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Blue Star is India’s leading air conditioner manufacturer that offers an extensive range of air conditioners, refrigerators, air purifiers, etc.

The company was set up in 1943 initially as a reconditioning facility for ACs and refrigerators. Within three years, it was selected by Worthington, the US leader in air conditioning, as its India-based partner. Blue Star started expanding in 1949 to take on its present form in 1969.

Today, the company has set up five modern manufacturing facilities and has more than 7000 stores for its AC products. The company has an all-India presence in more than 900 towns located all over India.

Blue Star manufactures an exciting range of air conditioners, including split ACs, window ACs, and portable air conditioners. Blue Star uses modern technologies like inverter compressors, air purifiers, anti-corrosive protection, acoustic jackets, Wi-Fi compatibility, hot and cold technology, convertible cooling, etc., in its exciting range.

Blue Star offers 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star ACs in almost all categories. In addition, Blue Star ACs are available with varying capacities (tonnage). Before discussing the technologies and reviewing them, let us provide a gist of the air conditioner models available with Blue Star.

4-Star Inverter Split ACs2 Series – SAFU, FBTU
5-Star Inverter Split ACs11 Series - PLU, VLU, FLU, ILU, DLU, OLU, YCTU, DBTUUV, EBTU, VLUS, DCU
Fixed Speed Split ACs6 Series - DLU FC Series, YLU FC Series, VLU, PLU, DLU, YLU
Window ACs (All-Stars incl. inverter ACs)11 Series - LL (5-star Fixed Speed), LN (5-star Inverter), LL (4-star Inverter), LL (4-star Fixed Speed, LL (3-star Fixed Speed), GL (3-star Fixed Speed), GBTI, LDTUV, GBTILV, GBTLV, LL
Portable ACsPC12DB

Blue Star AC Pros & Cons


  • Excellent range of appliances on offer
  • An extensive range of inverter technology compressors makes these ACs energy-efficient.
  • Hot and Cold AC models are available
  • Smart ACs available
  • Brand reputation value
  • Air purification technology is top-drawer stuff.
  • Inverter technology available in window ACs


  • The Blue Star ACs have slightly higher noise levels than other models.
  • I-Feel technology is not up to the mark.

Inverter Compressor – Variable Speed

Bluestar Inverter AC Model 2023

The advantage of having inverter technology in AC compressors is that it can work at varying speeds and tonnage. Thus, it consumes less power and delivers better quality cooling by maintaining the temperature comfortable for extended periods. Besides, inverter compressors make less noise than conventional compressors. Blue Star offers split and window ACs with inverter compressors.

Models – We have listed the models that use inverter technology compressors in the table above.

Non-inverter Compressor – Fixed Speed

As the name suggests, these compressors work at a fixed speed. However, once the appliance achieves the set temperature levels, they stop working. Subsequently, they start functioning as the temperature rises to a specific threshold level.

This frequent stopping and restarting operations cause a spike in power usage. Therefore, they consume more electricity than inverter compressors. Besides, the fixed-speed compressor ACs make comparatively more noise than the inverter ACs.

Models – We have listed the models equipped with fixed-speed compressors in the split ACs, window ACs, and portable AC.

High Energy Efficiency Rotary Compressor (Window AC and Portable)

Generally, the fixed-speed non-inverter compressors in ACs work with reciprocating technology that uses pistons for pumping the refrigerant gas. On the other hand, Blue Star window ACs (inverter and non-inverter compressors) and portable AC feature high-energy-efficiency rotary compressors that use air pressure to pump the refrigerant gas. As a result, these compressors generate less heat and are energy efficient. Besides, they consume less oil than conventional compressors. Thus, they incur fewer maintenance costs.

Models – The window ACs (LL 4-star fixed-speed, LL 3-star fixed-speed, GL 3-star fixed-speed, GBTI. LDTUV, GBTILV, GBTLV, and LL) the portable AC from Blue Star work on these high-energy-efficiency rotary compressors.

Bluestar 0.8 Ton Split AC

Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC motors eliminate brushes and the commutator for supplying power to the magnetic coils on the armature. Therefore, these motors do not create friction and heat, conserving energy. Thus, these motors experience less wear and tear and are highly efficient than brushed motors.

Models – The EBTU, VLTULV, FBTU, and VLTU series work with brushless DC motors.

Hot & Cool Inverter Technology

Blue star AC ODU

Blue Star offers a hot and cool AC in its 4-star SAFU series. This air conditioner is an all-season appliance that provides maximum cooling in the summer months and switches over to work as a heater in the winter to provide maximum comfort.

Models – The 4-star split AC inverter model SAFU series is a hot and cool AC.

Smart Technology

Smart Ready

The 5-star VLU model is Smart-Ready in the sense that you can operate the AC using Blue Star’s Smart App and using your voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. However, consumers have to pay extra to convert these smart-ready AC models into smart ACs.

Models – Blue Star Smart-Ready models include the 5-star VLU, DLU, OLU, and the 3-star DLU, DNU, ONU, YNU, YKU, and YLU.

Wi-Fi enabled – VLUS (Smart)

Blue Star has an innovative AC lineup in the VLUS (Smart) and VNUS (Smart) series. These ACs can be operated and controlled using a specific smartphone app. In addition, users can control the AC operations through voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

These ACs are more advanced than the Smart-Ready ACs from Blue Star.

Models – The Split AC 5-star VLUS series and 3-star VNUS (Smart) offer this technology.

Future Ready

The 3-star PNU, VNU, FNU, INU, DNU, ONU, VNUS, and VCU series ACs are future-ready appliances because they are energy-efficient and qualify for a 3-star rating in 2023.


Selective Blue Star AC models like the YCTU series offer a unique technology IFeel. This feature can be activated through the remote control option. On activating this feature, the sensor present in the remote control takes over to ensure the desired comfort around you wherever you move with the remote in the room.

Models – The Split AC 5-star models in the YCTU series, DBTUUV, the 4-star model SAFU, RBTU, YATULV, and AATU offer this technology.

Cooling Technologies

Blue Star Inverter AC Review
Turbo Cool

The Turbo Cool feature is available in select Blue Star models. It ensures cooling the room quickly within a few minutes, even during extreme summer conditions.

Models – Almost all Blue Star ACs offer the Turbo Cool feature

Gear Mode

The Blue Star Split, AC 4-star SAFU series, works on a unique 2-gear mode that allows you to operate the AC at 50% or 75% power input while enjoying the desirable cooling comfort and maximizing energy savings.

This AC works at 869W capacity in the 50% mode, 1185W in the 75% mode, and 1580W in the 100% mode.

Models – The 4-star SAFU series offer this unique facility.

Fix & Lock (4-in-1 Convertible)

Select Blue Star AC models offer convertible cooling that allows consumers to use the AC at different working capacities (tonnages). The unique 4-in-1 cooling mode allows the appliance to function at four different capacities, depending on the cooling load. You can set the required tonnage using the remote control option.

Models – The Split AC 5-star PLU, VLU, FLU, ILU, DLU, OLU, VLUS, 3-star DLU, PNU, VNU, DNU, ONU, YNU, YKU, YLU, and VNUS offer 4-in-1 convertibility.

Comfort Sleep

Comfort Sleep, also known as Sleep Mode, is available in almost all Blue Star AC models. This feature intelligently adjusts the appliance’s operation to provide the ideal cooling comfort at night to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience.

Models – Almost all Blue Star AC models have Sleep Mode.

Precision Cooling Technology (0.5 degrees Celsius)

This unique technology is available in select Blue Star AC models. The ultra-wide frequency microprocessor-based controller works on fuzzy logic to enable the AC to vary the operating frequency intelligently and ensure precise control (+/- 0.5 degrees Celsius) to prevent indoor room temperature fluctuations. Thus, it provides a comfortable cooling experience.

Models – Split AC 5-star models like YCTU, DBTUUV, 3-star YBTUUV, and YATULV feature this technology.

High Cooling Performance (HCP)

Selective Blue Star AC models have an HCP feature to deliver powerful cooling performance in extreme summers with minimum derating.

Models – The split AC 5-star PLU, YCTU, EBTU, 4-star FBTU, 3-star DLTU, YLTU, and all fixed-speed split ACs offer this functionality.

Powerful Mode

The Powerful Mode is similar to the Instant Cooling mode. It enables the consumers to enjoy the relaxed ambiance of the surroundings and relax by achieving the set temperature quickly.

Models – Split AC 5-star series YCTU and DBTUUV offer this feature.

Super Energy Efficient 5.41 ISEER

Specific Blue Star AC models deliver super energy efficiency as they come with an ISEER value of 5.41. It is 20% more efficient than the standard Blue Star AC, with an ISEER value of 4.50.

Models – The Split AC 5-star models YCTU are high-efficiency ACs.

Climate Control

Some Blue Star air conditioners offer additional comfort features like Climate Control that instantly sets the most desirable cooling mode, depending on the season.

Models – Split AC 5-star series YCTU and 3-star VCU models offer Climate Control features.

Variable Fan Speed with Precision Control

The 4-star SAFU series AC offers this unique technology where the user can adjust the fan speed in steps of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. It also allows changing the fan speeds with precision control increments of 1% to suit your needs.

Models – the 4-star SAFU series has this unique feature. 

Dehumidifier – Dry Mode

The dry mode helps remove humidity from the room and keep it cool and dry. ACs working in the Dry Mode provide better comfort in the monsoon season as the air is more humid when it rains. Thus, the appliance does not cool the room excessively to make it uncomfortable.

Models – Almost all Blue Star AC models offer the Dry Mode that users can activate through their remote controls.

Blue Star Inverter AC 2023

Air Purification

PM 2.5 Filter with Activated Carbon

The premium Blue Star ACs provide high-quality air purification. These air conditioners offer a 3-in-1 PM 2.5 filter with activated carbon and a high-density dust filter. The presence of a pre-filter makes it a 4-stage filtration process. The pre-filter removes large dust particles and pollutants, whereas the PM 2.5 filter removes fine dust and airborne particles. Stage 3 is the Activated carbon filter that eliminates foul odor from VOCs, and the stage 4 dust filter traps large dust particles to ensure pure air circulation inside the room. While the 5-star ACs offer Activated Carbon filters, the 3-star ACs do not. Instead, they provide PM2.5 filters alone.

Models – Split AC 5-star PLU series, 3-star PNU, 3-star VLTULV, YATULV, and window AC GBTLV offer this air purification feature.

Anti-Microbial Filters

Blue Star AC units come equipped with anti-microbial filters to deactivate microbes and prevent fungi and mold growth in the IDU/ODU to ensure clean air circulation inside the room.

Models – Select AC models like 5-star VLU, OLU, VLUS, 3-star VNU, ONU, VNUS, and VCU offer anti-microbial filters.

Virus Deactivation Technology

Specific Blue Star AC units offer Virus Deactivation Technology that comes with a unique filter capable of destroying 99.9% of viruses, including the coronavirus, and 99.99% of bacteria in the air to purify the indoor circulating air.

Models – The 3-star VLTULV, YATULV, window AC GBTILV, and GBTLV offer this innovative technology.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) – YBTUUV

Selected Blue Star air conditioner models come equipped with innovative technology, Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), which uses UV radiation to eliminate viruses and microbes in the indoor air.

Models – Select AC models like DBTUUV, YBTUUV, and window AC LDTUV come equipped with this feature.

bluestar inverter ac review 2023

Protection Features

100% Copper

Blue Star air conditioners offer better heat exchanging capacity by using 100% copper in their condenser coils, evaporator coils, and connecting tubes. Besides ensuring reliable cooling performance, copper is highly durable compared to aluminum. However, copper is expensive. So, ACs equipped with 100% copper pipes are more costly than other ACs.

Models – Almost all Blue Star ACs come with 100% copper piping.  

Nano BluProtect Technology

The IDU coils in Blue Star ACs feature unique Nano BluProtect technology, a protective anti-corrosive coating, to safeguard the condenser and evaporator coils from corrosion and leakage because of climatic conditions like rains, salt water, salty air, and humidity. Thus, it enhances the AC’s life and efficiency.

These AC models come equipped with anti-corrosive Blue fins to protect against corrosion. Thus, these Blue Star ACs are ideal for installation in areas having a high salt concentration in the air, like the coastal areas.

Models – Almost all Blue Star ACs offer Nano BluProtect Technology with Blue Fin Technology.

Anti-corrosive Gold Fins

Instead of Blue Fin technology, the RBTU and AATU series ACs work on Gold Fin technology. The technology is similar, but the coating materials are different. In addition, the air conditioners using Gold Fin technology are comparatively more expensive than those using Blue Fins.

Models – The RBTU and AATU series use Gold Fin technology.

Hydrophilic Gold Fin

The portable AC from Blue Star PC12DB offers hydrophilic gold fin protection to its condenser and evaporator tubes and protects them from corrosion.

Models – The RBTU and AATU series use Gold Fin technology.

I-Self Clean Technology

Specific Blue Star AC appliances offer unique I-self-clean technology where the AC keeps running for a few seconds more after switching it off to clean the condenser and evaporator coils of mold, dust, or moisture deposits. Thus, it ensures clean air circulation the next time you switch on the AC.

Models – 5-star split AC models like EBTU and the 4-star model SAFU offer I-Self clean technology.

Freeze Protect Technology

This unique technology prevents the room from getting into freezing temperatures in extreme winters to ensure proper comfort.

Models – the 4-star Split AC model SAFU series provides this facility.

Stabilizer-Free Operation

Almost all Blue Star ACs offer stabilizer-free operations because the compressors can work with a wide voltage range (140V to 290V) to protect the AC components from unpredictable surges or voltage fluctuations.

Models – Almost all Blue Star ACs offer stabilizer-free operations.

Other Features

Energy Saver

Blue Star ACs save energy by working in the Energy Saver or Eco mode by delivering a high-quality cooling experience while reducing the electricity bills.

Acoustic Jacket

The compressor located in the ODU can make noise when functioning. Hence, select Blue Star AC models feature a specially-designed acoustic jacket to eliminate noise and vibrations, ensuring quieter AC operations.


The Self-Diagnosis functionality in Blue Star ACs alerts users about faults in the appliance’s operations. The error code flashes on the AC display and the remote control to help the AC service personnel resolve the problem quickly.

Dual User Setting Preference

The 5-star Split, AC YCTU series models offer a unique Dual User Setting Preference that allows two consumers to personalize their AC settings and enjoy the desired cooling experience for everybody.

Automatic 4D Swing

Generally, ACs come with horizontal and vertical swing functions. However, some Blue Star appliances offer a 4D swing where the louvers swing from right to left, besides the regular movements to ensure uniform cooling across the room.

Breeze Away

The Breeze Away technology is available in the hot and cold AC SAFU series. It prevents the cool or the warm air from flowing directly on the user by directing it away. Hence, it enhances the comfort factor considerably.

Hidden Display

The EBTU 5-star split AC model offers a hidden display that is easy on the eyes and adds class to the room’s ambiance.

Operate in winter as an Air purifier

Consumers can use the Blue Star AC models like DBTUUV as air purifiers in the winter season. They can switch off the AC mode and allow the unit to function as an air purifier.

R32 Refrigerant

Usually, all Blue Star ACs work on the R32 refrigerant. R32 has zero ozone depletion potential and the lowest Global Warming Potential among other AC refrigerants.

R410A Refrigerant (portable AC)

The portable AC from Blue Star works on the R410A refrigerant.

Zero Maintenance Cost

Blue Star AC models in the DBTUUV, and YBUUV, LDTUV offer lifelong maintenance subject to specific terms and conditions to ensure complete peace of mind.

High Energy Efficiency

Specific Blue Star air conditioner models like DBTUUV, VLTULV, VLTU, YBTUUV, and LDTUV, use UV-C technology to reduce deposits on the heat exchanger to ensure cleaner condenser and evaporator coils and thus, deliver high energy efficiency.

Warranty Information

  • All Blue Star ACs get a 1-year standard warranty.
  • An additional 9-year warranty is available on the inverter compressor on split ACs.
  • Other compressors get a 4-year additional warranty after completing the first year.
  • The inverter compressor in window ACs gets a 4-year additional warranty.
  • An extended warranty of four years is available on all ACs after completing the standard warranty. However, it is subject to specific conditions. Two Preventive Maintenance Services are available under the extended warranty.
  • Blue Star offers an extended warranty of four years on the PCB.

Warranty Rate Card

The standard installation charges applicable to Blue Star ACs are as follows.

Standard Installation ChargesCity RsUp-country Rs
Site Inspection400500
Installation or Re-installation Window and Portable AC650750
Dismantling charges – Window and Portable AC475575
Installation or Re-installation Split AC15001650
Dismantling charges – Split AC750900
Additional Copper Piping200200
Nitrogen flushing and pressure testing600600
Additional copper pipe with insulation950950
Additional drain pipe PVC105105
4-core wire 1.5 sq.  mm interconnecting cable150150
3-core wire 2.5 sq. mm power supply125125
Supply and installation of ODU stand845845
Installation of ODU Stand300300

Out of Warranty Service Charges

Visiting ChargesCity RsUp-country Rs
Window AC, Fixes-speed Split AC500600
Inverter AC600700
Preventive Maintenance Services  
Window AC – Split AC Dry Service500600
Window AC – Split AC Wet Service800900
Gas Charging with Nitrogen Testing  
Split AC (Fixed Speed) and Inverter28003000
Window AC25002700

Customer Helpline

  1. Telephone – 1800-209-1177 and 1860-266-6666
  2. SMS – ‘Service’ to 57575
  3. Email –

Frequently Asked Questions – Blue Star AC

1. Can we install the Blue Star AC through third-party service providers?

Yes, you can, but the warranty becomes void if you get the appliance installed by third-party service providers.

2. Can we purchase the Blue Star AC online?

You can purchase the Blue Star AC online on the official website and e-commerce retailers like Amazon.

3. Does Blue Star offer free installation?

No, The standard installation charges apply.

4. Is the extended warranty compulsory?

No, the extended warranty is optional. Besides, users can avail of the extended warranty for variable periods between one and four years.

5. Does the Blue Star AC require installing a voltage stabilizer?

Blue Star ACs offer stabilizer-free features, but we advise you to install one, especially if the voltage fluctuations in your area are high.

6. How does the portable AC drain water?

Though the AC is portable, you have to place it near a window to drain the water.

7. Is the portable AC a good appliance to use?

You can use the 1-ton portable AC if you live in rented accommodation. It is a decent appliance to use. However, you have to contend with higher noise levels than window ACs and split ACs.

8. Are Preventive maintenance services compulsory?

Blue Star offers two PMS on its extended warranty. It is not compulsory, but you can avail them to your benefit.

9. Can you control the AC using two different Wi-Fi (home broadband and mobile data)?

No, the AC and the app should be on the same Wi-Fi network for you to operate the AC.

10. How are the Blue Star after-sales services?

Blue Star offers excellent after-sales services to its customers.

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