Carrier ACs Review (2023) Technologies, Pros & Cons



Carrier is a leading worldwide provider of HVAC and refrigerating solutions, present in more than 180 countries. The Midea Group ranks as a Fortune 500 company with a presence in nearly 200 countries.

Carrier Midea India Pvt Ltd is a collaborative venture between the two major AC manufacturers. This company offers an excellent range of domestic and commercial air conditioners in India.

It includes split ACs, window ACs, and Wi-Fi-enabled ACs in these brands, Carrier and Midea, respectively.

Though the company is a JV, they offer individual products under their respective brand names. These air conditioner appliances provide an excellent range of technologies, including Flexicool Hybridjet Technology, Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioners, etc.

Carrier AC ODu

We shall discuss all these technologies and see how they benefit consumers. But before that, let us look at the number of models available in these brands. It will give us an idea about the range of air conditioning appliances from these brands.

  CarrierSplit ACs52
Wi-Fi ACs5
Window ACs18
  MideaSplit ACs24
Wi-Fi ACs0
Window ACs0

Carrier offers 21 Fixed-Speed ACs and Midea, only one. All the other ACs come equipped with inverter technology.

Let us discuss these individual technologies available in Carrier and Midea ACs.

Technologies Available in Carrier and Midea ACs

Fixed Speed Compressor

The fixed-speed compressors are available on all window ACs and selected split ACs in Carrier and Midea models. The air conditioners equipped with fixed-speed compressors consume more power than those featuring inverter technology in their compressors. However, they are efficient and deliver high-quality cooling performance.

The advantage of the traditional compressors is that they are reciprocating compressors using piston pressure to pump the refrigerant. Besides, the fixed-speed compressor ACs are comparatively lower-priced than their inverter compressor air conditioning appliances.

How consumers benefit – While these compressors ensure good performance, the ACs are comparatively less expensive than other ACs with inverter technology.

Models – Carrier split AC models with fixed-speed compressors include Indus CX (3-star), Emperia CX (3-star), Durawhite Pro+ CX (3-star), etc. The Carrier window ACs with fixed-speed compressors include Estrella CX (5-star), Estrella N (3-star), etc. Midea fixed-speed compressor AC models include Santis Pro CLS (3-star), Santis (5-star), Santis Pro (3-star), etc.  

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Inverter Compressor

Carrier ac review

Compressors working on inverter technology operate at varying speeds depending on the set temperature, the cooling load, and the external temperature. Moreover, the modern-day inverter compressors can work with variable tonnage capacities besides variable speeds. Thus, these inverter compressors save power and deliver a comfortable cooling experience.

Besides, these motors make comparatively less sound than the traditional compressors. However, the ACs equipped with inverter compressors are more expensive than the fixed-speed compressor ACs.

How consumers benefit – These ACs make less noise, consume less energy, and deliver high-quality cooling performance.

Models – Carrier split ACs with inverter compressor include Indus CXI (5-star), Emperia CXI (3-star), Durafresh CXI (5-star), etc. Midea inverter compressor ACs include Santis Pro DLX (3-star), Santis Pro PRM (5-star), Santis Pro RYL (5-star), etc.

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Hybrid Jet Flexicool Inverter Compressor

Carrier has introduced an innovative technology, HybridJet, that uses a combination of air and refrigerant to cool your homes. This technology is characterized by these exciting features.

  • Robust and Durable Design – The innovative design offers best-in-class performance characterized by a rapid indoor cooling rate to make these air conditioners more efficient than those working on regular inverter compressors.
  • High Ambient Functioning – This technology uses air and refrigerant to cool the outer E-box efficiently. Thus, it improves the product performance by providing ambient cooling inside the room even if the external temperature touches 55 degrees.
  • Low Voltage Operation – The air conditioners equipped with this technology can work at an extensive voltage range starting from 195V.
  • 4-in-1 Cooling Modes – The HybridJet Flexicool inverter compressor can work at four varying capacities (tonnage) ranging from 50% to 100% and a free-running mode at 110% capacity, depending on the cooling necessities. The latest Carrier AC models offer 6-in-1 cooling modes that enable the appliances to work at six different capacities, depending on the cooling requirement.

How consumers benefit – Consumers get better convenience features, power savings, and excellent performance.

Models – Carrier split AC models with HybridJet inverter compressor include Estar+ (3-star), Esko+ (3-star), and Ester+ (3-star), etc. Midea does not have any air conditioner in this range.    

Carrier ac remoter

Wi-Fi Technology

Select Carrier split air conditioners offer Wi-Fi connectivity through a dedicated smartphone app, Cool Connect, available on Google PlayStore and AppStore. Consumers can control and operate the AC using their smartphones.

It is different from the IR Blaster, which can work only as a remote control. Cool Connect enables controlling the AC through a full-fledged app. These Wi-Fi connectivity-enabled ACs work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

How consumers benefit – Operating the AC through the smartphone app adds to consumers’ convenience.

Models – Carrier offers five AC models with Wi-Fi that include Superia Xtreme (5-star), Breezo HybridJet Inverter Wi-Fi (3-star), and Emperia Pro Inverter Wi-Fi (3-star), etc. Midea does not offer any AC with a Wi-Fi facility.

Cooling Modes

  1. Eco Function – The Eco Mode regulates the temperature around you in the room while moderating the fan and compressor speeds to consume less power. The Eco Mode is available in almost all Carrier and Midea ACs. This Eco function is also known as Eco Play in some models.
  2. Sleep Mode – The Sleep mode decreases energy consumption while you sleep. Consumers can activate this mode via the remote only. If the AC works in the COOL mode, the unit increases the temperature by 1 degree Celsius every hour for two hours. If you operate the AC on the HEAT mode, it reduces the temperature by 1 degree Celsius every hour for two hours. The AC maintains the new temperature for the next five hours and subsequently switches off the mode. This function is not available in the Dry and Fan modes.
  3. Dry Mode – The dry mode is available on all Carrier and Midea air conditions that help check the humidity levels in the room and provide optimum comfort.
  4. Auto Fan Speed – The Carrier and Midea ACs with inverter compressors offer an automatically adjustable fan speed function to provide ideal comfort and convenience to the consumer.
  5. NextGen Humidifier – While all ACs are ideal for use in the summer months, there can be humidity issues in the monsoon season that immediately follows the summer season. The humidity in the room causes the AC to work harder and consume more power. It can make the atmosphere uncomfortable due to excessive cooling. Carrier ACs feature a NextGen dehumidifier that expels the humidity from the room and ensures that dry and fresh air circulates inside the room.  
  6. My Mode – Carrier ACs offer My Mode, allowing you to set your preferred cooling mode, temperature, and fan settings. The AC saves these settings that you can activate with a single click on the remote.

How consumers benefit – The cooling modes are convenient options that provide optimal comfort to customers. In addition, some of them save power while delivering high-quality performance.

Models – Almost all Carrier and Midea ACs offer these facilities.   

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Carrier ac unboxing

Air Purification Features

  1. HD Filter – The HD Filter in Carrier ACs works along with the PM2.5 filter to remove microscopic dust particles and keep the air fresh and clean.
  2. Electrostatic Dust Filter – Some Carrier AC models come equipped with electrostatic filters that trap all impurities and purify the circulating air.
  3. PM 2.5 Micron Filter – The PM2.5 filter takes care of PM2.5 pollutants that can cause respiratory problems for everyone inhaling them. These pollutants include vehicle exhaust, construction equipment exhaust, burning of garbage, oil, etc. The latest Carrier air conditioners (split ACs) feature a PM2.5 transparent filter to trap these pollutants from circulating inside the room.
  4. Air Cleaner (Composite Air Refreshing Mesh) – Select Carrier and Midea AC units offer a composite air refreshing mesh that helps trap all kinds of pollutants to improve air quality inside the room.
  5. AG+ Nano Filter – Some Carrier air conditioner models offer AG+ Nano filter that uses silver ions to punch holes into bacterial membranes and deactivate them. Thus, it eliminates bacterial contamination and enhances air quality.
  6. Hyper Protective Filter – Some Carrier and Midea AC brands offer 3M Filters to trap various impurities like household smoke, dust, chemicals, and pet dander.
  7. 4-in-1 filters – The latest Carrier window ACs feature a comprehensive air filtering solution comprising a 4-in-1 filter. It includes a cold catalyst filter to remove the larger pollutants like dust mites, pollen, dust, and animal dander. The Vitamin C filter eliminates radicals and helps soften the skin by reducing stress. The Bio-filter traps airborne microscopic particles, whereas the Nano Platinum filter removes bacteria and other nano-sized pollutants to deodorize the circulating air.
  8. Anti-VOC filter – Midea ACs offer anti-VOC filters to eliminate volatile organic compounds present indoors as gases. The primary causes are burning fuels like gasoline, coal, wood, and natural gases. These gases combine with nitrogen oxides and ozone to form poisonous gases capable of causing kidney, liver, and nervous ailments. The anti-VOC filters remove these gases to improve indoor air quality.

How consumers benefit – All these features might not be present in all Carrier AC models, but each type of filter discussed here traps pollutants and purifies the air circulating inside the rooms.

Models – Almost all Carrier and Midea ACs offer either one or multiple air purification modes from the different filters discussed above. Models like Ester Neo Inverter, Indus CX, Emperia CXI, etc., offer these features.

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Carrier inverter ac 1.5 ton

Protection Features

  • Security Lock – Carrier AC models offer a security lock for the outdoor unit protecting it from theft or damage.
  • 100% Copper Condenser – Carrier and Midea air conditioners come equipped with 100% copper condenser coils. The copper coils are better than aluminum coils because of their better heat exchange capability. Besides, the copper condensers are more durable than the aluminum condensers. However, the copper condenser-equipped ACs are comparatively more expensive than the aluminum condensers.
  • Anti-corrosive hydrophilic Blue Fin – The condenser and evaporator coils attract dust and humidity that can corrode the metal and cause rust issues. Carrier and Midea AC models come with additional protection in an anti-corrosive hydrophilic Blue Fin that does not allow moisture and dust accumulation. Besides, Blue Fin technology improves heat exchange capability. In addition, the anti-corrosive epoxy coating protects the condenser coils from rust and other corrosive elements.   
  • Refrigerant Leakage Detector – This feature indicates whether there is a leakage in the refrigerant. The indoor unit display shows the error code EC. The timer indicator turns off, and the ‘run’ indicator flashes seven times to indicate refrigerant leakage.
  • Intelligent CRF Alert – The Intelligent Cleaning and Replacement Alert protects your AC from damage because it alerts you when to clean or replace the filters.
  • Stabilizer-free operations – Almost all Carrier split ACs can work at fluctuating voltages. However, the Flexicool HybridJet compressor models can perform consistently even if the voltage fluctuates within a high range. Thus, it protects the AC from damage.
  • Self-Diagnosis – The latest Carrier and Midea AC brands offer a self-diagnosis feature that diagnoses problems with the AC’s functioning and operations to alert the consumer by displaying error codes on the AC display and the remote. It allows the consumer to communicate with the service team and help in quick repairs and maintenance.

How consumers benefit – The protective features prevent damage to the equipment enabling the consumers to incur fewer maintenance costs.

Models – Almost all Carrier and Midea ACs offer these features. 

Carrier split inverter ac

Other Features

  1. Air Direction Control – This feature allows users to direct the airflow to suit their convenience. Adjusting the airflow direction properly will enable users to save power by preventing uneven room temperatures.
  2. Follow Me – The modern Carrier brands offer Follow Me feature comprising of a sensor inside the remote. On activating the feature, the primary sensor in the IDU stops functioning, allowing the specialized sensor in the remote to take over. Depending on the information provided by the remote sensor, the AC adjusts its ambient temperature to maintain optimum cooling throughout the room.
  3. Auto On/Off timer – All Carrier and Midea air conditioners offer 24×7 timer settings on the remote, allowing users to start and stop the appliance at pre-assigned times.
  4. Refrigerant – Generally, all Carrier and Midea ACs use R32 refrigerant. Some models still use the R410A refrigerant gas. The R32 refrigerant is considered the best for use in ACs because of its ozone depletion and low global warming potential.
  5. Auto Swing – Generally, air conditioners come with a two-way louver swing that moves up and down to distribute cold air into the room. However, carrier appliances have improvised the 2-swing feature to a 4-way swing by including the right and left directions to blow cool air in multiple directions to ensure thorough cooling.
  6. iCleanser – Cleaning the AC filters is paramount because dust accumulation can diminish its performance and cooling capacity. As a result, it consumes more power and incurs heavy maintenance charges. The premium Carrier air conditioners offer an iCleanser facility that cleans the AC automatically by removing the condensed water from the evaporator fins. Then, it switches on the fan mode to blow the wet air and disinfect the indoor unit.
  7. Auto Restart – This feature allows the air conditioner to restart automatically with the prior settings on resumption of power supply.
  8. Auto Mildew – is an optional feature on Carrier air conditioners that allows the AC to operate for a few more minutes after shutting it down. The appliance works on low operating power to dry the condensed water and prevent mildew growth.
  9. Louver Angle Memory – This optional feature ensures that the appliance maintains the previously-set louver angle when turning on the unit.
  10. Air Filter reminder and cleaning reminder – is an optional feature that alerts the consumer that it is time to clean the filters. Similarly, the air filter replacement reminder indicates that the filters need replacement.

How consumers benefit – These features enhance convenience levels for consumers and make them feel comfortable.

Models – The standard features are available on almost all Carrier and Midea ACs. However, the optional features are available on select high-priced models.

Carrier ac star ratings

Warranty Information

All Carrier and Midea ACs get a one-year standard warranty on the product.

The fixed-speed compressors get a 5-year warranty, whereas the inverter compressors get ten years.

Besides, Carrier offers a unique scheme for providing an extended warranty for the PCB.

Here are the highlights of the particular scheme launched for a limited period from 01 April 2022 to 30 June 2022. This warranty is available on the PCB for the Carrier HybridJet Inverter Split AC models.

  1. Carrier offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty that includes the standard 1-year warranty plus a 4-year extended warranty on all inverter split ACs 2022 models.
  2. The categories include 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star AC models in Durafresh CXI, Emperia CXI, and Indus CXI Series.
  3. Consumers must pay a registration fee of Rs 299 plus GST.
  4. Besides, consumers must compulsorily avail of two paid Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) per year, chargeable at Rs 699 plus GST per service from the second year onwards up to Year 5.
  5. The warranty includes all functional parts, labor charges, and gas charging.
  6. However, it excludes plastic parts, metal sheets, remote control, accessories, and unit transportation.
  7. AC Installation charges are Rs 1099 plus GST.

The extended warranty scheme is also available for Non-HybridJet Inverter ACs for three years. So, it is one year for the standard warranty plus two years of extended warranty on the PCB. All other conditions remain the same.

The extended warranties are available on retail/offline sales and the CMI e-store. However, it does not cover e-commerce sales.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Carrier Midea Pvt Ltd offers an AMC for all ACs aging 0 to eight years. The AMC covers all functional parts and labor costs. Besides, qualified service engineers with experience handling Carrier and Midea AC issues are available to take care of your product.

Here are the details of the AMC.

All Carrier and Midea ACs are eligible.Capacity / TypeWindow ACSplit AC – Fixed-speedSplit AC – Inverter
Up to 5 yearsAbove five yearsUp to 5 yearsAbove five yearsUp to 5 yearsAbove five years

More than eight-year-old air conditioners do not qualify for the AMC.

Discounts are available, depending on the timing of the AMC.

  • AMC is taken within 30 days of purchase – 15%
  • AMC is taken during the warranty period but after 30 days of purchase – 10%
  • The product is under warranty or having two products or two years AMC – 12%
  • Three to five products or Three years AMC – 15%
  • More than five products in one location – 20%

Customer Service

For Carrier AC

  1. Phone – 1800-103-3333
  2. Email –

For Midea AC

  1. Phone – 1800-419-3333
  2. Email –

Pros and Cons – Carrier and Midea ACs


  • Carrier is a renowned AC manufacturing company with experience of more than 100 years in the field.
  • Carrier AC designs are exquisite and suit the room’s ambiance.
  • Performance-wise, Carrier ACs are good.
  • The best aspect of Carrier ACs (IDU) is their low noise level of 38db.
  • All Carrier and Midea ACs feature 100% copper condenser coils to ensure the best heat exchange facility and improve overall performance.
  • Spare parts are readily available.


  • While the Carrier ACs IDU noise levels are low, the ODU makes more noise than other reputed AC brands.
  • The Follow Me feature is good but often does not function properly.
  • The AC pricing is also a bit high.

Frequently Asked Questions – Carrier and Midea ACs

1. Is it advisable to take an AMC when an extended warranty is available for the compressor and the PCB?

The AMC has nothing to do with the PCB or the compressor warranties. However, the extended warranties for the PCB require the consumer to avail of two PMS annually. Under such circumstances, the AMC might seem redundant. However, the AMC has comprehensive coverage that includes various components of the AC. So, it is entirely a personal decision whether you opt for the AMC or not.

2. What is the purpose of availing of two PMS annually?

The extended warranty covers the PMC. However, its health depends on how the AC manages its load. A poorly-maintained AC exerts more load on the PCB. Hence, the chances of damage are high. The two annual PMS helps maintain your AC well and increase its efficiency.

3. Which is the better model between Carrier and Midea?

Both the air conditioner brands are good, but Carrier has a good range. Plus, advanced technologies like Flexicool HybridJet Inverter Compressor and Wi-Fi compatibility make Carrier AC a better appliance.

4. What will happen if I fail to avail of the two paid PMS annually?

The extended warranty becomes void if you do not avail of the two paid PMS annually.

5. Can I get my Carrier AC repaired by a third-party vendor during the extended warranty period?

Though the warranty is only for the PCB, you cannot get the AC unit repaired by a third-party service provider. Otherwise, the contract becomes void.

6. Is the extended warranty compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory. The customer can opt-out of the offer. But, the one-year standard warranty is available.

7. What is the average life of the Carrier AC?

It depends on how you use it. We have seen Carrier AC units functioning for more than twelve years. However, Carrier does not offer the AMC for more than eight years old units. So, we can safely assume that the average life of the Carrier AC is eight years.

8. Can I take one PMS and omit the second one?

No, the extended warranty is available only if you avail of both the PMS.

9. Do I have to pay extra for the installation?

The standard installation charges are Rs 1099 plus GST. However, you have to pay extra for the additional fittings, like extended copper tubing, wiring, etc.

10. Can I get the AC installed from a private service provider?

Under such circumstances, the standard warranty and other benefits will not be available to you.

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