What is Cradle Wash in IFB Washing Machine?



All clothes are not the same. For example, you cannot treat heavy-duty jeans denim pants on an even footing with your lacy satin dress. So, if you wash your delicate clothes with those requiring a tough washing cycle, you could end up damaging your expensive garments.

Such delicate clothes require a special washing cycle. IFB washing machines offer a unique wash program, Cradle Wash, to take care of these garments. Let us see how Cradle Wash works and safeguards your clothes.

Cradle Wash uses a special technique that mimics the care we hand wash our delicate clothes.

The Cradle Wash system in IFB washing machines requires high water levels inside the washing drum. It maintains these levels to ensure your delicate clothes glide and float comfortably in the wash drum without any problem.

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This feature requires the washing drum to remain stationary while the water fills inside it. It protects your delicate garments from wear and tear caused by the friction within the moving drum.

The unique characteristic of the cradle wash system is that the drum rotates at a slow speed of 35rpm in a gentle swaying motion, similar to how we rock a baby’s cradle. Hence, it has got the name ‘Cradle Wash.’

Besides, the spinning speed also has to be slow to ensure that the clothes do not get entangled or damaged. Therefore, the Cradle Wash system envisages the drum to spin at speeds not exceeding 400rpm.

IFB washing machine technology

Nowadays, almost all IFB washing machines offer Cradle Wash technology to cater to your gentle washing requirements.

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The Benefits of Cradle Wash

The Cradle Wash system requires the machine to produce low vibrations to keep the washing cycles as silent as possible. In addition, as the rotational speed is low, the machine consumes less power. The following are the benefits of the Cradle Wash system.

  • The system ensures a gentle wash for your delicate garments
  • It is an efficient washing cycle that removes stains and cleans dirt while consuming less power.
  • Compared to other wash cycles, the Cradle Wash system requires less water and detergent.
  • As the rotational speed is slow, the operation is practically silent.

If you want to wash delicate garments like your satin dresses or baby clothes, investing in a washing machine that offers a Cradle Wash system is better. It is an excellent technology that ensures the safety of your delicate garments.

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