Crompton Classic Geyser Review

Key Takeaway

  • Crompton Classic delivers excellent performance and advanced 3-level safety at the same time.
  • The powder-coated rust-proof body makes this water heater long-lasting and attractive.
  • The Smart Shield Corrosion Protection enhances the lifespan of the heating rod to save costs and improve efficiency levels.

Before we discuss the features of the Crompton Classic geyser, here are its pros and cons.

Crompton classic storage geyser review

Pros of Crompton Classic

  • It delivers good water heating performance.
  • It is a 4-star rated appliance.
  • It is available in different storage capacities to cater to consumer requirements.

Cons of Crompton Classic

  • Installation charges are extra.
  • The plastic knob quality is below average.

Crompton Classic Geyser Review

The Crompton Classic geyser is available in four capacities – 6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L. Therefore, users can choose the model depending on their requirements.

We have the 15L model for our home and have been using this appliance for more than six months. The most exciting part is that we have never needed to call for repairs. Let us now look at its features.

Good Looks

Crompton classic geyser

Usually, the first impression lasts the longest. The Crompton Classic scores well in this context as its power-coated, rust-proof, metallic body ensures good looks and durability. The red/green indicator lamp to display the off/on position makes it a user-friendly appliance. This water heater enhances your bathroom’s ambiance and makes it look classy.

Powerful heating element

While good looks matter greatly, performance has the final say. This geyser has a powerful heating element that heats 15L of water to around 45 degrees Celsius within ten minutes. Instant heaters are better because you get hot water instantly. However, they do not have high storage capacity. So, if you can wait ten minutes, you get sufficient hot water supply for two people to enjoy their baths.

Energy Savings

Crompton classic bee 4 star

BEE has rated this Crompton model as a 4-star appliance. Therefore, it offers decent power savings. Geysers are known for guzzling power. Under such circumstances, a 4-star rated appliance is better equipped to save power. However, Crompton has another model, Arno NEO, that has a 5-star rating. Better discounts are available on Amazon, making this 5-star rated geyser less expensive than the Crompton Classic model.

High-quality insulation

Ten minutes is the standard for heating 15 liters of water. However, this water heater has excellent In-Situ PUF insulation that helps retain the heat for an extended duration, making it one of the best energy-saving geysers on the market.

Crompton classic geyser connection

Safety features

Water heaters can be risky to use sometimes, especially when the earthing facilities are not up to the required standards. You risk experiencing electric shocks when you touch the water tap. However, this Crompton model offers advanced 3-level safety to ensure protection from electric shocks. This geyser has an auto-shut-off function to switch off the power supply in case of a malfunction.

Corrosion protection

Generally, we have water with high TDS levels in our homes, especially the water that goes into the geysers. Therefore, there is a risk of corrosion of the inner surface of the storage tank. Crompton Classic has a specially designed sacrificial magnesium anode rod with a stainless-steel core to protect the inner tank surface from corrosive elements. As a result, it extends the tank’s lifespan and the appliance’s efficiency.

Crompton geyser connection

Nano Polybond Technology

This geyser storage tank gets additional protection from durable Nano Poly Bond Technology to ensure excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance even at high temperatures and pressures. These features make this water heater one of the most durable.

Suitable for high-rise apartments

Water pressure is not a problem for us in our homes, but it is not the case for people living in high-rise apartments. Considering this aspect, the Crompton Classic has a multi-function valve and a single weld tank, making it capable of withstanding water pressures up to 8 bars. Therefore, it is ideal for people living in tall buildings.

Crompton geyser bee star ratings


Crompton does not offer free installation. Besides, you might need additional plumbing, depending on the infrastructure available in your home. So, please be ready to shell out at least Rs 600 extra when the technician visits your home to install the geyser.


Crompton Classic has a 3-year warranty from the manufacturers, whereas the Arno Neo gets a 5-year warranty. That should not be a problem because Crompton geysers work exceptionally well if you maintain them. Ensure proper earthing and reduce dampness in the bathroom environment. Keep the equipment clean to ensure it lasts longer.

Comparison with the Crompton Arno Neo

Usually, all Crompton geyser models are efficient. So, let us compare two popular geyser brand models, the Crompton Classic and Crompton Arno Neo.

The features are the same in both these models.

For example, both models offer four storage tank options. Similarly, the rated wattage is the same at 2000 watts. Both these appliances can work at pressures up to 8 bars. However, the Arno Neo is better equipped for power saving because BEE has rated its performance as 5-star, whereas the Crompton Classic is a 4-star rate product.

These geysers offer 3-level safety features with a capillary thermostat, automatic thermal cut-off, and multi-functional valve for higher safety. The copper heating element is similar in both models.

Crompton Arno Neo and Classic models have anti-rust features with the storage tank fitted with magnesium anode to prevent corrosion because of hard water.

The Arno Neo has an ISI-marked nickel-coated special element to provide resistance against scale formation. The Arno Neo and the Crompton Classic use Nano Poly Bond technology to protect the storage tank from corrosion.

Pricing-wise, the Arno Neo is expensive, but there are discounts on Amazon, making it cheaper than the Classic on the same e-commerce platform. The Classic model is heavier at 8.940 Kg compared to the Arno Neo, which weighs 7.800 Kg. Besides the energy rating, there is nothing to distinguish between the Arno Neo and the Classic models. Both these models are equally suited for your home.

Safety Features
Energy Savings
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Key Takeaway Crompton Classic delivers excellent performance and advanced 3-level safety at the same time. The powder-coated rust-proof body makes this water heater long-lasting and attractive. The Smart Shield Corrosion Protection enhances the lifespan of the heating rod to save costs and improve efficiency levels. Before we discuss...Crompton Classic Geyser Review