What is a BLDC motor in a washing machine?



Generally, you find belts and pulleys in washing machines that connect the motor to the wash drum. The problem with such motors is that they make noise and vibrate.

Besides, the belts and pulleys can wear out quickly, resulting in slowing down the drum’s rotational speed leading to replacing them.

LG’s Direct Drive motor is the ideal solution as this motor connects to the drum directly without pulleys and belts. Moreover, this motor works on BLDC technology and is hence an energy-efficient machine. Other washing machine manufacturers like IFB have also introduced similar BLDC motors in their products.

direct drive vs belt drive
Direct Drive (Left) vs Belt Drive Washing Machine (Right)

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BLDC Motor in washing machines

  • BLDC motors are common in machine installations. Today, you have washing machines featuring this technology to deliver efficient performances.
  • LG Direct Drive Motor is one such example of a BLDC motor in washing machines. It has an outer rotor type that enables the motor to deliver more power to the tub while reducing energy consumption.
  • This motor connects to the washtub directly without using pulleys and belts. Besides, the Direct Drive technology enhances washing efficiency by ensuring precise control over the washing activity.
  • Another advantage of the BLDC motor is that it it supports variable rotational speeds. Therefore, it allows the machine to sense the load quantity and decide the washing configuration by varying the timing and speeds. Therefore, it results in power efficiency.
  • The BLDC motor in a washing machine accurately connects to the washing tub’s center to reduce vibration and noise.
  • The absence of vulnerable components like belts and pulleys enhances the overall lifespan of the wash drum.
  • Both front-loading and top-loading washing machines come with BLDC motor assembly.

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Direct Drive BLDC Motor

Advantages of BLDC motor in washing machines

Here are some advantages of BLDC motor in washing machines.

  • Compared to induction motors, BLDC motors in washing machines generate less heat. Thus, it consumes less electricity and proves highly efficient.
  • Another advantage of BLDC motors is that one can connect them to solar or battery power.
  • BLDC motors are better suited for high-speed applications with speeds more than 10000 rpm. In addition, they are renowned for their excellent speed control.
  • You can save on your electricity consumption when using a BLDC motor-powered washing machine compared to a regular motor-powered appliance.
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  1. The BLDC motor quite specifically does *not* require “inverter technology”. It’s a DC motor.

    BLDC motors can be direct drive or belt drive. In both cases they are quieter and more efficient.


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