Difference between 2Kw and 3Kw Geyser

The primary difference between a 2Kw and a 3Kw geyser is the appliance’s rated power. Therefore, a 2Kw geyser consumes less power than a 3Kw water heater. However, is it true?

On the face, it appears true. But if you calculate deeply, it might not be so. So let us explain the situation.

For instance, you have a 15L 2Kw geyser and a 15L 3Kw water heater to compare. Generally, a 15L 3Kw geyser will take around 15 minutes to heat the water in the tank. On the other hand, a 2Kw geyser will take 20 minutes.

Therefore, a 3Kw geyser can heat up to 120 liters of water in two hours while consuming six power units. On the other hand, a 2Kw geyser will heat 90 liters of water simultaneously while consuming four power units.

So, if you have more people using the geyser in a home, a 3Kw geyser is more economical than a 2Kw geyser. But, for a family of four, a 2Kw water heater is better. Secondly, 3Kw geysers are more expensive than 2Kw water heaters. However, the power consumption and usage statistics even out over extended usage periods, primarily when used by large families. Small families benefit by using the 2Kw geyser

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