Butterfly Matchless vs Jet Elite Mixer Grinder | Which is better?

Here is a feature-by-feature comparison between two popular mixer grinders from Butterfly.

FeaturesButterfly Matchless Mixer Grinder
Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder
Motor750 Watts750 Watts
Number of JarsFour, including 0.5L chutney grinding jar 1.0L dry grinding jar 1.5L wet grinding jar 1.5L PC juicer blender jarFour, including 0.5L chutney grinding jar 1.0L dry grinding jar 1.5L wet grinding jar 1.5L PC juicer blender jar
Speed ControlsThree speeds with whipperThree speeds with whipper
Body MaterialABS Body with steel bladesABS Body with steel blades
WarrantyThree years on the product plus Five years on the motorTwo years on the product plus two years on the motor
Rotation Speed17000 to 20000rpm17000 to 20000rpm

The Comparison – Similarities

The Butterfly Matchless mixer grinder is a compact and powerful mixer grinder with a 750W motor capable of functioning for 30 minutes at a stretch. In terms of motor power, the Butterfly Jet Elite is similar in all respects as it features a similar 750W motor.

Butterfly Matchless Mixie
Butterfly Matchless Mixie

Both these mixer grinders exhibit a rotation speed of 17000 to 20000rpm, ideal for a mixer grinder to cater to the most challenging grinding jobs in the kitchen.

The unique shape of the Butterfly Matchless mixer grinder makes it occupy a bit more space than the Jet Elite model.

Both these mixer grinders come equipped with four jars comprising,

Butterfly Matchless Jars
Butterfly Matchless Jars
  • 0.5L chutney grinding jar for grinding wet chutneys
  • 1.0L dry grinding jar for dry grinding masala powder, turmeric, fenugreek, sesame, mustard, pepper, etc.
  • 1.5L wet grinding jar for grinding idli and dosa batter and other wet grinding work related to your everyday cooking
  • 1.5L juicing cum blending jar, a multipurpose attachment that can prove helpful for wet grinding as well, if you remove the juicing attachments

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The Butterfly Matchless mixer grinder features a sturdy body and a heavy-duty motor capable of running for 30 minutes continuously. The overload protection feature is strategically placed below the machine. As a result, the mixer grinder stops functioning if you overload the machine or run it for extended periods. In addition, it protects the motor from damage.

Butterfly Matchless 750 W Juicer Mixer Grinder
Butterfly Matchless 750W

The Butterfly Jet Elite motor is equally robust and features an overload protector arrangement. In addition, the Butterfly Matchless and the Jet Elide mixer grinders have a unique ventilating arrangement on the body to dissipate heat generated by the motor.

Both these mixer grinders are excellent for challenging kitchen jobs like dry grinding turmeric and other spices.

Butterfly Jet Elite
Butterfly Jet Elite

You can also make fruit juices, milkshakes, lassis, and churn buttermilk. The wire mesh arrangement helps to keep the pulp separated from the juices. The best aspect of these jars is that you can use them without the juicer attachments for other purposes.  

The noise level of these mixer grinders is between 80 to 90db, which is average for a mixer grinder. The rotation speed of both the machines is ideal for an Indian kitchen.

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Why is the Butterfly Matchless Mixer grinder better than the Butterfly Jet Elite model?

Butterfly Matchless Mixer Grinder, 750W, 4 Jars (Grey White)

The Butterfly Matchless mixer grinder jars come with a unique locking arrangement that ensures they are secured well before you switch on the motor.

The polycarbonate juicer cum blender jar is strong enough for an adult to stand on it without damaging it. The other jars are made from high-quality stainless steel with a thicker gauge than you observe in similar mixer grinders.

All jars come with lids made of unbreakable plastic with rubber gaskets to secure them and ensure that the lid does not fly off when the motor rotates at high speed.

There is a light indicator on the mixer grinder switch to indicate whether the power supply is one or off.

The mixer grinder body features a unique rubber padding under the machine to prevent any vibration.

The Butterfly Matchless mixer grinder is available with a three-year warranty on the product and a five-year warranty on the motor. In contrast, the Butterfly Jet Elite model offers a two-year guarantee for the motor and the product.

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Why is the Butterfly Jet Elite model better than the Butterfly Matchless?

Jet Elite From Butterfly mixer grinder
Jet Elite From Butterfly

Performance-wise, both the mixer grinders are equal, but the Jet Elite model costs less than the Matchless model.

The Butterfly Jet Elite model features anti-slip pads below the machine to ensure that it gets a firm footing on the kitchen platform. In contrast, the Matchless model has rubber padding and does not have separate feet.  

Besides, the Butterfly Jet Elite mixer grinder is more compact and occupies less space. Therefore, it is an ideal appliance for small kitchens where space is at a premium.

The Butterfly Jet Elite weighs around 200gm less than the Butterfly Matchless model.

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Final Thoughts

Both these mixer grinders are compact machines capable of assisting the homemaker well in all kitchen-related activities.

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