Cold Press Juicer vs Centrifugal juicer | Which is Best?

Come June, and you expect the rains to be all over us in India. Unfortunately, it does not happen this way every year. You have places like Chennai still suffering from the heat.

The best way to beat the heat is to forgo the cup of ‘kaapi’ that ‘Chennaiites’ love and go for the fresh fruit juices.

Best cold press juicer

It is an excellent idea for the people living in such hot and humid places to invest in a good cold press juicer.

Before you venture to buy the juicers, you should have an idea about the different types of juicers. The cold press juicers are the most effective of all these juicers.

Buyer’s Guide – Cold Press Juicers

Vegetables and fruits should form part of your diet every day. Not everyone likes to eat vegetables. Cooking the vegetables robs them of their nutrients.

The best way to have vegetables is to have them raw. Therefore vegetable juices are the best option. These juices have the maximum nutrition value.

You have a variety of juicers in the market. Choosing the right one can be a challenging task to do. This guide should make it easy for you.

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Types of Juicers

There are two types of juicers, the centrifugal juicers, and the cold press juicers. Let us look at both these types of juicers and compare them.

Centrifugal Juicers

These juicers are high-speed juicers that separate the pulp using the process of grinding. The motor rotates at a speed of 15000 rpm. Crushing an apple at this speed is easy.

However, these juicers produce a lot of foam whereby the juices lose valuable nutrients through oxidation. Hence, such fruit juices have a short shelf life.

  • High RPM speed helps in quick extraction of juice
  • Easy to use
  • A good option as they are readily available in the market
  • Cannot produce juice from leafy vegetables and wheatgrass
  • Causes oxidation of fluid and hence the liquid loses its nutrients
  • Makes a lot of noise

Cold Press Juicers – Masticating Juicers

As the name suggests, these juicers have a low speed of around 40 to 80 rpm. It makes the juice extraction process very slow, but you get high quality juice.

There is no oxidation, and hence the juices retain their natural taste, nutrients, enzymes, and minerals. The juicer works by squeezing the fruit through the shaft. Therefore, you have a more substantial quantity of juice as well.

  • Higher yield
  • Retains more nutrients as compared to centrifugal juicers
  • Works at a low temperature, hence the name cold press juicers
  • Takes more time
  • Heavy appliances in comparison to the centrifugal juicers
  • Need to cut the fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces to get better results

Different Types of cold press juicers

Vertical Masticating Juicer

These juicers have a compact design. Most of the people favour these juicers because it is ideal for kitchens of all sizes. The vertical masticating juicers come with a cap that allows you to mix your juices inside the juicing chamber. The self-cleaning system is a highlight as it makes the juicer easy to clean and maintain.

Horizontal Masticating Juicer (Slow Juicer)

The horizontal juicers have additional juicing functions that enable it to produce juice from green leafy vegetables. Many such juicers come with attachments for making pasta noodles, mincing, and preparing nut butter.

Advantages of the Cold Pressed Juicers

The cold press juicers work by gently applying pressure on the fruits and vegetables to extract a mixture of pulp and juice.

The benefits of the cold press juicer are that they help retain the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables after removing their juices.

These juicers do not produce much heat thereby ensuring the retention of vitamins, enzymes, and trace minerals. Let us look at some of the apparent benefits of using the cold press juicers.

No oxidation – There is minimum exposure of the juices to air. Hence, there is no formation of foam.

Lasts long – You can store the juices extracted from such juicers for a maximum of 21 days in the refrigerator.

Maximum nutrition – the process ensures that it retains the maximum vitamins, enzymes, and trace minerals.

Preserve nutritious value – These juicers do not produce any heat while extracting the juice. Therefore, they are capable of retaining the nutritive value of the fruit and vegetable juices.

Low temperatures – Due to the absence of pasteurisation, the process helps to retain the taste and flavour of the juices.

Easy to absorb – The body can absorb the minerals and vitamins from such juices extracted from cold press juicers.

Points to consider while purchasing a cold press juicer

You get a variety of cold press juicers in India. You should be aware of the following points while venturing to purchase cold press juicers.


These juicers come in various designs and sizes. Choose the one that suits your kitchen the best. The compact juicers are easy to store as they do not have many parts.

The yield of pulp

The pulp yield is more in cold press juicers as compared to the centrifugal juicers. It helps in retaining the essence of the fruits thereby improving its flavour and taste.

Pulp ejection

Check out the pulp ejection system in your cold press juicers. The cold press juicers have separate containers for extracting pulp and juice. Some of the juicers have external containers.

Such juicers are better because they save you the trouble of stopping the operation to remove the pulp.


The motor power depends on the usage of the juicer. If you plan to use the juicer for extracting fruit juice alone, you do not require a high-power motor. You need high-powered motors to extract juice from hard and green leafy vegetables.

The ideal motor for your juicer is the 400-watt motor. It caters to the vegetables and the fruits. Another factor that plays a vital role in the selection of the motor is the frequency of usage.

Noise levels

The centrifugal juicer is similar to the mixers and grinders you use at home. They make a lot of noise. On the other hand, these cold press masticating juicers do not make noise at all.


The cold press juicers are slow juicers with the motor running at speeds in the range of 40 rpm to 80 rpm. The centrifugal juicers run at an astonishing rate of 15000 rpm. The issue with the speed is that it generates a high amount of heat.

The cold press juicers work slowly, and hence ensure that they retain the nutritious value of the fruits and vegetables.


The speed of the motor is directly proportional to the temperature. The faster the engine runs, the more heat it generates. The cold press juicers do not generate any heat at all. Therefore, they are ideal for maintaining the level of vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals, and nutrients at the optimum value.

Feeder tube size

It is ideal to cut the fruits and vegetables before inserting them into the juicer. It makes the job more comfortable for the appliance. Also, you can ensure that there are no insects inside the fruits and vegetables when you cut them up.

This process can take some initial time. However, if you want to save time, you can opt for juicers having larger feeder tubes where you can insert the vegetables like carrots and beetroots easily.

Some juicers come with tubes wide enough to accommodate uncut apples and sweet limes.

Cleaning time

Cleaning a juicer can take time. You have to ensure removal of every fibre that can stick to the auger. The modern-day juicers come with auto cleaning facilities that enable you to clean them between two juicing processes by passing cold water and running it for a few minutes.

In the ordinary course, you can detach the different parts and clean them separately. Most of the juicer parts are dishwasher safe.


Look out for the juicers that are easier to handle. The juicer should be easy to assemble and disengage to enable easy cleaning. The large feeding tubes save you the considerable time you waste in cutting the fruits and vegetables.

Also, the larger tubes prevent clogging of the pulp inside the juicer. Some juicers come with reverse rotating functions to extricate the pulp stuck to the augers.

Spare parts

Most of the juicer manufacturers have service centers in the top cities of India. Hence, the availability of spare parts should not be an issue at all. The Indian-made juicers like Kent and Havells are ideal because you get these spare parts everywhere. Check out the availability of spare parts in case of the Korean-made juicers.

Choose the right brand

Do your research thoroughly before choosing the right brand of cold press juicers. Do not go for the fancy names. Sticking to the trusted brands is advisable. You can always refer to the internet to check out the popularity of the juicer brands.

Doing your research in the initial stages can save you a lot of problems later on.

Customer Service

The customer service plays a vital role in selecting the right juicer. Most of the negative reviews concern customer service.

The price of the juicer

Check out the price of the juicer before deciding to buy the same. Remember that the most expensive juicer is not necessarily the best one available on the market. If you are new to juicing, it is better to opt for a centrifugal juicer. Subsequently, you can graduate to the cold press juicers.

Differences between centrifugal juicers and cold press juicers

Specifications Centrifugal Juicers Cold Press Juicers
Retention of nutrients Does not retain a lot of nutrients due to the generation of excess heat Does not produce much heat. Hence possible to maintain a majority of essential nutrients
Leafy vegetables Less efficient while processing leafy vegetables Extremely efficient as it can extract a lot of juice from green vegetables
The shelf life of juice Operates at incredibly high speeds in the range of 15000 rpm Very slow speeds in the range of 40 rpm to 80 rpm
Noise levels 24 hours 72 hours If you store them in the refrigerator, you can maintain the freshness for as many as 21 days
Price Makes a lot of noise Makes minimum noise
Table Lower priced Greater facilities hence rated higher
Extraction of pulp Less pulp More pulp

The cold press juicers do a great job of extracting the maximum juice from the hardest of vegetables and fruits.

So, the next time you need a glass of fresh vegetable or fruit juice, you need not visit the local juice centre. You can have your juices right at home.

It is the healthiest way of having fresh juices. You do not have to contend with the cheap quality of fruits and vegetables that the roadside juice vendors use.

You end up compromising on your health. Have the best and most natural fruit juices at home from the choicest of fruits and vegetables.

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