Direct Cool vs Frost Free Refrigerator: Which is Better?



The Refrigerators have seen a vast improvement in technology.

At one point in time, we had the manual defrosting refrigerators at home.

Old timers would still remember the lashing they had to face from the boss (naturally the woman of the house) in case they forgot to push the manual defrost button before going to bed every night.

Thankfully, this is not the case today with the introduction of the frost-free refrigerators. Let us go on to look at the difference between these two technologies

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Direct Cool Refrigerators vs Frost Free Refrigerators

Before going on to look at the differences between the two categories of appliances, would it not be better if we had a peek into the technologies involved in the same?

Direct Cool technology

As the name suggests, the refrigeration takes place by circulation of cool air takes place naturally without any external aid. Hence, there is no way you are able to control the temperature distribution. It is bound to be uneven.

Under such circumstances, you experience the collection of frost in and around the freezer box. You have to press a button manually to defrost this ice. You observe this direct cool technology in the single-door refrigerators.

Frost Free technology

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Maybe, the person who invented this technology must have been heckled to the core by the boss. Jokes apart, this frost free technology is a fantastic invention that has made life very easy.

This technology works on the principle of even distribution of cool air inside the fridge by electric fans. As there is no formation of ice, there is no need of defrosting.

Now, let us look at the basic differences between the two technologies.

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Direct Cool vs Frost Free Refrigerator

Direct Cool TechnologyFrost Free Technology
Circulation of cool air is because of natural convectionElectric fans are responsible for the cooling the interiors
This is an economical method of cooling In comparison, this is an expensive method
Consumes less electricityThe presence of fans entails higher consumption of electricity
Available in single door refrigerators aloneYou get this technology in double-door, triple door, and side-by-side door refrigerators
Capacity of refrigerators is restricted between 50 to 250 litresYou have this technology in refrigerators of higher capacity refrigerators
Food remains moderately freshThis technology is best for keeping food fresh
Manual defrosting is necessary to remove accumulation of iceDefrosting is an automatic process
The exteriors of the fridge does not become hotThis is a major disadvantage of frost-free refrigerators
The coils are exposed at the rear leading to accumulation of dustNo such possibility in frost-free refrigerators because it is fully covered
Great for small familiesIdeal for larger families
Now mostly in use in industries Residential use
Refrigerators using Direct Cool Technology are comparatively less expensive than frost-free refrigerators.Frost-free refrigerators are comparatively more expensive than direct cool models.
Direct Cool refrigerators witness ice accumulation on the inner sides of the freezer walls.There is no ice accumulation in the freezers in frost-free refrigerators.
Convertibility technology is not available in direct cool fridges.Some frost-free refrigerators offer convertibility technology.

You have just seen the difference between direct cool refrigerators and frost-free refrigerators. This plays an important role in choosing the right appliance for your home.

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