Convertible AC vs Inverter AC | What’s the Difference?



Air Conditioner manufacturing technology is improving by the day. Inverter compressor technology was one step towards improving the user experience because it saved power and money in the long run.

Similarly, Convertible AC is another technology that provides greater convenience to users. Let us now compare a convertible AC with an inverter AC and decide the better option.

First of all, all convertible ACs come equipped with inverter compressors, but all inverter ACs do not exhibit convertibility.

Before comparing the convertible AC and inverter AC, let us understand the definitions.

  1. Inverter AC – An inverter AC comes equipped with a variable-speed compressor that keeps functioning continuously at varying speeds depending on the heat load and the set temperature.
  2. Convertible AC – A convertible AC has an inverter compressor but comes with a feature that allows the user to decide the working capacity of the AC. So, in short, a convertible AC can work at varying capacities (tonnage).

Conventional AC vs Inverter AC vs Convertible AC

Conventional AC vs Inverter AC

An inverter compressor is different from a traditional compressor because it functions at varying speeds, depending on the heat load. It is more like a car accelerator. The higher the speed, the more is the fuel consumption. In contrast, the traditional compressor works at a fixed speed (the maximum) regardless of the heating demands.

The conventional compressor switches off after the AC attains the set temperature. The fans keep working to maintain the cooling. The compressor starts functioning again once the room temperature reaches a threshold level. The inverter compressor does not switch off but reduces its operating speed accordingly. Hence, it consumes less electricity while delivering efficient cooling performance. Besides, it does not make as much noise as the conventional compressor.

Non Inverter AC vs Inverter AC working

The convertible AC takes your convenience to the next level by allowing you to set your comfort levels by using the remote control option. Depending on the persons in the room or the cooling requirement, you can select the convertible AC to work at different capacities.

For example, the LG 5-in-1 convertible AC allows setting the AC capacity level between 40% to 110%, depending on the heat load. So, a 1.5-ton LG convertible AC can work at five different tonnages.

LG Convertible ac with different tonnages
  • If one or two persons are in the room, you can set the convertible AC to work at 40% capacity, i.e., 0.6-tons.
  • If there are three persons, you can set the bar higher at 60% capacity or 0.9-tons.
  • If you require more cooling, an option to set the AC to work at 80% capacity or 1.2-tons is available.
  • Fourthly, the convertible AC can function at its total capacity of 1.5-tons if necessary.
  • If the requirements are high, you can set it to work at 110% capacity or 1.65-tons.

The Samsung convertible AC is similar, but it can work at up to 120% capacity. In addition, the LG 6-in-1 convertible AC has an additional AI mode where the AC automatically adjusts its cooling power up to +/- 2 degrees from the set temperature levels, depending on the heat load. 

Thus, the convertible AC offers these additional features to save power. On the other hand, the inverter ACs can work at varying speeds but at the same capacity.

Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
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