Crompton Geysers Review 2002 (Pros & Cons) Technologies

Geysers or water heaters have become essential home appliances. Almost every house in India, regardless of location, has at least one water heater to cater to the family’s bathing and other requirements. Generally, people install storage water heaters in the bathroom and have an instant geyser in the kitchen for immediate hot water requirements. But, instant water heaters are also helpful for bathing.

People have a wide choice available on the market because various geyser manufacturing companies have their brands. Brands like Havells, Venus, AO Smith, Bajaj, and Crompton have become household names today. This article reviews the water heater technologies used by Crompton geysers and discusses their pros and cons to provide better value to consumers.

Crompton is a reputed name in the geyser manufacturing industry. All Crompton geysers are manufactured in India and have the ISI mark of reliability. Hence, it is perfectly safe for households to purchase Crompton water heaters.

Crompton Instant Geyser

Crompton manufactures four types of water heaters.

  1. Immersion Rod Water Heaters
  2. Instant Water Heaters
  3. Storage Water Heaters
  4. Gas Water Heaters  

Before discussing the technologies involved in Crompton geysers, let us understand their benefits and drawbacks.

Crompton Geysers – Benefits

Crompton water heaters have the following benefits.

  • The instant water heaters can supply hot water almost instantly. It does not take more than a minute to give decently hot water. You get sufficiently hot water if you wait for a few minutes.
  • Instant water heaters are usually available in 1L and 3L capacities. The 1L instant geysers are ideal for the kitchen, whereas the 3L variants are more suited for bathrooms.
  • Storage water heaters are best for bathing. Crompton geysers are available with water tank capacities up to 25L, ideal for an average Indian family.
  • The water storage tank has sufficient insulation to maintain the water comfortably hot for three to four hours.
  • A thermostat facility is available in all Crompton water heaters to prevent the water from getting overheated. As a result, it protects the heating element and ensures power savings.
  • LED indicators are available in select Crompton water heaters. Some heaters also offer temperature control options.
  • Five-star rated geysers are available from Crompton. They save more power.
  • Almost all Crompton geysers can handle water pressure up to 6.5 bars. However, the latest models can withstand pressure up to 8 bars. Hence, Crompton water heaters are suitable for use in high-rise apartments.
  • Crompton offers stainless steel, copper, and thermoplastic water storage tanks. The copper tanks are the best because copper conducts heat the best. They do not rust and can sustain heat for extended durations.
  • Crompton water heaters do not suffer from problems like rust because of the superior polymer or glass line coating on their storage tanks. Besides, these appliances have non-ferrous plates and weldless tanks to prevent heat dissipation.
  • The rust-proof ABS body provides greater sustainability. 
  • The latest Crompton geysers feature Triple Shield Technology, ensuring durability, protection against corrosion, and hard water compatibility.
  • Shock-resistant features make these appliances safe to handle.
  • The unique Gyroscopic Technology prevents cold and hot water from mixing to ensure quicker heating.
  • The Incoloy glass heating element prevents scale formation and thus extends its lifespan.
  • Pricing-wise, Crompton water heaters are reasonable.
  • Adequate warranties are available on Crompton water heaters.     
Crompton Amica

Crompton Geysers – Drawbacks

While Crompton water heaters have their benefits, let us understand their drawbacks to make an informed decision.

  • Instant water heaters consume more electricity because they come with a power usage of 2500W to 4500W. However, the higher the wattage, the quicker the heating.
  • Crompton does not supply the 3-pin plug with its instant and storage water heaters. Besides, it does not provide the inlet and outlet insulated pipes. Therefore, the consumers have to purchase them separately from the market. However, some latest models are available with the inlet and outlet pipes.
  • The wire is not more than a meter in length. Hence, consumers should have appropriate electrical points and bathroom plumbing facilities. In addition, we advise using a controlling switch outside the bathroom as a precautionary measure to prevent accidental electrical shocks.
  • Generally, Crompton does not provide installation. But, they have started doing so recently after receiving various customer complaints.
  • The 15L and 25L storage heaters are heavier and significantly oversized. Therefore, they need ample space in the bathroom for installation. In addition, these appliances need more time for heating the water. But, they can sustain the water temperature for extended durations.
  • Many consumers have complained about Crompton’s after-sales service. 
Crompton Instant Geyser

Our Opinion

Crompton geysers are excellent appliances that have a reputation for providing quality services. The instant water heaters are not ideally suited for large families because they cannot store hot water. But, they are perfect for kitchens where you can get hot water instantly. However, smaller households can use the 3L instant water heaters for bathing. Almost all Crompton geysers come with two years product warranty. The latest models feature a 5-year or 7-year warranty on the storage tank. 

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Popular products

Some Crompton best-selling water heaters are listed below.

Crompton Water Heaters – Technologies Review

Usually, all water heaters work on similar technologies. They have heating elements that heat the water collected in the tank and dispense it through the outlet pipe.

Crompton geysers are identical, but the heating element has additional protection in an Incoloy glass coating that prevents corrosion and scaling.

So, Crompton water heaters can handle water with high TDS levels. Other prominent features include a polymer-coated tank with a single weld and a rust-proof body. All geysers feature a pressure release valve for protection. They come with thermostat arrangements to prevent overheating of the water.

The standby cut-off feature is present in the high-end models to reduce power consumption. So, let us now discuss the prominent technologies available in Crompton geysers and understand their functioning,

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Crompton Geysers – The Brand Models

  • Amica – 15L, 25L storage heater
  • Arno Neo – 10L, 15L, 25L storage heater
  • Solarium Qube – 15L, 25L storage heater
  • Solarium Vogue – 3L instant water heater
  • Solarium Neo – 6L, 10L, 15L storage heater
  • Bliss – 1L, 3L instant water heater
  • Rapid Jet – 1L, 3L instant heater
  • Rapid Jet Plus – 1L, 3L instant water heater
  • Solarium Aura – 6L, 10L, 15L, 25L storage heater
  • Regallio – 10L storage water heater
  • Juno – 10L storage heater
  • Rapid Jet Plus Turbo – 6L storage heater

Besides, Crompton offers gas water heaters and immersion rod heaters.

Crompton Water Heaters – The Technologies

Let us discuss the prominent Crompton geyser technologies in brief,


Crompton water heaters feature a powerful heating element. The storage geysers can achieve water temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius in ten minutes.

The high-quality insulation technology ensures that the water remains hot for nearly three to four hours. In addition, these water heaters feature a temperature control knob, allowing users to adjust the water temperature according to their preferences. However, some geysers, especially instant water heaters, do not have this feature.

Crompton Rapid Jet geyser instant


Most Crompton geysers feature advanced 3-level safety that protects against electric shocks. Similarly, all Crompton water heaters have a safety valve that releases excess pressure if it builds up inside the geyser. Hence, it avoids accidents like geyser blasts. In addition, the instant heaters offer additional protection in the form of a fusible plug to prevent short circuits and fire accidents.

All Crompton geyser appliances feature a thermostat arrangement that cuts off the power supply to the device if the water reaches a specific threshold temperature level. As a result, it prevents the water from overheating. Thus, it prevents accidents and the heating element from getting damaged.

Corrosion-Resistant technology

Crompton geysers have stainless steel, copper, or thermoplastic water tanks. These tanks use Nano Polybond technology on the insides that protect the surface from corrosion and prevent oxidation, even at high temperatures and pressure.

These water heaters feature a specially designed sacrificial magnesium anode rod with a stainless steel core to protect the tank’s inner surface from corrosive elements. Thus, it extends the water storage tank’s life and makes the geyser last longer.

Crompton water heaters have a rust-proof metallic body with a powder coating that enhances the geyser’s appearance and prevents corrosion, making the appliance durable. In addition, the Crompton geyser water storage tanks have a single weld, thus reducing the chances of leakage.

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Energy Management

Crompton geysers have an intelligent design with a standby power cut-off feature that switches off power if the geyser is unused for a long time. Thus, it ensures less power consumption. Simultaneously, it protects the geyser’s components from damage. The smart energy management feature ensures that the geyser does not consume more than 1W of power, even if you leave it switched on for seven to eight hours.

Generally, the top-end Crompton geysers are rated as 5-star appliances because they come with high-grade PUF insulation to ensure heat retention and reduce electricity consumption.

Crompton water heater protection

Triple Shield Technology

Some top-end Crompton geysers like the Solarium Qube feature Triple Shield Technology to provide corrosion resistance, protect against hard water scaling issues and ensure a 33% longer life. The Glassline coating protects against corrosion. The magnesium anode and the Incoloy heating element extend the geyser’s life by 33%.

IoT Enabled

The Crompton Solarium Qube IoT model offers facilities to control the appliance from remote locations through a smartphone app. These appliances feature an inbuilt WiFi system that does not require consumers to have Broadband in their homes. These appliances can work with Alexa or Google Assistant. So, users can control the operations using their voice commands. This geyser offers pre-set bathing modes for a customized bathing experience. To activate this feature, consumers must download the My Crompton App on their smartphones.

Gyroscopic Technology

The high-end Crompton geysers feature Gyroscopic technology to avoid direct contact between hot and cold water flow. Thus, it enables quicker heating and saves time and power.

Anti-Siphon Protection

Crompton instant water heaters feature anti-siphon protection. This technology prevents the backflow of water from the tank. Thus, it protects the heating element from dry heating damage.

LED Indicators

The Crompton instant water heater models, like Solarium Vogue, Rapid Jet, etc., have intelligent LED indicators that display an orange light when the water heats up and is ready for use. Other models have green and red LEDs, with the red light indicating the power supply and the green LED signifying that the water is ready to use.


Crompton geysers can withstand water pressure up to 6.5 bars. The latest models can handle pressure up to 8 bars. Thus, all these appliances are fit for use in high-rise apartments. The Solarium Neo Storage water heater can withstand pressure up to 10 bars.

Power Consumption

The instant water heaters feature heating elements that consume between 3000 and 4500 KW/hr of power. It ensures quicker heating. The storage water heaters consume around 2000 KW/hr. Since these storage water heaters need more time to heat the water, the power consumption remains consistent for both appliances.


All Crompton water heaters feature a 2-year product warranty. In addition, some geysers get a 2-year warranty on the heating element, whereas the top-end models feature a 5-year or 7-year warranty on the storage water tank.

Wrap Up

Water heaters have become essentials today. Hence, consumers should know the functions of their geyser components before purchasing them. It ensures they make an informed choice. We have discussed Crompton geyser technologies in detail. It should simplify your job of selecting a Crompton water heater for your home. Besides, we have listed the various Crompton models available on the market.

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