Catechin Filter in Air Conditioners – Explained!

You see a lot of emphasis on environmental conservation today because of the ill effects of global warming and ozone depletion, and so on.

Therefore, you see a shift in the preferences of people towards greener methods of consuming energy. Air conditioners have a reputation of being one of the biggest culprits of environmental pollution over the years.

Hence, it becomes essential for the manufacturers of these AC units to come up with environmentally friendly methods. One such attempt is the use of Catechin filters in the AC as compared to the nano silver filters.

The Japanese AC manufacturers have taken the lead in this regard with Mitsubishi AC using Catechin filters to purify the air.
Catechin Filters

Catechin is an essential ingredient of green tea. It can eliminate bacteria and prevent unpleasant odours. The AC manufacturers have taken the cue from these properties of Catechin.

These Catechin filters contain naturally extracted Catechin from green tea leaves.

Catechin Filters – The Working

The working of the Catechin filters is extremely elementary. The AC manufacturers add the Catechin to the screen to prevent the passage of bacteria. Also, these filters eliminate bad odours caused by tobacco smoke and other air contaminants. The Catechin filters can also take care of bad smells emitted by your pets because of their anti-dust and anti-bacterial properties.

Catechin Filters – The Advantages

  • Eliminates terrible odour and arrests the passage of bacteria and other microbes
  • Ideal for removing the rancid smell of tobacco smoke and paints, varnishes, and so on.
  • Extremely useful to asthmatic patients as these filters purify the air and get rid of the allergens
  • Prevents the spread of respiratory diseases caused by inhaling polluted indoor air.
  • The Catechin filters have the power to disrupt the contagious ability of the viruses by covering the spikes of the virus.

Catechin Filters – The Disadvantages

  • Can be a bit expensive
  • New technology, therefore requiring greater research


The Japanese AC manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Panasonic and so on have started using these Catechin filters in their latest AC models. The Indian brands like Voltas and Blue Star are also following suit in this regard.


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