What is Bubble Soak in Samsung Washing Machines and How to use it?

Anyone will tell you that it is comparatively easier to wash clothes in hot water. It is because hot water can penetrate the fabrics and remove stubborn stains better than cold water.

Hence, people soak their dirty laundry in hot water. However, this procedure can consume time and energy. Therefore, Samsung has introduced Bubble Soak technology in the latest ‘Eco Bubble’ series of washing machines that comfortably remove stubborn stains without hot water.

Bubble Soak Technology – How it works?

The Bubble Soak technology ensures that you do not need water to be at high temperatures to remove stains. This technology can help wash clothes even with water at 15 degrees Celsius. Thus, you save energy and also ensure that your clothes last longer. Besides, this technology does not leave any detergent residue on your clothes.

  1. Add detergents and fabric softener as usual through the special drawer provided for the purpose.
  2. Note that Eco Bubble technology is available in select Samsung washing machines alone. If your machine has it, you can proceed further with using the Bubble Soak technology.
  3. You have to refer to the washing machine manual to know which wash programs allow you to use Bubble Soak.
  4. Select the appropriate wash program and press the Bubble Soak option. Start the washing cycle. Generally, the Bubble Soak option works with ‘Cotton, Synthetics, Bedding, Daily Wash, Baby Care, and Denim.’
  5. You should note that this washing cycle can take more than half an hour because of Bubble Soak.
  6. Foam bubbles will be seen on your laundry inside the washtub. The washing machine mixes the detergents with water and pumps oxygen into it at high pressure. As a result, it forms bubbles.
  7. These foam bubbles reach the clothes through the holes provided in the drum. 
Bubble Soak controls

Advantages of Bubble Soak Technology

  • This technology saves time and energy used in preparing hot water to remove stubborn stains.
  • Bubble Soak technology can work with water temperatures as low as 15 degrees Celsius.
  • As the bubbles enter the fabric layer, it removes dirt easily.
  • This technology is good for your delicate clothes as hot water or steam can damage the fabrics.

Let the wash cycle continue till the end. Your clothes come out clean and without any stains.

Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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  1. If I add touching a button of intensive soak – bubble soak, should I add the cleaning powder, for example, Ariel, into both boxes I and II , that is left and right boxes for it. When I added irt into both boxes, I checked and they both were taken by the Samsung machine at the same time tiime , at the first time.


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