Bosch Washing Machine Error Code List

Bosch advises consumers to contact its Customer Care centers and arrange for a service check if they experience problems with the machine’s functioning. However, the user can attend to certain machine error codes immediately. Here is a list of commonly observed Bosch washing machine error codes and solutions that users should know.

1. E16 or F16

Reason – The E16 or F16 error code indicates that the door is open.

Solution – Bosch front-loading washing machines do not work when the door is left opened or partially closed. The machine displays the E16 or F16 error. The solution is to close the machine’s door and start the cycle. If you find clothes coming in the way, you can reduce the load and then close the door. It should start functioning. If the error remains unsolved, you can contact Bosch Customer Service and arrange a service appointment.

2. E17 of F17

Reason – This error indicates the lack of water supply or exceeding the water supply time.

Solution – Generally, Bosch washing machines stipulate a fixed time for the water supply to commence after switching on the cycle. If there is no water supply in this prescribed time interval, the machine flashes the E17 or F17 code. You can check the water supply and open the tap if it is closed. If there is no water supply from the overhead tank, you must wait for its resumption. Until then, you cannot operate the washing machine. If the error persists despite water availability, there could be a serious issue. You should contact the Bosch service technician by booking a service appointment online.

3. E18 or F18

Reason – The E18 or F18 error indicates the exceeding of pump time.

Solution – Washing activities on Bosch fully automatic front-loading machines are time-bound. If the pump does not start functioning within the prescribed time, the machine displays the E18 or F18 error. You can try resetting the machine by switching it off and waiting for a couple of seconds before switching it on. After that, the machine should start functioning. If the error remains unrectified, you need to seek professional help by contacting the Bosch Customer Care Center online or over the phone.

4. E19 or F19

Reason – This error signifies the exceeding of heating time.

Solution – The heating of water should begin within the stipulated time. If the heater does not function, the washing machine will flash the E19 or F19 error. This error is serious and cannot be rectified by itself. You have to contact Bosch Customer Care and arrange for a service appointment. Meanwhile, you should switch off the machine and wait for the technician to arrive.

5. E20 or F20

Reason – The E20 or F20 error indicates unexpected heating.

Solution – If the machine experiences unexpected heating, it stops functioning and displays the E20 or F20 error code. The solution is to reset the machine. The following steps can help.

  1. Switch off the Bosch washing machine and remove the plug.
  2. Wait for two to five seconds.
  3. Reconnect the plug and switch the machine on.

The machine should reset. If the error persists, you should book a service appointment and call the technician.

6. E23 or F23

Reason – The E23 or F23 indicates “Aquastop Activated.”

Solution – Aquastop indicates stoppage of water supply to the machine. There could be various reasons like stoppage of main water supply, a blocked inlet filter, or kinks in the inlet hose. You can look for bent hoses and straighten them. If the water supply is not available, try opening the tap properly. If there is a blocked inlet filter, you have to remove the inlet hose and clean the filter. If the hose is damaged, it is better to replace it. If all these measures fail, the problem could be serious that cannot be resolved immediately. You can call the Bosch service engineer to investigate the matter.

7. E25 or F25

Reason – The E25 or F25 error signifies the failure of the Turbidity Sensor.

Solution – This error cannot be rectified by simple troubleshooting. You have to seek professional help and call the service engineer by booking a service appointment with Bosch Customer Care.

8. E26 or F26

Reason – The E26 or F26 fault indicates “Analogue Sensor Fault.”

Solution – This problem requires expert handling. First, you have to summon the Bosch service technician to resolve the issue. Then, book a service call with Bosch Customer Care center.

9. E27 or F27

Reason – The E27 or F27 error signifies a faulty pressure sensor.

Solution – There is nothing you can do about this error other than seek professional help. The solution is to book a service call with Bosch Customer care and summon the technician to investigate the matter.

10. E28 or F28

Reason – A faulty flow sensor triggers the E28 or F28 error code.

Solution – This error cannot be rectified by simple troubleshooting. The Bosch service technician is the ideal person to handle the issue. You have to book a service appointment with Bosch Customer Care center online.

Common Troubleshooting Tips

Besides the service error codes displayed above, users can experience various issues that can be handled at home. Let us glance through some common problems faced by consumers. First, however, it is better to note that service technicians should always attend to serious problems.

The washing machine does not turn on

Reason – There could be a power issue.

Solution – If the machine’s lights do not flash, it means that the washing machine does not receive electric power. For example, there could be a faulty electric line. You can try plugging the machine into an alternate socket. If the machine does not start, the wire could be faulty. Alternatively, there could be a more serious issue that requires expert handling.

The washing machine is not starting a program

Reason – The door might not be closed properly. You could have pressed the Start button for too long/short.

Solution – If the door is not locked properly, you can open the door and close it properly. You should press and hold the Start option for a couple of seconds. A mere touch will not start it. Similarly, pressing it for too long can result in an audible beep, and the machine will not start. So, you should switch off the machine and restart it properly.

The washing machine does not spin, or the water does not drain properly

Reason – The drainpipe could be kinked or blocked. Alternatively, the drain pump might not work.

Solution – The following steps can help to remove kinks or blocks.

  • Please switch off the machine and disconnect it from the mains.
  • Check the drain hose for kinks and straighten them out.
  • If there is a block, loosen the hose clip and place a bucket under the tap to avoid spillage.
  • Remove the drain hose and pour out the remaining water into the bucket.
  • Clear the drain hose of any blockages.
  • Connect the drain hose and select the Drain option.
  • The water should start draining. If it doesn’t, there could be an issue with the drain pump.

If there is a drain pump error, the following steps can help rectify the problem.

  • Switch off and disconnect the appliance from the mains.
  • Open and remove the service flap.
  • Remove the pump cover and allow the water to drain out slowly.
  • Clean the interiors and the pump’s housing to allow the impeller to rotate.
  • Reinstall the pump cover and screw it back.
  • Pour a litre of water into the pump and check for any leakages.
  • Start pumping if there is no leakage.

The pump should start functioning properly. If both the above procedures fail, you have to seek professional help.

The Bosch washing machine does not fill with water

Reason – Various reasons can cause this issue. One is the lack of water supply or insufficient water pressure. Secondly, the inlet hose could be kinked, bent, or damaged. Finally, there could be a blockage in the inlet filter.

Solution – If there is no water supply, you can open the taps. If there is no overhead tank water supply, wait for the supply to resume. The machine will not take in water if the water pressure is low. Check the water pressure. Generally, the thumb rule is that one minute should be sufficient for filling ten litres of water. If the pressure is lower, you have to summon a plumber and investigate the matter.

You should check for kinks in the inlet hose and straighten them. If the inlet valve is blocked, you can remove the inlet pipes and clean the valves. These steps should resolve the issue. If the problem remains unsolved, seek professional help.

The washing machine is not taking in the detergent

Reason – The nozzles in the detergent compartment could be blocked.

Solution – Open the detergent drawer can clean it thoroughly. Then, remove the blockages by flushing them thoroughly with water. The following steps should help.

  • Use the middle lock and remove the detergent drawer by sliding it out.
  • Soak the drawer in a soap solution and use an old toothbrush to clean the nozzles.
  • Dry the drawer and slide it back into the socket.

The problem should be resolved.

The washing machine is not finishing a programme

Solution – The problem requires professional handling.

The washing machine filter is blocked

Reason – The filter could be choked, or a foreign object might be blocking the impeller.

Solution – The following steps could help clean the filters.

  • Please switch off the washing machine and disconnect it from the mains. Next, remove the water supply lines.
  • Place a container to collect the water that flows out. Remove the pump cover and pull the drain hose to allow the water to drain out.
  • Replace the cap and reposition the drain hose.
  • Unscrew the filter cap and let the water slide out. It might contain foreign objects like buttons, coins, etc.
  • Remove them and check if the impeller moves freely.
  • Screw the filter cap back into place and close the pump cover.

It should resolve the problem.

There is a leak in the washing machine

Reason – The leakage could be at various places. Here is how you resolve each issue.

Solution – Leakage at the front of the machine could be from the door or the washing machine filter area. You should ensure that the door is closed completely before starting a cycle. Besides, you should also check the machine’s sitting level on the ground. Cleaning the door gasket can also resolve the issue and allow the door to close properly.

If you observe a leakage at the back of the machine, the inlet hoses could be responsible. Reconnect the hoses properly and tighten them. Ensure that the taps are not leaking.

If the leaks persist, you have to summon the Bosch service technician.

The washing machine drum does not turn

Reason – Depending on the programme selected, the washing drum can take time to rotate. Hence, there is not much to worry about.

Solution – Some programmes require the clothes to soak properly before the drum starts rotating. You have to wait accordingly. However, you can check for the following errors.

  • Lack of water supply of low inlet water pressure
  • A blocked inlet filter

Alternatively, worn-out carbon brushes can prevent the drum from rotating. This problem requires professional assistance.

The washing machine door does not open or close

Reason – You could have activated the Child Lock feature. There could be clothes trapped between the drum and the door. Third, the washing drum could be overloaded. Finally, there could be a fault with the door locking system.

Solution – You can disable the Child Lock feature in three ways.

  • The Child Lock will indicate a ‘key’ symbol or the ‘CL’ symbol on display. Then, it will deactivate all the machine’s control functions. For example, you should press the Start button and hold it for around five seconds till you hear a beep. Then, it will deactivate the Child Lock feature.
  • Holding the ‘RPM’ and ‘Finished In’ buttons together for three seconds can deactivate the Child Lock in specific Bosch models.
  • Bosch machines with advanced touchscreen display will have a button named ‘3-sec’ below the CL button. Pressing this button for three seconds can deactivate the Child Lock.

If clothes get caught between the drum and the door, you can open the door and rearrange the clothes. Similarly, you can remove some clothes from an overloaded machine.

If the door lock is faulty, call the service technician to handle the issue.

The washing machine vibrates and moves

Reason – The machine could be standing on an uneven surface.

Solution – You have to place the machine on a flat surface. The machine should be parallel to the ground surface.

  • Use a spirit level to ascertain the balance. Place it on the machine
  • Turn the feet of the machine until the spirit level aligns properly.
  • Secure the feet with lock nuts as explained in the installation manual.
  • If there is a separate base, ensure that the feet are secured with clip holders.

Washing machine stops midway through the programme

Reason – There could be various reasons for the machine to stop midway through the programme.

Solutions – Here are the problems and the respective solutions.

  • Water does not fill into the machine – Check the water supply and pressure. Then, remove the kinks in the inlet hose and clean the inlet filters.
  • Washing machine does not drain – Look for kinked drainpipes or blocked drain hoses. Remove the kinks and blockages. A faulty drain pump can cause the issue. Get it repaired by a technician.
  • The machine starts to overheat – You have to seek professional help.
  • The water does not get heated – Professional assistance is necessary.
  • There could be a leakage – Check for the leakage and plug it in accordingly.

The machine makes strange noises

Reason – An unbalanced machine can make strange noises.

Solution – Level the machine properly on a flat surface to resolve the issue.

The machine does not heat water

Reason – There could be a fault with the heating element.

Solution – You have to seek professional help.

The machine starts overfilling

Reason – A fault with the water inlet valve, pressure switch, or pressure chamber can cause the machine to overfill.

Solutions – All these faults require handling by a professionally qualified service technician.

Washing machine starts overheating

Reason – A fault with the thermostat can cause overheating.

Solution – You have to summon expert assistance to rectify this issue.

The machine is over-foaming

Reason – Using more detergent than required can cause the machine to over-foam.

Solution – Use the appropriate quantity of detergent, depending on your washing load.

The machine’s detergent drawer fills up with water

Reason – Blocked nozzles can cause the detergent drawer to fill up with water.

Solution – Remove and clean the detergent drawer. It should resolve the problem.

Washing machine trips the electric supply

Reason – There could be a short circuit or water leakage on an electrical part.

Solution – The ideal solution is to seek professional help.

Final Words

We have discussed almost every issue connected with the functioning of the Bosch washing machine. Generally, you can troubleshoot most errors. However, serious problems require you to seek professional help. Therefore, do not hesitate to call the Bosch Customer Care Center.

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