Difference between 3 Star 4 Star & 5 Star Geyser



Is there any difference between a 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star water heater? Yes. There are some differences.

  • 5-star water heaters are more expensive than 3-star and 4-star water heaters.
  • 5-star geysers have better insulation capacity than their 3-star and 4-star counterparts. Therefore, the standing loss is comparatively less.

Manufacturers claim that 5-star water heaters consume less power than 3-star and 4-star heaters. Is it true?

Yes. It is true because the standing loss factor affects power consumption. This example should prove it.

For instance, you compare three 15L water heaters, one each from the 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star categories. We assume that we use the geyser for two hours a day.

Parameters3-star geyser4-star geyser5-star geyser
Rated Power2 Kw2 Kw2 Kw
Standing Loss0.450.430.40
Power consumption per day4.90 units4.46 units4.40 units

Therefore, a 5-star water heater should consume less power than a 3-star or 4-star geyser. However, users can use the geyser smartly to reduce power consumption.

Innovative ways to reduce power consumption

  • Purchase water heaters of ideal capacity for your home, depending on the number of users. A 15L water heater should be ideal for a family of four. The 15L water heater will take around 15 minutes to heat the tank. So, a family of four can comfortably finish bathing by running the geyser for one hour daily.
  • Reduce the idle time of the water heater as much as possible. The longer the geyser is connected to the power source, the higher the standing loss.
  • Set the thermostat to a lower level, say 350C instead of 450C. It can save 3% to 4% of your water heating costs.
  • Purchase electric water heaters that switch off the power supply upon reaching the set temperature. It reduces standing loss if you accidentally leave the appliance powered on.
  • Preinsulated water pipes are a good option because there can be extensive heat loss through uninsulated water pipes.
  • Ensure that your water heater taps are free from leaks. Otherwise, there will be water wastage and more power consumption.

Costs-wise, 5-star heaters are more expensive because they feature better insulation than 3-star and 4-star heaters. However, there is no difference in the quality of the heating coil. Therefore, the time taken to heat the water remains the same. The only difference is the standing loss factor because 5-star geysers lose less heat if they remain powered on for extended durations.

Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari, an Analytics Engineer at Straive, has a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and she's been awarded a gold medal for her achievements. She's skilled in technical know-how and writing and loves sharing her expertise on topics like ceiling fans, BLDC technology, and electronic appliances.


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