BRITA Marella Review | Can this Jug Replace Gravity Water Purifier?

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The water supply in your homes might not necessarily contain high TDS levels. But still, the water might have picked up impurities on its way to your kitchen. So, purifying it before consumption is advisable.

Under such circumstances, you need not invest in expensive RO water purifiers. The BRITA Marella XL water filter jug is a viable option.

Pros of BRITA Marella

  • This appliance does not require electricity to purify water.
  • It is highly portable as you can carry it anywhere.
  • The electronic BRITA memo reminds you to change the filter cartridge every four weeks.
  • The water purifier has an excellent design.

Cons of the BRITA Marella

  • This appliance cannot handle water with TDS levels of more than 250ppm.
  • The filter requires replacement after every four weeks.
  • This water filter runs on a chargeable Lithium metal battery, so charging is necessary for the machine to function correctly.
BRITA Marella

Our Opinion

BRITA Marella XL is a water-filtering appliance. We cannot call it a water purifier because you cannot use it for purifying water with high TDS levels or bacteria-contaminated water. However, this machine is handy for softening hard water because the super-fine mesh and ion exchange pearls can block limescale buildup and improve the water’s taste.

This water filter is also helpful for filtering RO-purified municipal water supplied through old pipes. In addition, the Active Micro Carbon pearls can improve the water’s taste and make it suitable for drinking.

However, it has disadvantages because the filter cartridge requires replacement every four weeks. That pushes up the operating costs considerably. Secondly, the water jug can accommodate a maximum of 2L of pure water. Therefore, it is an excellent accessory to take with you on a picnic.

I would recommend this water filter as an excellent gift for special occasions. Small families can use it for water purification if the water source does not have TDS levels of more than 250ppm. 

BRITA Marella top


The BRITA Marella German-made water filter jug has a unique design. The plastic jar is sturdy and has a total capacity of 3.5L. But, the pure water holding capacity is 2L.

This portable water filter is ideal for use during travel, where you can get pure filtered water instantly. However, this filter is unsuitable for use when the water source is not suitable for human consumption.

The appliance runs on a rechargeable Lithium metal battery. The water filter cartridge is placed at the top, and the appliance does not require electricity.

This product is ideal for small families and gifting during special occasions.


The water filter’s performance is satisfactory as it can filter contaminants and ensure water purity. Moreover, this machine is suitable for softening hard water because the BRITA MicroFlow technology comprising a wire mesh with ion exchange pearls, blocks limescale buildup.

The appliance also contains an activated carbon filter that can trap aromatic impurities and improve the water taste. So, it is a perfect appliance for filtering water already treated with RO water purification technology.

BRITA Marella water filter jug

The filter cartridge life depends on the source water’s quality. Generally, it works for four weeks. After that, you must replace the filters every month. So, it becomes an expensive affair. However, you get a refill cartridge when you purchase the machine.

Besides, this machine runs on batteries. Fortunately, it has Lithium metal chargeable batteries. Otherwise, the battery cost would have made this water filter uneconomical. So, suppose your source water does not contain TDS levels of more than 250ppm or other contaminants like bacteria or viruses. In that case, this water filter is a suitable appliance for small families and individuals. Ideally, its portability makes it ideal for picnics.

Installation and Service

BRITA Marella jug

The BRITA Marella water purifier does not require any installation. It works on a Lithium metal rechargeable battery. However, the filter cartridges require replacement after they become worn out. So it does not require much servicing. You can purchase the cartridge and change it yourself.

Water Taste
Value For Money
This water filter is a suitable appliance for small families and individuals. Ideally, its portability makes it ideal for picnics.
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This water filter is a suitable appliance for small families and individuals. Ideally, its portability makes it ideal for picnics.BRITA Marella Review | Can this Jug Replace Gravity Water Purifier?