Blue Star Air Conditioners Review (2022)

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Blue Star is amongst the top AC manufacturers in India, with a tremendous reach across the country. It also ranks among the top three room air conditioners.

Blue Star offers an extensive range of air conditioners to cater to the needs of its varied clientele. While it provides split and window ACs for residential and office use, Blue Star has a range of cassette and VRF systems for industrial use.

Blue Star focuses on energy-efficient procedures. Hence, they have replaced the R22 refrigerant with the R32 and R410 eco-friendly alternatives. First, let us discuss the latest AC technologies on offer in Blue Star ACs.

Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor – Energy efficiency

The latest ACs from Blue Star work on dual rotor inverter compressor technology. This technology features a high-performance rotor compressor equipped with two compression chambers. In addition, this compressor operates on a broader frequency range to reduce the fluctuations to the minimum while maintaining the desired temperature.

Bluestar dual rotor inverter AC

The advanced BLDC motor provides high rotational speed to minimize vibrations. Besides, this compressor features an acoustic jacket to mitigate sound levels. As a result, you get high-quality performance, minimum noise, low vibrations, and extended durability.

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These variable-speed compressors vary the frequency intelligently to deliver quick cooling and maximum energy savings depending on the ambient conditions.

Precise Cooling Technology – Use of high-quality sensors

Generally, you have AC compressors controlling the appliance’s cooling capabilities in 1-degree Celsius increments. However, the latest generation 5-star Blue Star ACs come equipped with Precise Cooling Technology that controls temperature levels in decimals as precise as 0.1 degrees Celsius increments.

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This technology works on an intelligent design comprising multiple sensors, a smart processor, and an electronic expansion valve.

The standard air conditioners use a thermostatic valve without any electronic components. Thus, you experience a free flow of the refrigerant in these ACs. The latest Blue Star AC with PCT features an Electronic Expansion Valve to control the refrigerant flow. As a result, it improves cooling efficiency and allows precise temperature control.

PCT envisages the use of five specialized sensors.

  • Condenser Coil Sensor – This sensor’s responsibility is to measure the air temperature in the condenser coils and adjust the cooling depending on the room’s conditions.
  • Discharge Line Temperature Sensor – The latest Blue Star ACs come equipped with DLT sensors that cut off the compressor when the discharge temperature is too high. Thus, it enhances the compressor’s lifespan considerably.
  • Evaporator Coil Sensor – It is similar to the condenser coil sensor, but it measures the air temperature in the evaporator coils to control the cooling performance.
  • Room Return Sensor – This sensor senses the room temperature and adjusts the cooling performance accordingly.
  • Ambient Sensor – The ambient sensor provides the highest comfort levels to users while protecting the compressor from damage.

Besides, the latest Blue Star ACs feature an advanced PID system to maintain the room temperature within the +/- 0.5 degree Celsius range.

Bluestar latest ac model

Hot and Cool ACs – All-year-round comfort

Generally, when we discuss ACs, we refer to cooling the room and creating an excellent ambiance. However, the latest Blue Star ACs features a Heat Mode option that reverses the air conditioning process. This mode envisages the AC to work as a heater. The fan switches off, and the AC blows warm air into the room until it reaches the required temperature levels.

The Hot and Cold ACs thus prove to be all-year-round appliances instead of products with seasonal usage.

The premium Blue Star AC models do not use a heating filament similar to conventional heaters. Hence, these ACs are energy-efficient and eliminate the risks of low oxygen distribution because of zero-carbon residue. In addition, the inverter technology helps save up to 30% power consumption in the Heat Mode.

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The Heat Mode features an anti-cool wind function where the indoor fan does not run until it achieves the desired warm air temperature. Thus, it provides better comfort to the user during the winter months.  

However, the Heat Mode is not available on all Blue Star ACs.

4D Wide Angle Airflow – Uniform cool air distribution

ACs cool the rooms by blowing cool air in multiple directions. Generally, you have ACs fitted with a 2-way swing blade for cool air dissemination. These louvers swing up and down. The latest Blue Star 5-star AC models feature a 4D swing feature that sees louvers moving up/down and right/left directions. Hence, it ensures blowing cool air to all parts of the room uniformly.

Besides, these louvers swing over a wide-angle to throw cool air into every corner of the room. Secondly, the user can change the airflow direction if the cool air draft blows right over their heads. So, this feature provides optimum comfort and quickly cools a more extensive area.

Copper Condenser with Hydrophilic Blue Fin Technology

The condenser and evaporator coils are critical components of your AC. Earlier, these coils used to be made from aluminum. Aluminum is a good choice, but it can get corroded easily. Hence, you have the latest ACs featuring copper condenser and evaporator coils. Compared to aluminum, copper is a better choice because it offers high-quality heat exchange.

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Copper coils do not get corroded as easily as aluminum coils. Hence, these coils are durable. Besides, copper coils are easier to clean and maintain.

These copper coils are compactly placed inside the AC. So, dust particles accumulate in the gaps and affect the coil’s proper functioning.

Blue Star ACs feature an anti-corrosive hydrophilic bluefin that does not allow water condensation and dust particles to accumulate inside the gaps. Therefore, it reduces corrosion considerably. This technology is instrumental in industrial and coastal areas where you observe high pollution and ozone levels in the air.

Anti-Freeze Thermostat for all-round protection

ACs usually run at full blast during the summer months to provide much-needed comfort. Under such circumstances, there can be frost formation on the heat exchanger. The frost collection on the heat exchanger tubes can affect the cooling performance and, thereby, the appliance’s durability.

The latest Blue Star split ACs feature an anti-freeze thermostat on the indoor coil to prevent frost formation. In addition, the thermostat adjusts the compressor speed on attaining the requisite cold temperature.

Bluestar AC Outdoor unit

The outdoor units in split ACs are exposed to harsh climatic conditions. Hence, they require protection to last long. Blue Star ACs use galvanized steel in the manufacturing of their metal bodies.

Besides, the outer body is subject to a polyester powder paint coat for enhanced durability. This coating prevents rust formation and enhances the appliance’s lifespan.

The PCB is a critical component in any AC. Overheating of the electrical components can damage it. Blue Star ACs feature a metal enclosure for the PCB to protect it from damage.

Air Filtration Systems – A range of air purifying options

Most modern ACs feature air purifying systems to improve the air quality in the room. The latest Blue Star air conditioners work on cold plasma technology to generate a natural bioclimate inside the appliance.

Cold Plasma technology generates active positive and negative ions of hydrogen and oxygen to form bonds with harmful bacteria and other airborne contaminants to nullify their effect. The bond formation increases the pollutant’s particle size that enables the filters present in the appliance to trap them.

Besides Cold Plasma Technology, Blue Star ACs use eight filters to trap these contaminants from polluting the environment.

  • Dust Filter – It helps trap dust particles from the circulating air.
  • Anti-Acarien Filter – It removes dust mites and other allergens.
  • Bio Filter – This filtering technology comprises biological enzymes to purify the air. These enzymes eliminate bacteria by dissolving their cell walls. It also ensures that bacteria do not regrow, whereby you can experience the benefits of pure and healthy air.
  • Anti-Bacterial Filter – This filter sterilizes harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus and E-Coli that cause infections and diarrhea.
  • Vitamin C Filter – This filter neutralizes the effect of radicals that interact with natural anti-oxidants. In addition, the cool air passing through the filters soothes and softens the skin by reducing stress.
  • Silver Ion Filter – It eliminates 99% of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms to purify the air circulating inside the room.
  • Active Carbon Filter – Similar to their functionality in water purifiers, the active carbon filters remove harmful hydrocarbons, unpleasant odors like ammonia, and chemical gases such as formaldehyde and benzene.
  • Catechin Filter – This filter proves handy in removing cigarette smoke and other pollutants.

Some latest Blue Star AC models feature Auto Clean functionality to clean the indoor coils and dry them. This technology works by running the blower for a few minutes after switching the air conditioner off. It prevents dust and mold accumulation on the interior coils. Besides, these ACs offer the convenience of manual cleaning because of their detachable front panel.

Smart Cooling Technology – Controlled by Smartphone

Generally, users control split AC operations using the remote control.

Bluestar AC Remote

The present-day ACs work on the latest technologies that control the appliance through a smartphone app. Users need to download a specified app and pair it with their router.

This feature enables them to manage their ACs from anywhere within the Wi-Fi range using their smartphones. It proves handy at night when it can be challenging to locate the remote in the dark.

I Feel – An advanced feature to provide better comfort.

Some AC brands offer specialized remote control options featuring one temperature sensor on the indoor unit. This sensor senses the indoor temperature around the unit and adjusts the cooling accordingly. However, it can cause discomfort to the user, especially in large rooms where the temperature surrounding the user can be different from that near the AC indoor unit.

Bluestar Inverter AC in India

Blue Star offers a unique I Feel feature incorporating two temperature sensors, one on the indoor unit and another on the remote handset. This feature enables the remote to sense the temperature around the user and adjust the cooling performance accordingly. Hence, it provides better comfort to the user.

Multi-Fan Speed – Adjust cooling to your comfort level

All Blue Star ACs have a multi-fan speed option to provide better comfort to the user. Split ACs feature a 4-speed controlling functionality, whereas the window ACs come equipped with a 3-speed cooling feature. Thus, you can adjust the fan speed, depending on your requirements.

Long Distance Piping Flexibility – Added convenience during installation

Blue Star ACs offer long-distance piping flexibility to place the outdoor unit far from the indoor unit. This feature adds to your convenience levels and facilitates easy installation.

Sleep Mode – Provides comfort during the night.

The standard ACs can get uncomfortable at night because of sustained cooling at a specific temperature. Therefore, Blue Star ACs offer a personalized Sleep Mode feature that automatically increases the set temperature for a short period to provide comfort during the night. Besides enhancing user comfort, this feature saves energy.

Eco-friendly Refrigerant – Protects the environment.

Blue Star has abandoned the use of the R22 refrigerant in its ACs. Instead, these ACs work on eco-friendly refrigerants such as R410A and R32. These coolants have ozone-depletion ingredients and Polyolester (POE) oil with better oil return properties, lubrication abilities, and heat transfer characteristics.

As a result, these refrigerants have low global warming potential and qualify as high-performing and eco-friendly refrigerants.

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Auto Defrosting Function – Prevent frost formation

When the ambient temperature decreases, especially during winter, frost formation can occur in the outdoor unit. It can impact the heating effect of the AC in the heat mode. The Auto Defrosting functionality stops the fan motors in both units to protect the AC from frost formation.

Auto Restart with Memory Option – A handy feature

The auto-restart function proves handy in the event of a power cut. This feature enables the AC to restart at the previous setting automatically on power resumption. Thus, it saves you the trouble of restoring the settings and proves handy, especially at night.

Self-Diagnosis – Saves time

Blue Star ACs feature Self-Diagnosis functionality that displays error codes if it encounters them during installation and otherwise. Thus, it saves time for the technician in diagnosing errors. In addition, it protects the AC from damage.

Besides these features described above, Blue Star ACs have different features such as cleanable panels, hidden display panels, dry mode, airflow direction control, turbo operation, and on-off timers.

Bluestar Inverter Air Conditioner

Final Thoughts

Blue Star is a reputed AC brand offering exquisite features in its latest models. Components like BLDC motor and dual rotor inverter compressor, multiple sensors, air filtering options, and electronic expansion valves enhance your comfort and convenience, besides proving its energy efficiency.

Furthermore, tech-savvy users would love to use the smart control feature to manage the AC operations using their smartphones. Besides, these ACs make minimal noise and purify the air circulating inside the room. Finally, Blue Star ACs are safe to use. The Hot and Cold feature makes these ACs an all-season appliance.

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