Does a Convertible AC save electricity?



What does one look for in a high-quality AC? It should provide optimal cooling and save on energy bills. The convertible AC does precisely that. Let us find out how a convertible AC works and saves power.

Convertible ac modes

For example, we shall consider the Samsung 1.5-ton 5-in-1 convertible inverter AC (AR18BY5AQWK, 2022 model).

This Samsung AC has a 5-step mode that adjusts compressor operations between 40% and 120% to save power. This 5-star AC has an ISEER value of 4.80 and consumes 806.28 units of energy per year.

This Samsung AC can work in five different capacities.

  • When you require minimum cooling, you can set the mode to work at 40% of the AC’s capacity as a 0.6-ton AC.
  • If the heat load is higher, you can enhance the cooling capacity to work at 60% or like a 0.9-ton AC.
  • Options are available to set the compressor operational speed to work as a 1.2-ton AC and work at 80% of the total capacity.
  • If required, you can set the normal mode to allow the AC to work as a 1.5-ton AC at 100% capacity.
  • Besides, you can enhance the capacity to 120% if the cooling requirements are higher. Thus, this AC can work as a 1.8-ton AC.

When the AC works at lower capacities, it consumes less power. So, this convertible AC allows you to set it to work at 40% capacity at night and 100% during hot afternoons. So, automatically, it will consume less power than what is indicated in the BEE Star label.

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You will never feel the need to let the AC work at 100% capacity all the time. The standard inverter AC does not allow this facility to choose the AC working capacity according to your requirements. Thus, we can state that a convertible AC can save more electricity than a regular inverter AC.  

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