Points to consider when purchasing a Coir Mattress

Nothing can be better than a soft mattress to plonk yourself after a hard day at the office. It can give you absolute comfort.

However, people with back problems can find the soft beds too soft for their convenience.

They require a little bit of hardness to provide the ideal support for their aching spines. The coir mattress should provide the best option.

Hence, you find the leading orthopedics recommending coir mattress for people with bad backs.

Our lifestyles have changed a lot compared to the earlier generation. While our forefathers would slog it out in the fields, we are accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle as we spend a significant portion of our lives sitting in our office chairs.

Though we can call it comfortable, the sedentary lifestyle is primarily responsible for the backaches we suffer from time to time.

Besides, we adopt unhealthy sleeping postures. Our choice of mattresses also plays a critical role in this aspect.

A soft and bouncy latex mattress can be comfortable, but it is not ideal for a bad back.

It can aggravate the pain considerably. Hence, doctors recommend going for an orthopedic coir mattress at the slightest hint of back trouble.

This buying guide focuses on these coir mattresses alone. Let us see how to choose the ideal coir mattress to support our back and spine.

Advantages of Coir Mattresses

Coir mattresses have specific advantages over other beds that make people with spinal issues prefer them.

  • A bad back can get worse if you sleep on an uneven surface. The rubberized coir mattress is a firm surface that does not offer much flexibility as you sleep on it. Hence, it is ideal for bad backs and other spinal issues like neck pain.
  • Nowadays, rubberized coir mattresses come with PU foam support layers that allow you to adopt different sleeping styles without compromising the firmness factor.
  • Compared to the latex and memory foam mattresses, the coir mattresses cost less. Hence, they are excellent on the affordability factor.
  • Memory foam mattresses emit obnoxious odors that can harm the environment. Rubberized coir mattresses do not have any harsh chemicals that can pollute the atmosphere. Hence, they are the most eco-friendly of all beds available on the market.
  • Coir mattresses generally comprise 100% natural products like coconut fibers. These fibers are firm and porous at the same time. They allow free air circulation and hence maintain the temperature at comfortable levels.
  • Coir mattresses are firm and hence do not move around as you toss and turn over in sleep. The lack of motion transfer is an excellent feature because it does not disturb your partner when sleeping.
  • Coir mattresses do not have ungainly folds or creases on the surface that could trap dust. Besides, natural rubber or coconut fibers have insect-repelling properties. Dust mites and bed bugs stay away from coir mattresses.
  • Some of the coir mattresses have a soft foam layer on the reverse side. Therefore, these mattresses can serve multiple purposes.

Disadvantages of Rubberized Coir Mattresses

Just as coir mattresses have their benefits, you should know the drawbacks too. It can help you to arrive at the right decision.

  • You should be careful when purchasing rubberized coir mattresses. Some Brands pass off the standard coir mattresses as rubberized coir. You pay more than what the bed is worth. It is advisable to check out the specifications before you order them.
  • Coir mattresses do not have a history of lasting more than five or six years. The coir can compress and become rigid, thereby rendering the bed useless.
  • Coir mattresses tend to sag easily. It is therefore advisable to purchase a reversible bed. In this way, you ensure not to use the same surface continuously for long. It can delay the sagging process.
  • Compared to other mattresses like latex or memory foam, coir mattresses are harder.
  • Coir mattresses can be hard to maintain, especially if they get wet.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a coir mattress

When you venture to purchase a coir mattress, you should concentrate on the following features.

Comfort Level

Before choosing any mattress, it is always advisable to try out the mattress in the physical store. It would be excellent if you always chose the bed that you find comfortable sleeping on. Nowadays, you have online sellers offering free trial nights.

It is better to purchase your coir mattress from such dealers. You have the option to return the mattress if it is not up to your expected comfort levels.

If you love to have a firmer sleeping surface, you are better off choosing a coir mattress or even a spring mattress. However, if you love to have soft and bouncy beds, coir mattresses are never the ideal option. The memory foam or latex foam beds should fit the bill.

Coir mattresses can be comfortable because they allow free air circulation and are breathable. Such beds maintain the temperature at optimal levels to provide the ultimate comfort. Mattresses that trap heat can be uncomfortable and sweaty.

Coir mattresses are hygroscopic. Hence, they absorb body moisture and, therefore, offer restful and refreshing sleep.

Sleeping Position

Your favorite sleeping position determines the kind of mattress you buy. If you like sleeping on your side, you would love to go for the latex or memory foam beds. The coir mattresses available today have adequate support in the form of bonded and high-density foam on either side to make it comfortable for you to sleep on your sides.

If you love sleeping on your back or stomach, the coir mattress should be ideal because they offer the perfect spinal alignment. Such beds can prevent you from getting up with painful backaches in the morning.

stomach sleepers

If you have spinal issues like back or neck pain, you should opt for orthopedic coir mattresses. Such mattresses are firm on one side and soft on the other. Though sleeping on your back provides the maximum relief, you can go for additional pillows or protective foam layers for added comfort.


Coir mattresses are available in two types. The natural coconut fiber mattresses are cheap, but they can attract insects and are not advisable when prone to allergies.

The rubberized coir mattresses are better in this aspect because they repel insects and dust mites. They are also better when it comes to handling moisture.

The coconut fibers can absorb water and encourage algae infestation. If you have any dust allergies, it is advisable to opt for a rubberized coir mattress instead of a coconut fiber coir bed. These mattresses have anti-dust properties that discourage dust accumulation on the bed surface.


The coir mattresses are not the best on the durability aspect. These beds tend to sag with continuous usage. Besides, you should ensure that these beds do not come in contact with water. The rubberized coir mattresses are better than the 100% coconut coir beds.


Your budget plays a significant role in selecting the ideal coir mattress for your home. The natural coir beds are the lowest-priced mattresses in the market.

The rubberized coir mattresses with additional support in the form of high-density foam are comparatively expensive. However, they are considerably cheaper than latex or memory foam beds.

Coir mattresses Maintenance

Coir mattresses are the best when it comes to maintenance. It is one of the easiest to clean and maintain. The following tips should help you maintain your coir mattress.

1. When purchasing your coir mattress, it is better to ensure that the outer protective fabric has zippers to enable you to remove them quickly. It helps in cleaning the covers regularly.

2. Nowadays, coir mattresses come in reversible modes. One should reverse the mattress at least once in three months and change their sleeping positions. It can help extend the bed’s life considerably.

3. It is advisable to vacuum clean your coir mattress thoroughly once a month. It prevents dust accumulation.

4. While you can use a coir mattress without the protective cover, it is not a good idea to do so. Using a washable protective protection pad can prevent stains from affecting the bed.

5. Coir mattresses are firm to medium-firm. They are not the ideal beds to jump on. Besides injuring yourself, you can damage your mattress considerably.

6. Smoking cigarettes is anyway bad for your health. You should avoid smoking when sitting or sleeping on your coir mattress. The smoldering cigarette ends can prove hazardous

Brand Value

Though you can get cheap coir mattresses online and offline, it is better to opt for reputed brands like Duroflex, Sleepwell, Centuary Mattress, Springtex, and Sunidra.

You might spend a few thousand rupees more initially, but the best brands last longer and provide better comfort. Hence, they are beneficial in the long run.

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