CADR to CFM Calculator | How do you convert CADR to CFM?

CADR is a crucial aspect of any air purifier as it helps determine its efficiency. CADR signifies Clean Air Delivery Rate. It is equivalent to the volume of air purified by the air purifier in one hour.

There are three CADRs for each air purifier, depending on the nature of pollutants in the atmosphere.

  1. Smoke CADR – Cigarette smoke, other smoke, and industrial air-borne pollutants
  2. Dust CADR – for the regular dust particles you observe in your home
  3. Pollen CADR – Animal dander and allergens like pollen

Air purifier manufacturers provide the CADR value of their products in the specification sheet. However, the CADR is in cubic meters per hour. You have to convert the CADR to cubic feet per minute for determining the ACH value and the time taken to purify the air in your room. It is a measure of your air purifier’s overall efficiency.

You can use our CADR to CFM calculator to determine the CFM value instantly.

  • Enter the CADR value as given in the air purifier specification sheet.
  • You get the CADR in CFM instantly.
Enter CADR rating in cubic meter per hour (m3h)


The Calculation Method

  • To convert Cubic meter per hour into cubic feet per hour, multiply the value by 35.3147 (1 cubic meter = 35.3147 cubic feet)
  • Divide by 60 to get the figure in cubic feet per minute

Alternatively, multiply the CADR in cubic meters per hour by 0.588 to get the CADR in cubic feet per minute.

Why do you need CADR in cubic feet per minute?

CADR cubic feet per minute is necessary for calculating the ACH (Air changes per hour). It also helps determine how much time the air purifier can take to purify the air in your room. Our ACH calculator can help get these statistics.

Is higher CADR better?

Yes, the higher the CADR, the more space your air purifier can clean. Besides, it also results in faster purifying in smaller rooms.

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Which CADR should I look up to in an air purifier?

It depends on the quality of pollutants you have in your area. For example, if you have smoky interiors like cigarette smoke or other industrial air-borne pollutants, the smoke CADR factor is crucial. Generally, the dust CADR is the most significant. Besides, you have pollen CADR that proves useful if you have pet animals or plants in your home.

Where is the CADR statistic available?

Manufacturers display the CADR on the product sheet. Alternatively, you can calculate the CADR using the ACH value provided by the manufacturers. Our CADR calculator can help you determine the CADR value instantly.

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