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Croma, a Tata Enterprise, was launched in 2006 as the first one-of-its-kind large format specialist retail store catering to multi-brand home electronic appliances in India.

Croma offers a world-class ambiance to shop in-store and online, allowing a seamless omnichannel experience for consumers. In addition, it has introduced an exciting range of electronic products, including LED TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. We shall discuss Croma AC in this article and look at the various technologies used in Croma ACs.

  • Croma offers a range of 33 air conditioner models, including 24 split ACs, eight window ACs, and one portable AC unit.
  • 20 Croma AC models work on inverter compressors, whereas 13 have non-inverter fixed-speed compressors.
  • Croma has 22 3-star ACs, ten 5-star ACs, and one with no star rating.
  • Generally, the 1.5-ton ACs are popular in India. Croma offers 16 1.5-ton models and ten 1-ton models. It also has four 2-ton ton AC units.

We shall discuss the various technologies available in Croma ACs and see how they are beneficial to consumers.

Pros and Cons of Croma AC


  • Croma ACs are available in convertible modes with a high-quality inverter compressor.
  • Performance-wise, Croma AC equals many of its competitors.
  • Pricing-wise, Croma ACs are affordable
  • Croma AC offers window Inverter ACs.
  • Croma offers free installations in many models.


  • Croma does not offer Hot & Cold AC.
  • Croma is a new entrant in the market. Hence, it will take time to capture the consumer’s attention.
  • Features-wise, Croma ACs do not offer HEPA filters, Wi-Fi compatibility, etc.

Croma AC Technologies

Croma ACs work on fixed-speed and variable-speed compressors, depending on their configuration.

Inverter Compressor

Inverter compressors, also known as variable-speed compressors, have become popular today because they can save up to 15% more power than conventional fixed-speed compressors. The Croma ACs work on a single-rotary inverter compressor that maintains the room temperature in a comfortable range of +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius from the set temperature level. Croma also offers selected models with twin-rotary inverter compressor, which is more efficient than single-rotary compressors.

The advantage of variable-speed compressors is that they reach the set temperature quickly and then settle down to a comfortable operational speed to provide optimum comfort. Besides, the inverter compressors make less noise. However, the inverter compressor AC units are more expensive than those working on fixed-speed compressors.

Consumers benefit from power savings, better performance, and lower noise levels. Some popular inverter AC models include CRLAIN0223T8657, CRLAWI0185T3321 (window AC), etc. In addition, Croma AC models like CRLA018INF255305 work on twin-rotary inverter compressors.

Convertibility – 4-in-1 and 5-in-1

Inverter compressors are advantageous because they allow ACs to work at various capacities between 40% and 110%. Therefore, a 1.5-ton AC can work as a 0.6-ton AC or a 1.7-ton AC, depending on the cooling load and consumer requirements. Using the remote controller, users can set the AC to work at their desired tonnage (capacity). In addition, Croma offers 4-in-1 and 5-in-1 convertibility in selected AC brand models.

Consumers benefit from better performance and higher power savings. Some of the 4-in-1 convertible models include CRLAIN0123T0251, CRLAIN0183T0252, etc. The 5-in-1 AC models include CRLA018IND255302, CRLA018INF255305, etc.

Non-inverter Fixed-speed Compressor

Croma has a range of non-inverter fixed-speed compressor AC models. Though the non-inverter compressor AC models consume more power than their inverter AC counterparts, the performance levels are good. In addition, they come with similar features like different cooling modes and air purification facilities.

The fixed-speed compressors run at a constant speed throughout the time they remain switched on. Once the AC achieves the set temperature levels, these compressors switch off, but the fan keeps working to maintain the chill inside the room. As the temperature inside the room rises above a threshold limit, the compressor starts functioning again. The frequent switching on of the compressor causes a spike in current usage. Besides, they make more noise than the non-inverter compressor.

However, consumers benefit because fixed-speed compressor ACs are comparatively less expensive than inverter ACs.

Models with non-inverter compressors include CRLAWA0183T3302 (window AC), CRLASA0183T0232, etc.

Smart AC Functions

Selected Croma AC models offer smart AC functions, including 4-in-1 and 5-in-1 convertibility, smartphone app compatibility, etc.


The Croma smart  ACs offer self-cleaning facilities. This technology involves the IDU running for five to ten minutes after switching the AC off using the remote controller. The unit flushes out the dirt accumulated on the evaporator tubes and washes them clean. Besides, it dries out the tubes and prevents mold or mildew formation.


All Croma ACs offer the Self-Diagnosis feature. This feature determines if there are problems with the appliances functioning and alerts the users by flashing the error code on the IDU display and the remote controller. It helps consumers contact the service engineer team and ensure prompt repairs.

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors in Croma smart ACs allow the appliance to estimate the number of people in a room and set the temperature levels accordingly. Thus, it saves energy by optimizing its performance.

Smart Croma AC models include CRLA018INF255305, CRLAIN0193T0254, etc.

Cooling Modes

Croma ACs offer an extensive range of cooling modes. Generally, these modes are available on all Croma ACs. Users can select their respective modes from the remote controller.

Turbo Mode

The Turbo Mode proves helpful in bringing down the room temperature quickly to provide maximum comfort during the hot summer months. Usually, the Croma ACs can provide excellent cooling even when the outdoor temperature exceeds 52 degrees Celsius.

Dry Mode

The Dry Mode is excellent during the rainy season when there is humidity inside the room. However, this humidity can make it uncomfortable for the consumer. The Dry Mode acts as a dehumidifier and eliminates humidity to deliver optimum cooling.

Auto Mode

The Auto Mode cools the room based on the outdoor temperature. The user need not set the temperature levels as the AC selects the temperature automatically.

Sleep Mode

The Sleep Mode proves helpful during the night. Activating this mode allows the AC to increase the set temperature by one degree Celsius every hour for two hours to provide optimal comfort.

Cool Mode

The Cool Mode is the manual temperature setting mode where users can set the temperature according to their preferences.

Energy Saving Mode

The Energy Saver Mode is perfect for saving power as the fans and compressor balance each other’s operations to save power.

Consumers get the best comfort as the different cooling modes allow them to set temperature levels according to their preferences and convenience.

All Croma ACs offer these different operational modes to enhance consumer comfort and convenience.

Air Purification Technology

Selected Croma AC models offer advanced air purification technologies, whereas the standard anti-dust filter is present in all air conditioners.

Anti-Dust Filter

The anti-dust filter is an integral part of every AC. In addition, all Croma air conditioners, including the window ACs, feature an anti-dust filter to collect the dust and ensure pure air circulation inside the room.

PM2.5 Filter

Selected Croma models feature a PM2.5 filter that removes minute pollutants and contaminants from the indoor air. So, it takes care of bacteria, viruses, allergens, animal dander, pollen, etc. In addition, users with respiratory problems benefit from this air-filtering technology.

Activated Carbon Filter

The PM2.5 filter has an activated carbon filter to trap industrial smoke, volatile organic compounds, cigarette smoke, etc. Thus, it helps purify the air inside the room.

Consumers benefit from breathing in fresh, unpolluted air.

Croma AC models like CRLASA018T0232, CRAC7721, etc., offer PM2.5 filters with activated carbon filter attachments.

Protection Technology

100% Copper Pipes with inner grooves

All Croma ACs feature 100% copper condenser and evaporator tubes with inner grooves. It helps agitate the refrigerant to enhance heat exchange and improve the AC’s energy efficiency. In addition, the high-grooved copper tubes are ideally suited for environmentally-friendly refrigerants like R32.

Blue Fin Technology

Blue Fin technology protects the copper tubes from corrosion and other natural elements. This technology involves coating the condenser and evaporator with an anti-corrosive shield to protect them from harsh climatic conditions. Thus, it improves the AC’s efficiency and increases its durability quotient.


Selected Croma AC units get an anti-fungal coating over the evaporator tubes. In addition, these ACs clean the pipes after every operational cycle to maintain them dry and prevent fungal growth.

Nano Shield Coating

The nano shield coating on the evaporator coils in selected Croma AC models offers better protection from corrosive elements like dust, moisture, salt, and industrial pollution.

Stabilizer-free Operation

All Croma ACs can work at input voltage fluctuating between 170V and 285V. Hence, they can function without a voltage stabilizer. However, we advise using one if the input voltage fluctuations are higher in your area.

Other Features

R32 Refrigerant

All Croma ACs use R32 refrigerant. This coolant is environmentally friendly and has 0 ozone depletion and low global warming potential. Besides, it is not inflammable and thus is considered a safe refrigerant for ACs.

4-way Swing

Croma Split ACs offer a unique 4-way swing where the louvers move in four directions (up, down, right, and left) to ensure uniform cooling throughout the room.

Auto On/Off

Almost all Croma air conditioners offer the Auto On/Off feature enabling the AC to restart functioning in the set mode after recovering from a power outage. It saves the users the trouble of resetting the options every time after a power cut.


Croma offers the following warranties on its ACs

  • 12M standard warranty on all products
  • 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor
  • 5-year warranty on the fixed-speed compressor

Besides, consumers can avail themselves of extended warranties.

  • 1-year extended warranty – Rs 3358
  • 2-year extended warranty – Rs 5014
  • 3-year extended warranty – Rs 7651

Customer Service

Raising a customer service request is easy. You can do it online.

  • Call +91-7207666000
  • Email at
  • Toll-free helpline – 1800220506
  • Mobile – 9920599206
  • Email –

List of Croma ACs available on the market

AC TypeInverter CompressorFixed-Speed Compressor
                Split ACCRLAIN0123T0251 CRLAIN0183T0252 CRLA018IND255302 CRLAIN0223T8657 CRLA018INF255305 CRLA022IND255303 CRLA012IND255301 CRLAIN0193T0254 CRLAIN0143R0253 CRLAIN0223T0255 CRLAIN0185T0257 CRLAIN0125T0256 CRLAIN0185T8655 CRLAIN0125T8654 CRLAIN0173T8652 CRLAIN0123T8651 CRAC7706 CRAC7555 CRAC7703CRAC7721 CRLASA0183T0232 CRLASA0123T0231 CRLASA0183T9432 CRAC7722
      Window ACCRLAWI0185T3321CRLAWA0183T3302 CRLAWA0185T3304 CRLAWA0123T3305 CRLAWA0125T3303 CRLAWA0185T9403 CRLAWA0183T9402 CRAC1156
Portable AC CRAC1201

Frequently Asked Questions – Croma AC

1. Where can you buy Croma AC?

Croma AC is available online and offline. In addition, the company has a wide range of showrooms across India.

2. Is it advisable to go for the extended warranty?

Usually, ACs do not fail frequently. However, Croma does not offer a warranty on the PCB. Therefore, we advise availing of the extended warranty because it includes servicing and replacing critical parts. In addition, it covers all manufacturing defects.

3. Does the extended warranty plan cover gas refilling?

It does not cover regular gas refilling. But if there is a manufacturing defect resulting in gas leakage, it covers the repairs and gas refilling.

4. How is the inverter AC better than the non-inverter AC?

The inverter AC consumes 15% less power than the non-inverter AC. Besides, it comes with an extended warranty on the compressor. In addition, the inverter AC makes less noise than the non-inverter AC. However, the inverter ACs are more expensive.

5. Can We purchase other ACs from the Croma store?

The Croma online store offers Croma ACs and other brands like Voltas, Lloyd, LG, Intel, etc.

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