Bosch Washing Machines Review 2023

Bosch manufactures a range of washing machines, a) front-loading washing appliances, b) top-loading washing devices, c) dryers, and d) washer dryers. However, its front-loading washing machines are the most popular amongst consumers.

Here, we would like to add that Bosch has acquired Siemens but retained the brand name. So, you get Siemens washing machine also in the market. The washing technologies in Bosch and Siemens washing appliances are more or less the same.

Bosch offers three ranges of washing machines, depending on the budget and features.

  1. Serie 4 – Affordable washing machine targeted at the average Indian customer
  2. Serie 6 – A mid-range washing appliance with better features than Serie 4 machines
  3. Serie 8 – Top-end washing machines with high-level features and premium pricing

The Bosch official website lists 42 washing machines in its front-load segment and nine in the top-loading models. First, however, we shall discuss the technologies available in front and top loaders. These models are available in capacities ranging between 6Kg and 10Kg.

Bosch washing machine india

Bosch Washing Machine Technologies

Home Connect – A Smart Washing Machine

Home Connect is a WiFi feature available in two Bosch front-loading washing machines, Serie 6 WAT286H9IN and Series 6 WAT286H8IN. It is a comprehensive, innovative solution that allows you to control and monitor your washing machine usage using a smartphone app. In addition, this feature will enable you to control other intelligent Bosch devices in your home. Consumers have to download the HomeConnect app from Google PlayStore.

Consumer Benefits – Users can use their smartphones to set wash cycles and timings and switch the machine off, depending on their needs.

Models – The top two models named above feature Home Connect functionality.

EcoSilence Drive Technology – Improves motor efficiency

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Bosch uses proprietary EcoSilence Drive technology, a new benchmark in energy efficiency. This technology works with brushless motors to eliminate mechanical stress, friction, and wear and tear. Thus, the absence of friction reduces motor noise to the minimum. As a result, the EcoSilence Drive is one of the quietest motors in its niche.

Consumer Benefits – The user benefits from reduced power consumption, less vibration and noise, and a high-quality washing experience.

Models – Almost all Bosch washing machines from the Series 4 to Serie 8 front-loading models feature EcoSilence Drive technology.

Siemens machines work on a similar technology known as iQDrive. This friction-less magnetic motor reduces noise, and power consumption and, thus, increases efficiency. This technology saves up to 33% energy compared to the standard engines used in conventional washing machines.

i-DOS System – Saves detergent

Bosch washing appliances use advanced technologies like i-DOS (intelligent dosing) to determine the optimum amount of detergent required for a particular wash cycle, depending on the degree of soiling, the type of fabric, and the overall load. Therefore, you do not overload the machine with detergents that could form a residual layer on the clothes and cause skin irritation. In addition, since i-DOS determines the exact quantity of detergent, it works cohesively with ActiveWater+ technology to ensure proper dissolution. Thus, it saves water and detergent.

Bosch idos detergent

However, users can select manual dosing and add more detergent if they wish to. But the manual dosing option is not available for the automatic wash cycles. Instead, if they use an automatic wash option, they must fill the detergent in the i-DOS drawers 1 and 2 instead of the manual dosing drawers.

Consumer Benefits – You save on the detergent because the machine decides on the amount of detergent used for a particular washing cycle.

Models – The mid-range Serie 6 machines usually come with i-Dos. One such model is WAT286H9IN, a front-loading appliance.

Automatic Wash Programs – A convenience feature

Bosch Automatic Wash Programs

The Bosch machines equipped with the i-DOS feature offer automatic wash programs for normal and sensitive loads. The Automatic Program for regular clothes is suitable for your traditional clothing. It works with water between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius. In contrast, the Automatic Soft Program caters to delicate clothes and works with water between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Consumer Benefits – These options are available at a single touch. So, it saves labour.

Models – The models with i-DOS functionality offer these programs.

AllergyPlus – Protects against skin infections

Bosch serie 4 front load washing machine

Bosch has developed an innovative technology, AllergyPlus, that ensures a higher washing temperature when washing clothes. Besides, it includes an additional rinse cycle to eliminate allergens present in your clothes. The conventional washing machines do not ensure total detergent removal from your clothes, leading to detergent residue on the clothes and skin infections. AllergyPlus eliminates pollen, animal dander, and dust mites from the clothes to ensure a hygienic washing experience.

Consumer Benefits – Users get thoroughly washed clothes without any detergent residue.

Models – The Serie 6 front-loaders like WAR286H9IN and WAT286H8IN have these features.

VarioPerfect – SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect

VarioPerfect is a wash option Bosch offers in two modes, SpeedPerfect, and EcoPerfect. SpeedPerfect is ideal for those in a hurry and cannot wait for the regular washing cycles to complete. This option washes your clothes in about an hour. However, people who have a lot of time can opt for the EcoPerfect mode, which uses about 66% less energy than other washing machines. The exciting aspect is that almost all Bosch models offer EcoPerfect mode. 

Consumer Benefits – SpeedPerfect saves time but consumes more energy, whereas EcoPerfect ensures a complete washing experience with optimal power consumption.

Models – Almost all models from Serie 4 to Serie 8 come equipped with EcoPerfect.

VarioDrum – A complete wash experience

VarioDrum has a unique design that delivers a gentle and intensive wash cycle. It encompasses a waved pattern that is gentle on the clothes but intensive when it comes to dirt removal. In addition, the drum has small holes with smooth, bevelled-in edges to allow water to seep through without snagging the fabrics. As a result, your clothes have a prolonged lifespan.

Bosch VarioDrum

The VarioDrum comes equipped with these washing aids to ensure a high-quality washing experience.

  1. 3-Cam Impellers move up and down to create a pounding effect on your clothes.
  2. The Scrub Pad helps remove stubborn stains by acting as a brush.
  3. The Asymmetric Paddles Design creates a rough surface to imitate a hand-wash experience.
  4. The Pumping Tower with Magic Filter splashes water on the clothes to resemble a hand-wash and remove lint from them.
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Siemens washing machines use waveDrum technology, similar to Bosch VarioDrum.

Consumer Benefits – The VarioDrum structure ensures the removal of the most challenging dirt without damaging your fabrics. The steep design allows easy scrubbing of soiled clothes, while the flat portion is gentle on your delicate laundry.

Models – Almost all Bosch washing machines have VarioDrum.

Smart Suggest – A convenience option

The Smart Suggest feature is observed in the top-end Bosch top-loading washing machines. It enables you to use automatically programmed settings depending on your load and fabric type. It is similar to the Automatic wash options available in the front-loading Bosch machines.

Consumer Benefits – Users can select their required option and press a single button to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality wash.

Models – This feature is available in the top-loading Bosch models like WOI703M0IN and WOI654M0IN.

Bosch top load washing machine

Vario Inverter – Saves energy

The Vario Inverter motor present in the top-end top-loading Bosch washing machines is similar to the EcoSilence Drive motors in the front loaders. These inverter motors connect to the drum directly and thus, reduce friction. Besides being long-lasting, these motors save power.

Consumer Benefits – Consumers save power and experience fewer maintenance costs because of the Vario inverter motor.

Models – The Serie 4 Bosch top loaders WOI703M0IN, WOI654M0IN, and WOI653S0IN feature a Vario inverter motor.

Magic Filter – Improves the clothes’ lifespan

Almost all washing machines feature a lint filter to remove lint from the clothes and prevent them from clogging the drains. However, the Bosch Magic Filter is unique because it is placed at a lower level than other appliances. It allows the device to trap lint even if the water level is low. Users can remove the lint filter and clean it separately.

Consumer Benefits – The Magic filter ensures to trap lint and clean clothes thoroughly.

Models – All Bosch models feature the Magic Lint filter.   

ActivWater+ – Enhances water savings

Bosch Front load washing machine review

Bosch washing machines come equipped with state-of-the-art technologies like 256 sensors for sensing the load and determining the wash cycle and the quantity of water and detergent. These sensors sense the fabrics you add to the machine while deciding on the appropriate wash cycles. In addition, these sensors can detect the precise amount of water flowing into the machine. Thus, it enhances the appliance’s washing efficiency.

Siemens uses a similar technology known as waterPerfect to help manage the water flow depending on the load. It also ensures the water does not overflow out of the drum.

Consumer Benefits – The user does not have to determine the water level and not worry about water overflowing from the machine.

Models – Select models (for example – WGA244AWIN, WAT286H8IN) feature ActivWater+ technology, whereas all Bosch washing machines feature ActivWater technology, a load-sensing feature to adapt the water level to the appropriate load size.

Washing Programs – Operational advantages

Earlier in the article, we discussed the latest technologies like Automatic Wash programs, AllergyPlus, SpeedPerfect, EcoPerfect, and VarioPerfect. Besides these washing programs, Bosch front and top loaders offer an extensive range of wash programs to suit every requirement.

  1. The Delicate/Silk Programme is ideal for silk, synthetic, and viscose items. The wash temperature is around 30 degrees which can be increased to 40 degrees Celsius if necessary.
  2. Easy-care Programme ensures that the clothes have minimum wrinkles, making them easy to iron.
  3. The Whites/Coloured Programme is ideal for your coloured and white clothes. You can wash your heavy coloured clothes like jeans separately from the whites by selecting the coloured programme option. Similarly, you can use the Whites programme for lighter loads like your shirts and blouses. Besides, Bosch offers a mixed load wash program that allows you to mix your white and coloured clothes.
  4. Woollens Hand Wash Programme is a unique programme that caters to your woollen clothes. It offers a gentle washing action at an optimum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.
  5. Cotton Eco Programme is a 60-minute wash cycle before the first rinse. It is available on selected models alone.
  6. Sportswear Programme is a unique programme designed to wash your sportswear and gym clothes that become sweaty and dirty. It offers two rinse cycles and a gentle washing action to protect your sportswear.
  7. Super Quick 15/30 – As the name suggests, these washing programs are short-duration for 15 and 30 minutes. The 15-minute wash program is ideal for small loads up to 2Kg, whereas you can wash clothes up to 3.5Kg in the 30-minute wash programme.
  8. Pre-Wash is an ideal programme for removing stubborn dirt as the clothes are soaked for a considerable period before starting the washing cycle.
  9. The Night Wash programme is a quiet washing programme without any buzzer to indicate the end of the washing cycle. Besides, it has a lower spin speed to reduce noise.
  10. Reload Function enables you to add clothes to the machine after the washing cycle starts. This function works when the water and temperature levels are optimal.
  11. The Rinse Plus feature lets you manually add another rinsing cycle to the wash program.

Consumer Benefits – Users benefit from an improved and customised washing experience, depending on their needs.

Models – Generally, these modes are available on various Bosch models, depending on their pricing.

Safety Technologies – Protection

Bosch washing machines in india

Bosch washing machines are among the safest of all appliances in their niche. They come equipped with various safety features.                                      

  • VoltCheck – This feature enables the Bosch washing machine to withstand voltage fluctuations. Hence, devices equipped with this technology do not require an external voltage stabiliser.
  • Power Off Memory – Bosch washing machines have the Power-Off Memory feature that enables the appliance to start from wherever it is left off at the power cut. Thus, it saves your time and labour.
  • Child Lock – Almost all Bosch washing machines feature Child Lock, which allows you to lock your settings and prevent anyone from tampering with them.
  • Anti-vibration Side Walls – Bosch washing appliances have a sturdy design with anti-vibration sidewalls to provide better stability. Thus, it regulates noise and makes little noise during the spin cycle.

Consumer Benefits – These features make Bosch machines one of the safest in the market.

Models – All Bosch washing machines offer these safety features.

Pros of Bosch Washing Machine technologies

  • Bosch is one of India’s most reliable brands of washing machines.
  • Bosch has washing machines for every customer segment, Serie 4 for the budget customer, Serie 6 for the mid-ranger, and Serie 8 for the elite.
  • The range of washing options available on Bosch machines is good.
  • The mid-range and top-range Bosch machines save considerable power.
  • Bosch maintains strict quality control on its machines. Hence, there is no compromise on the quality aspect.
  • Bosch offers a 12-year warranty on its inverter motors.

Cons of Bosch Washing Machine technologies

  • Bosch does not offer an extensive range of top loaders.
  • The Bosch Serie 6 and Serie 8 models are more expensive than their counterparts from other brands.
  • Bosch does not offer the two-in-one types of machines provided by LG (TwinWash) and Samsung (FlexiWash).

Frequently Asked Questions – Bosch Washing Machines

1. How long can the Bosch washing machine have the programme in its memory?

Generally, the machine auto starts from where it stopped during the power cut. But if the power cut was an extended one for more than an hour, the auto-restart does not work. You have to reprogram the operations.

2. Can we operate all Bosch washing machines using our smartphones?

No, this feature is not available on all Bosch machines. However, it is available on those models that support HomeConnect through WiFi.

3. What is the general warranty available on Bosch washing machines?

Bosch offers a 2-year comprehensive warranty on the product and 12 years on the motor.

4.Is the Steam wash available on Bosch washing machines?

Almost all Serie 6 and Serie 8 Bosch front-loading washing machines feature an inbuilt heater. So, it does not need a specific steam wash option.

5. Do the Bosch top loaders offer the facility for a hot water inlet?

The top-end Bosch top loaders offer a separate inlet for hot water. It proves helpful because they do not feature an inbuilt heater.

6. Can we dry our clothes using the inbuilt heater in the Bosch washing machine?

The inbuilt heater is only used for heating water. You cannot use the heater to dry clothes.

7. Does the Bosch washing machine require installation by the Bosch service team?

Yes, the service team installs the Bosch washing machine. Unfortunately, the warranty is not available if you do not use their services for installing the device.

8. Does Bosch offer AMC for their machines?

You can avail of the AMC after the expiry of the two-year warranty. It can be helpful.

9. Is the EcoSilence Drive and Vario Inverter the same?

EcoSilence Drive is a quality feature of the Vario Inverter motor. The motor is essentially the same.

10. How is the Bosch after-sales service in India?

It depends on the place you reside. There should not be a problem in the metro cities. However, the service is not satisfactory in the smaller towns.  

Wash Quality
Power Savings
Wash programs
Customer service
Though Bosch manufactures an extensive range of consumer appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, chimneys, etc., the one appliance that stands out is the Bosch washing machine.

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Though Bosch manufactures an extensive range of consumer appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, chimneys, etc., the one appliance that stands out is the Bosch washing machine.Bosch Washing Machines Review 2023