Best Wet Grinders in India 2023

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A breakfast of two idlis and a dosa for one person in a decent restaurant would cost you around Rs 150. Would you not love it if I said your family could have a sumptuous breakfast at home by spending less than Rs 150? Yes.

The wet grinder can help you achieve this objective. Hence, it has become one of the most coveted kitchen appliances in an Indian home. This article reviews some of the best-wet grinders in India.

Our Opinion

best wet grinder

We have purchased and tested each of the grinders discussed below. While Elgi Ultra’s performance is highly appreciable, the Smartfingers Comfort Plus model is better suited for most Indian households. This 1.5L model is comparatively easier to operate than Elgi Ultra. Besides, the batter dispensation mechanism is excellent. Collecting the batter after grinding becomes easier. In addition, this model is the most convenient to clean.

The Butterfly Smart grinder is a decent performer. I recommend this appliance for users with tight budgets. But the Elgi Ultra is ideal because of its robust build, and the Smartfingers Comfort Plus is best for daily usage.

1. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinder

Elgi Ultra wet grinder

Elgi is a reputed manufacturer of wet grinding machines. Elgi Ultra is one of the best among the various Elgi wet grinder variants.

This model has an ABS body that makes the machine lightweight and durable. It has sleek looks and features that could make your kitchen complete. The stainless-steel drum is a huge plus point because it resists rust and doubles up as a storage container for your idli batter. You can conveniently store your batter by placing the drum inside your refrigerator.  

This grinder works on a 150W heavy-duty motor to enable swift and perfect grinding. The best aspect is that it works at a constant speed and does not heat the batter.

Elgi has patented its conical stone technology, allowing better air circulation to prevent the batter from getting hot. As a result, it facilitates better fermentation. So, your idlis turn out fluffier. Secondly, better fermentation means you can make more idlis with the same quantity of batter. The flow breaker arrangement allows the batter to pass beneath the stones comfortably and ensures uniform grinding.

Cleaning the Elgi Ultra grinder machine is easy because the machine is fitted with a batter cleaning attachment that removes batter residue from the conical stones efficiently. The batter does not accumulate in the grooves.

Elgi Ultra grinder batter

Elgi provides coconut scrapper and atta kneader attachments as additional accessories at an extra cost. Elgi could have easily provided them for free, especially when the grinder was expensive. 


  • The grinding performance is excellent, as it takes no more than 10 minutes to grind one batter load.
  • The conical stones arrangement is innovative and allows for uniform grinding performance.
  • This grinder makes less sound compared to the cheaper models available.


  • The backside bush could be more sturdy, as it gets detached when moving the grinder.
  • The lid is made of cheap plastic.
  • The additional attachments are not available for free.
  • This grinder requires continuous monitoring by pushing the ingredients constantly to ensure proper grinding.  

2. SmartFingers Comfort Plus Table Top Magic Wet Grinder

elgi ultra and smartfingers top wet grinders

Usually, wet grinders have the drum at the sides. But the Smartfingers Comfort Plus model saves space by placing the drum over the motor.

Generally, users find it challenging to remove batter from the grinder container because it gets heavy. Smartfingers Comfort Plus grinder removes this handicap by providing a unique tap arrangement, allowing for an innovative hands-free batter dispatch process.

However, this arrangement does not remove all the batter from the container. You can add water to dilute the contents, allowing them to flow smoothly through the batter dispenser. One advantage of this arrangement is that it makes cleaning the container most convenient. You can add water and run the machine for a minute. Removing the residual batter and water is easy using the dispenser.

Unlike the Elgi Ultra, the Smartfingers Comfort Plus has traditional, round-shaped grinding stones. It does not make much difference because these stones deliver an equally good grinding performance.

The SS-304 food-grade stainless-steel drum does not rust. Hence, it guarantees safe and healthy food every time. The 2L capacity makes this wet grinder ideal for small and medium families. The ease of removing the batter and cleaning the grinder makes it excellent for daily usage.

This wet grinder has a powerful 150W motor that makes minimum noise while grinding. It offers multi-speed traditional grinding to ensure a smooth performance. The vacuum lock bottom makes the grinder stable and prevents movement during grinding.

Smart fingers comfort plus wet grinder review

Though the Elgi Ultra grinder is an excellent performer, the Smartfingers Comfort Plus model is better suited for daily grinding. So, if idlis, dosas, and vadas are regular breakfast items in your home, the Smartfingers Comfort Plus is an ideal appliance.


  • The innovative batter dispenser arrangement is an excellent feature.
  • The machine is lightweight and stable.
  • This appliance is perfect for daily usage and suits small and medium Indian households.
  • It is easy to operate because it does not have any springs.
  • The 5-year warranty ensures the machine’s durability.


  • The atta kneader and masala drum attachment are optional and require users to purchase them separately.
  • The batter dispenser does not allow all batter to flow out. you can add water to the drum to remove it.
  • The machine takes more time to grind the batter.

3. Butterfly Abs Smart Wet Grinder

Butterfly wet grinder

Butterfly is a reputed kitchen appliance, especially in the southern states of India. Butterfly Abs Smart wet grinder is an ideal machine for budget-conscious users. This machine delivers a decent performance and costs less than half that of the Elgi or Smartfingers models discussed here.

The Butterfly Abs wet grinder has a 2L stainless-steel container to hold sufficient batter for small and medium-sized families. The container doubles as a storage facility as you can remove it and store the batter in your refrigerator directly.

Butterfly wet grinder rhino plus

This machine works on a powerful 150W motor that allows for a revolution speed of 1300 rpm. This motor offers single-speed operation. However, you do not ordinarily need multi-speed operations for wet grinders.

The round grinding stones allow for smooth grinding, and the flow breaker arrangement helps regulate the batter flow to ensure optimal grinding performance.   

Butterfly provides a coconut scraper attachment with this model, allowing you to prepare chutneys quickly. However, it does not come with a dough kneader. Users must purchase it separately to knead atta for making chapatis.

Butterfly wet grinder review

This aesthetically designed wet grinder offers sufficient ventilation at the sides and the bottom to dissipate heat. Cleaning the machine is difficult because you have to remove the heavy grinding stones and wash them separately in the kitchen sink. The stainless-steel drum is washable and does not rust. The ABS plastic body can be wiped clean using a damp towel.

Butterfly wet grinder batter

The Butterfly Smart wet grinder ranks amongst the most budget-friendly appliances in its category.


  • Butterfly Smart wet grinder delivers a decent performance.
  • Its reasonable pricing makes it easily affordable for all families.


  • Grinding black grams can be challenging. However, it is better to soak the gram overnight to facilitate the grinding performance.
  • The coconut scraper is average, and users must be careful when using it because improper usage can cause injuries.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the Butterfly Smart wet grinder is not easy.


best wet grinders india

We have discussed some popular wet grinding machines available in India. While Elgi Ultra is one of the most popular wet grinders, the Butterfly Smart model is more budget-friendly. Smartfingers Comfort Plus is perfect for frequent usage because of its unique batter dispenser facility. So, choose the best wet grinder according to your requirements and equip your kitchen to save money on purchasing idlis and dosas from hotels. Preparing these snacks at home is economical and healthy.

Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
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