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A mixer grinder is an indispensable kitchen appliance in Indian homes.

No Indian cuisine is complete without grinding masala or spices to impart the tangy taste. Hence, it becomes essential for every kitchen to have at least one, if not more, mixer grinder.

Bosch offers an exciting range of mixer grinders with motors having different capacities. Though the 500W and 600W models should be sufficient for small families or individuals, the Indian household usually does not settle for a mixer grinder with a motor capacity of less than 750W. It is logical because we use the mixie for various purposes, including grinding idli and dosa batter.

Idli Batter Made in Bosch 1000W Mixer Grinder
Idli Batter Made in Bosch 1000W Mixie

Here is a tabular representation of two popular Bosch mixer grinders. Though Bosch offers a couple of mixer grinders with lower-capacity motors like 500W or 600W, they are not popular.

Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder
Bosch Appliances True Mixx Pro Mixer Grinder 750W

Amazon PriceAmazon Price
Model Name – True MixxModel Name – True Mixx
1000W motor for powerful performance750W motor for efficient performance
Three-speed control with pulse operationThree-speed control with pulse feature
18000 to 22000 rpm speed18000 to 22000 rpm speed
Four jars – 1 x Plastic Blender jar 1500ml with fruit filter 1 x Wet grinding jar 1500ml 1 x Dry grinding jar 1000ml 1 x Chutney jar 400mlFour jars – 1 x Plastic Blender jar 1500ml with fruit filter 1 x Wet grinding jar 1500ml 1 x Dry grinding jar 1000ml 1 x Chutney grinding jar 400ml
Additional Pounding bladeUniquely designed pounding blade option
Noise level – 80 to 90dbNoise levels – 80 to 90db
Overload protection availableOverload protection
Suction feet for stabilitySuction feet

The Jars

Bosch mixer grinders generally come with three primary grinding jars. In addition, some models offer a plastic juicer-cum-blender jar attachment with a fruit filter to separate the pulp from the juices. These grinding jars include the following.

Wet grinding jar

This jar is useful for preparing idli and dosa batter besides catering to other wet grinding assignments. These are stainless steel jars with special wet grinding blades.

Usually, the Bosch mixer grinders offer a flow breaker attachment inside the jar to break the batter flow and ensure better grinding and fluffier batter. This attachment is fixed on the other side of the handle inside the jar.

Dry grinding jar

Bosch Mixer grinder pounding blade
Pounding Blade

The dry grinding jar is generally smaller than the wet grinding jar and is useful for grinding dry masala powders. When you grind spices in your dry grinding jar, the ingredients can get hot, and the masala powder could slightly lose its fragrance.

Hence, Bosch offers an additional pounding blade that gives the stone pounding effect. This blade has blunt edges, and they grind the masala powders while generating less heat. Hence, it helps arrest the aroma and taste.

Chutney grinding jar

Bosch mixer grinder chutney blade

The chutney grinding jar is usually the smallest of all jars provided with the mixer grinder. They are useful for preparing chutneys and pastes. The sharp blades can grind hard ingredients like coconut and turmeric into fine powder to enable you to prepare delicious chutneys.

The juicer arrangement is not available in all Bosch models. However, these plastic jars are perfect for preparing smoothies, lassies, coconut milk, and your regular fruit juices.

They come with a removable filtering attachment to separate the pulp and seeds from the fruit juices. However, one should note that the centrifugal action enables rapid oxidation of the fruit juices, whereby you observe a thick foamy layer on top.

Bosch mixier grinder juicer jar
Juicer Jar

Therefore, though it can prepare good fruit juices, masticating juicers are always a better bet for retaining the taste and aroma of fruit juices.

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The Motor

Bosch offers a range of motors starting from 500W and going up to 1000W for its mixer grinder products. However, the average Indian household prefers the 750W and 1000W motors because these motors are ideal for grinding idli batter. Therefore, the 500W and 600W mixer grinders are not popular.

The 750W and 1000W motors come with a 30-minutes motor rating.

It is advisable to use the mixer grinder for five minutes and switch it off for two minutes to cool the motor. It ensures a better performance.

Bosch Appliances TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder 750W
Bosch Appliances TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder 750W

Five minutes should be sufficient for grinding the toughest of ingredients.

Usage suggests that a minute or two is sufficient for grinding soaked rice and urad dal into a fine batter.

The Bosch mixer grinders come with three-speed options and a pulse operation option for whipping creams and preparing purees. In addition, the motors offer rotational speeds in the range of 18000 to 22000 rpm, ideal for grinding Indian cuisine ingredients.

Usually, people are not aware of how much ingredients to load inside the jars. Therefore, overloading is a common problem. In addition, the motor comes with a safety mechanism that stops the motor from functioning if it senses overloading.

Finally, these mixer grinders come with an overload protection button located below the appliance. You can reduce the load and press the reset button for the mixer grinder to resume operations.

Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder review
Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder

Safety Features

The overload reset button is a significant safety feature. Besides, these mixer jars come with lockable lids to hold them in place when the motor rotates at full speed.

The durable rubber gaskets present on the lids prevent the ingredients from spilling over. The jars lock perfectly to the mixer body using a unique locking arrangement. The gear-tooth arrangement is made of durable plastic that does not break or melt easily.

The Bosch mixer grinders feature suction feet at the bottom to hold on to the surface tightly. Therefore, the mixer body does not vibrate or move when the motor spins at high speed. In addition, these mixer grinders come with ventilation at the bottom to provide sufficient air circulation.

Other Features

The jars come with sturdy handles with a sufficient gap between them and the mixer body. It allows you to hold the jar comfortably without coming into contact with the steel body.

Bosch plastic lids feature a removable flap

The plastic lids feature a removable flap to allow pouring water into the mixer grinder whenever requires.

Besides the blades fitted to the jars, Bosch offers an additional pounding blade on specific models. This blade has blunt edges and provides the pounding effect to grind dry powder.

You can use this blade in the dry grinding jar by removing the existing blade and fitting the pounding blade. The advantage is that you get coarse grinding of masala powder similar to the results obtained using the stone grinding method. In addition, the powder does not get hot and hence helps retain the freshness, aroma, and taste.

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Pros of using Bosch mixer grinders
  • Bosch offers sturdy 750W and 1000W motors for efficient grinding performance.
  • You get a range of stainless steel jars for catering to various wet and dry grinding jobs. Besides, the plastic blender and juicer attachment are useful.
  • Bosch mixer grinders have a sleek finish and occupy less space on the kitchen table because of the tall body structure.
  • The pounding blade is a valuable attachment.
  • These mixers make noise in the range of 80 to 90db, similar to what lawn mowers make.
  • The plastic locks on the lids tend to break if not used properly. Hence, you get jars without a locking facility with lids that fit tightly. 
  • The locks also make it cumbersome to wash the lids.

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Final Thoughts

Though Bosch offers various mixers and grinders in varying capacities, the Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder and Bosch Appliances True Mixx Pro are the most popular.

These mixer grinders are powerful enough to grind Turmeric, Idli, Vada, and dosa batter, besides catering to other grinding jobs.

In addition, Bosch mixer grinders feature high-quality stainless steel blades to enhance grinding efficiency. The pounding blade is a novel feature that enables a defining performance.

The Bosch mixer grinders can prove a valuable asset in your kitchen because of their efficient performance and long-lasting capabilities.


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