Blue Fin, Gold Fin & Micro Channel Condenser Coils in AC – Explained!

The coils have a vital role to play in the functioning of an air conditioner. Any air conditioner works on the following four principles.

Refrigeration cycle: 1) condensing coil, 2) expansion valve, 3) evaporator coil, 4) compressor


Pressurization of the gas thereby converting it to high-pressure hot liquid


The liquid flows through coils where the conversion of high-pressure hot liquid to the cool liquid takes place because of the release of heat into the air.

Expansion valve

It is responsible for converting the high-pressure liquid into low-pressure liquid.


This process takes place in the indoor unit. The low-pressure liquid passes through the evaporation coil where it absorbs heat from the room and changes from liquid to gas.

Thus, you have cold air flowing out of the air conditioner. All this flow of liquid and gases take place through the coils. Hence, the coils are vital for any air conditioner. Right through the history of air conditioners, you had copper coils. However, considering the cost of copper, the industry shifted to the use of aluminium coils.

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Both aluminium and copper coils have their merits and demerits. However, it is also necessary to ensure that the coils stay free from corrosion, rust, and other damage. There are many techniques to ensure that the AC coils perform efficiently. One such technology is the Blue fin technology.

Blue fin condensers

One way of enhancing the efficiency of the condenser coils in the air conditioners is to coat them with anti-corrosive materials.

Voltas was the first company to use this technology to improve the efficiency of the AC coils. Subsequently, prominent AC manufacturers like Panasonic, Electrolux, and Blue Star name it the Blue Fin Condenser technology.

This technology protects the condenser coils from humidity and moisture. People living in the coastal areas where there is high humidity benefit from the use of this technology.

Micro Channel Condenser coils

Samsung uses this unique technology for increasing the efficiency of the AC coils, especially those situated in the houses in the coastal areas.

The microchannel condenser coils are aluminium coils. They comprise of multiple flat tubes made of aluminium having microchannels through which the refrigerant flows.

The set-up is unique in the sense that it consists of flat tubes and aluminium fins located in between the tubes and two refrigerant manifolds. This set-up does not require the use of two dissimilar metals. Thus, it eliminates the problem of galvanic corrosion.

Samsung names this technology as Multi-Jet technology in its brands.

Hydrophilic Blue Fin

Corrosion is a vital factor that determines the life of an AC. Corrosion can damage the coils during heat transfer. It can also cause leaks thereby resulting in loss of refrigerant and damage to the AC. People living in coastal areas experience this problem more than the others. It is because of the presence of ozone and salts in the air.

The regular cleaning the coils can prevent the deposit of salts on the coil surface. Air conditioners having aluminium coils are more at risk than copper coils because of galvanic corrosion.

Galvanic corrosion can occur when you fuse two different metals. In this case, you fuse aluminium coils to copper tubes thereby increasing the occurrence of galvanic corrosion.

Salt and acids are not the only items that can cause corrosion. The continuous presence of water on the surface of the coils can also cause corrosion. Therefore, there is a need to ensure the removal of water from the surface of the fins. The best solution is to coat the fins with epoxy.

The epoxy coating on the fins prevents the accumulation of water on the fin surface. It is also known as Hydrophilic Blue Fin technology. This coating has low surface tension. Hence, the water droplets do not stick to the surface and fall without facing any resistance.

A hydrophilic coated blue fin can last three times longer than aluminium. It is one of the best technologies available to reduce corrosion and enhance the efficiency of the air conditioner coils.

Blue fin condenser Vs Gold fin condenser

We have seen the blue fin technology to protect the condenser coils from corrosion and damage. Gold fin technology is a similar kind of technology where the manufacturers of ACs apply a golden hydrophilic coating to the condenser coils.

The Golden Fin condensers are better than the Blue fin condensers in the sense that they improve the heating efficiency of the AC in the Reverse Cycle models by accelerating the defrosting process.

The gold fin condensers do not rust. Hence, this technology provides greater protection to the coils. The gold fin technology is universally handy as it is beneficial in coastal areas as well as other areas. The gold fin coating can take care of acidic, salts, and water accumulation on the condenser coils. Also, the gold fin coating is non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Blue Fin Condenser

As we have seen earlier, manufacturers use copper and aluminium for making the coils. However, most of the air conditioners have copper tubes. In case you use aluminium coils, you need to attach them to the copper tubes thereby giving rise to the possibility of galvanic corrosion.

Also, the AC coils are under attack from other factors such as salts, acids, and water droplets that can cause corrosion and damage to the coils. The Blue Fin technology involves the coating of the coils with anti-corrosive materials to prevent all types of corrosion.

Let us the benefits of the Blue Fin condenser.

  • The epoxy coating on the coils not only prevents accumulation of salt and acid deposits but also protects the coils from water droplets.
  • The hydrophilic blue fin condensers do not allow water droplets to accumulate as well. Therefore, blue fin condensers increase the efficiency of the air conditioners and extend the lifespan of the appliances.
  • The Blue fin technology discourages corrosion by keeping the dust out as well.
  • The Blue Fin technology also helps in conservation of energy as the AC does not have to work harder.

Hence, you should ensure that your AC comes with anti-corrosive blue fin condenser. It not only increases the efficiency of your appliance but also ensures to enhance the life of your AC and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

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