instead of the stainless-steel baffle filters to block the oil particles and let out the exhaust. These filters contain minute holes that do not allow grease and oily particles to pass through them.

The significant disadvantage of these filters is that they require frequent removal and cleaning. The oily particles sticking to the mesh filters affect the chimney’s suction power and reduce its overall efficiency.

Generally, mesh filters are not ideal for Indian cuisine because of high quantities of oil, ghee, and spices. Such chimneys are suitable for kitchens that do not use too much frying, roasting, or cooking in oil. If you do not have a gas cooking range and rely entirely on your microwave oven, these Faber cassette filters should be perfect.   

Other features

Besides the features discussed above in the Faber filter-less and baffle filter kitchen hoods, you can observe some of the following additional features that add to your comfort and convenience levels.

LED Lighting

Faber kitchen chimneys come equipped with LED lighting that can illuminate the cooking area considerably. Besides enhancing illumination, it saves power because you can switch off the general kitchen lighting. LED ensures low power consumption while offering good illumination.

Push-Button Controls

We have discussed gesture-control and touch-control operations. Some Faber models offer push-button control options. Generally, the models offering push-button control options are the lowest priced of the lot.

Low Noise Levels

Faber kitchen chimneys make the slightest noise when working. Hence, you can enjoy the calm environment in the kitchen and focus on your cooking without any disturbance.

Elica Chimneys

Hi-Life (Down Draft Mode) – Hob-cum-hood  

Elica has introduced an innovative kitchen hood that serves as an induction cook cum hood. This unique appliance looks like a regular induction cooktop, but it includes a recirculating air venting hob.

This appliance comes with a lower suction power of 625 cubic meters per hour. It features a grease filter that traps the oil and grease while allowing the machine to purify and recirculate the air inside the kitchen. The exhaust is strategically placed at the ground level beneath the kitchen cooking platform.

This appliance is unique because it is neither a wall-mounted nor a ceiling-mounted chimney. You can refer to it as a kitchen countertop-mounted chimney. It functions more as an extractor rather than a chimney.

Elica has introduced this technology in their Aspiration Nikolas Tesla range of kitchen hoods.

This unique appliance comes with nine power levels to cater to your varying requirements. This machine features a cassette filter and self-regulates depending on the cooktop use.

It has a ceramic odor filter with an efficiency level of more than 80%. The premium grease filter is washable and hence, reusable.

One prime safety feature is the drain valve that allows manual drainage if there is an accidental spillage. Another significant advantage is that it saves valuable space in your kitchen. The Duct Out Mode allows you to release the smoke outside the room through an exhaust built on the wall.

Other features include safety shut down, child lock, power booster, residual heat indicator, and timer.

Hi-Life Wall Mounted

Elica wall-mounted chimneys work similarly to the Faber wall-mounted chimneys. However, the Elica chimneys feature cassette and grease filters to trap the oily particles while allowing the smoke to exit comfortably from the machine.

Hi-Life Hanging Chimneys

These kitchen chimneys hang from the ceiling like the conventional chandelier. They use grease filters for filtering out the soot and other impurities. Besides, these appliances come with adequate LED illumination that double up as a kitchen exhaust and lighting system.

Hi-Life Under cabinet Chimneys

Generally, Indian kitchens have cabinets for placing the kitchen utensils and other essentials. If your kitchen cooking platform is below the cabinets, installing a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted kitchen hood can be challenging.

Elica has introduced the under-cabinet chimneys that can be comfortably placed beneath the kitchen cabinet. It works similar to a wall-mounted chimney.

Vertical Kitchen Hoods

Both Faber and Elica offer vertical kitchen hoods that are essentially wall-mounted chimneys. Generally, these chimneys come equipped with cassette or baffle filters for trapping oily residues.

The functionality is similar to the regular wall-mounted chimneys, but they have different shapes. Such chimneys are suitable for small kitchens having space constraints.

Heat Auto-Clean Kitchen hoods

Elica offers its filter-less chimneys with Heat Auto Clean technology. The technology is the same that is available in the Faber models. The heating pad placed on the motor assembly enables the oil to drip down into the oil collector. The one-touch cleaning option allows easy activation and cleaning.

Elica Baffle Filter Chimneys

These kitchen chimneys are the traditional kitchen hoods you find in almost all other brands like Faber. The baffle filter does the job of filtering and trapping the oil and grease particles while allowing the exhaust to exit from the appliance.

These machines come with air purification technologies that recirculate the air sucked into the machine after purifying it. Under such circumstances, the appliance comes equipped with HEPA filters.

Baffle Filter in elica chimney
Baffle Filter in elica chimney

Final Thoughts

Though the technologies involved in Faber and Elica chimneys are similar in many respects, some models come with unique features. However, the final result is sucking out the kitchen smoke and purifying the air after trapping the oily particles.

Hence, cleaning the filters is essential to maintain the high suction power of such appliances. Regular maintenance enables these machines to last long and deliver the performances one expects from them.    

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