BLDC Fan Versus Normal Fan Power Consumption



BLDC motors have an advantage where they can spin at varying speeds. Hence, they consume less electricity than those appliances fitted with conventional motors.

Let us look at the BLDC fan versus normal fan power consumption to understand the concept better.

You can use our ceiling fan power consumption calculator to know the consumption figures. The calculation requires you to input the following data.

  • The rated power of the ceiling fan
  • The average daily usage
  • The electricity tariff in your area
Mixer Grinder Power Consumption
1 Kilowatt = 1000 Watt
Hours / Minutes Used Per Day
$ ₹ £
Electricity Tariff Per Unit (Works With Any Currency)
Bill in Your Currency
Bill in Your Currency

Let us consider the consumption figures of two normal fans and BLDC fans.

ParametersCrompton Super Briz Deco 1200mmUsha Striker Galaxy 1200mmUsha Heleous 1220mm Premium BLDC Ceiling FanAtomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Ceiling fan
Rated Power in Watts70804328
Daily usage in hours10101010
Electricity Tariff in Rs7777
Daily consumption in units0.70.80.430.28
Monthly consumption in units212412.98.4
Annual consumption in units252288154.8100.8
Monthly electricity bill component in Rs14716890.358.8


From the above power consumption calculations, we can see that the BLDC fans consume far less power than the regular ceiling fans. Admittedly, the BLDC motor fans are expensive, but one can comfortably recover the cost within a year or two.

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