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Finding a reliable household assistant to help with cleaning the dishes is the most challenging job of all. Besides, couples pursuing parallel careers make more sense to purchase a dishwasher to handle unpleasant jobs like cleaning the dishes.

If you wish to know how much power a dishwasher consumes, you can refer to our dishwasher power consumption calculator to get an accurate compilation.

Mixer Grinder Power Consumption
1 Kilowatt = 1000 Watt
Hours / Minutes Used Per Day
$ ₹ £
Electricity Tariff Per Unit (Works With Any Currency)
Bill in Your Currency
Bill in Your Currency

Ease of Use

Using our dishwasher calculator is easy. You need to provide the minimum input to get informative output. Here are the steps to follow to use our dishwasher power consumption calculator.

dishwasher power consumption
  • Enter the rated power of your dishwasher. The information is available on the dishwasher specification sheet.
  • Enter the time for how long you use the dishwasher in a day. The best aspect of our calculator is that you can enter the amount in hours or minutes, depending on your usage.
  • The third step is to enter the electricity tariff applicable to your state. Again, you can refer to our detailed article to get the tariff applicable to your area. Alternatively, you get this information in your previous month’s electricity bill.

The Output

The moment you enter the above information, you get the following results immediately.

  • Your dishwasher’s daily power consumption, along with the monthly and annual figures
  • You also get the effect of the dishwasher’s power consumption on your electricity bill for the month.

We shall explain the procedure by taking a couple of real-life examples.

Parameters/Dishwasher modelsBosch 13-Place settings – Dishwasher – SMS66GI01IVoltas Beko DT8B 8-Place Dishwasher
Rated power of the dishwasher in Watts1020490
Daily consumption in minutes6060
Electricity tariff in your area in Rs77
Daily power consumption of the dishwasher in units1.020.49
Monthly consumption in units30.6014.70
Annual consumption in units367.20176.40
Effect on your monthly power bill in Rs214.20102.90

Here are some tips that could help you save considerable power when using the dishwasher.

Generally, dishwashers come with temperature settings that allow you to preheat the water to a specific temperature to remove stubborn stains. However, you should note that heating the water results in the dishwasher consuming more energy. Therefore, it is advisable to use the dishwasher at optimum temperature settings.

It is not advisable to overload your dishwasher. At the same time, you should ensure the dishwasher is full. It helps to maximize your efforts while consuming optimum energy.

Some dishwashers feature air-dry modes. If your appliance has one, you can use it to dry your vessels. Many people tend to use the heating element to dry their vessels. Doing so consumes a lot of electricity. It is better to keep the dishwasher door open to enable quicker drying of your kitchen utensils.

Please go through your dishwasher manual and understand the energy-efficient mode’s functioning. Using the dishwasher in this setting can help you save maximum energy and run lower power bills.

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